Top Benefits of Folic Acid for Skin Beauty, Hair and Health

Folic acid is one of the important nutrient that as to be part of your diet. It is also known as folate or Vitamin B9. Let us try to understand what folic acid is and how it is so important to our diet.

Folic acid is one of the most important nutrients required for cell development, growth of tissues and development of a healthy brain. Production of genetic material DNA is also highly dependent on this as folic acid is an essential element for cell division. Hence division of cells and tissues in our body are highly dependent on the level of folic acid present in our body.

Hearing the name, do not think that it is some rare nutrient. It is available in most of food items in our daily diet, such as green leafy vegetables, bananas, oranges, beans, tomatoes, meat, fish, eggs, legumes, cereals, mushrooms and dairy products. It is also found in pastas, strawberries, broccoli, mushrooms and asparagus. Let us see some of the important benefits of this wonderful nutrient

Benefits of Folic Acid for Skin Beauty:

Folic Acid Benefits Skin Beauty

Ageing Problem:

Folic acid is also found to be effective in improving the firmness of the human skin. It also helps in reducing the signs of skin aging. Thus folic acid helps in keeping you look young.

Controls acne:

Folic acid works with other antioxidants in the body to remove toxins from our body. Reducing toxins in the body will result in reduction of acne from the face. But it is important to keep the level of folic acid at normal levels. This is because high levels of folic acid in the body can result in patchy and dry skin, and can also lead to more acne.

Healthy glowing skin:

Folic acid is also found to be good for your skin. Proper amount of folic acid in our body can help in keeping the skin moisturised and healthy. It will also give the skin a natural glow.

Benefits of Folic Acid for Hair:

Folic Acid Hair Benefits

Helps in hair growth:

Folic acid is very important for the growth of hair. The cell growth and renewing ability of this nutrient helps in renewing of cells that lead to growth of hair. Deficiency of folic acid will have adverse effect on hair growth. It can lead to premature greying and loss of hair.

Health and Medicinal Benefits of Folic Acid:

Folic Acid Health Benefits

Cures gum infections:

Folic acid is also found to be helpful in curing gum infections. Folic acid can be directly applied on the gum having infection to get cure.

Can help in preventing memory loss:

Folic acid is helpful in preventing memory loss caused by aging. It is also found to be useful for patients suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. Adequate levels of folic acid in body can prevent memory loss and brain related diseases such as Alzheimer’s.

Growth of Blood Cells:

Folic acid also has an important function in the production of red blood cells and white blood cells. Hence having folic acid supplements is good for the growth of blood cells.

Good for heart:

Folic acid and Vitamin B12 are two nutrients that are very important for the health of your heart. These two helps in reducing blood clotting. Blood clots are dangerous as it leads to many cardiovascular diseases and can even lead to heart attack. Hence having right amount of folic acid in the body can bring down the chances for heart diseases and even heart attack.

Helps in pregnancy and conceiving:

Folic acid is the nutrient which is advised to consume by all those women who are under medication to conceive, and for those who are pregnant. This is because folic acid helps in preventing any birth defects. It also enhances fetes development and conceiving.

Helps in curing depression:

Adequate level of folic acid or folate is necessary for proper functioning of brain. Hence enough amount of folic acid in the body can enhance mood regulations and can also help in during depression.

Helps in digestion:

Folic acid helps in proper digestion of the food. Folic acid works with other nutrients such as Vitamin B12 and Vitamin C and helps the body in utilizing and digesting proteins, thus enhancing the whole digestion process.

It can prevent cancer:

Folic acid is also capable of fighting cancer. It can prevent growth and multiplication of cancer cells. Consumption of folic acid supplements can help in protecting you from colon cancer. Folic acid is also found to be effective in preventing pancreatic cancer and cervical cancer.

It can prevent diabetes:

Another important benefit of having folic acid in your diet is that it can help you in preventing occurrence of type-2 diabetes. Folic acid is able to reduce the fat content in the blood. Reducing fat content in the blood will further help in handling obesity and thus prevent obesity related problems such as type-2 diabetes.

With all these benefits, you now know how important folic acid is for your body. Hence make those food items such a beans, cereals, tomatoes etc part of your diet and ensure you have proper intake of folic acid for your body. But there are some important things to be kept in mind regarding the consumption of folic acid. We will see what they are.

  • Deficiency of folic acid can lead to loss of appetite, shortness of breath, poor growth, irritability, sluggishness and forgetfulness. It can also lead to diseases such as diarrhoea, seborrhoeic dermatitis, gingivitis and tongue inflammation.
  • Folic acid deficiency can also be caused by consumption of coffee, alcohol and smoking.
  • Folic acid levels in the body will come down if you consume birth control pills.
  • Make sure that you avoid over dosage of folic acid in your body. Too little or too much of folic acid in the body is not good for health. Over dosage of folic acid can lead to acne and other problems.
  • We get enough folic acid from our daily food. So consumption of folic acid supplements should be only after proper consultation and only if required.

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