Top Benefits and Uses of Grapes for Hair, Health and Skin

Grapes are well known and widely loved for its taste and benefits. It is well known as the Queen of Fruits, and is divided into categories according to the color – Green, Red, Blue and Black. Grapes are highly nutritious and beneficial. Read on to know how you can use grapes for your health, skin, and hair.

Grapes for your Hair:

grapes benefits for hair

Grapes make your hair long and thick. Dandruff, split ends, premature graying, hair loss, and a number of other hair problems can be easily solved by using grapes.


Grape seed oil is light and non-greasy, and does not leave any residue over the scalp. It has good emollient properties, which suit all skin types. As such, it is apt for use in aromatherapy.


Apply grape seed oil on a daily basis to control dandruff. Seborrheic dermatitis is an itchy scalp condition, which affects adults. Infants are affected by cradle cap. These issues are solved by using grape seed oil. The oil moisturizes your scalp, removes dry flakes, and even improves the circulation of blood.

Grapes good for Hair Growth:

The natural antioxidants in grapes increase the circulation of blood and encourage hair growth. Grape seed oil is extracted form the seeds of grapes. It is green, odorless, non-greasy and has a light texture. Your hair is made soft, manageable, and shiny.

Grapes seed oil for Hair Loss:

Loss of hair is controlled by grapes. Grapeseed oil contains Vitamin E and linoleic acid, which make your hair healthy and strong. Brittleness, hair breakage, and even split ends are treated by using this oil. The hair follicles are strengthened to treat hair loss and aid in better hair growth.

Grapes uses for Health:

grapes benefits for health

Grapes for Asthma control:

The assimilatory power of grapes helps in increasing the moisture level in the lungs. As such, it has a high therapeutic value in case of asthma.

Alzheimer’s Disease:

Grapes enhance the brain health, and delay any kind of neurodegenerative diseases. The amyloidal-beta peptides level is reduced in people who suffer from Alzheimer’s disease.

Antibacterial Activity:

The red grapes contain lots of antiviral and antibacterial properties. A number of infections are prevented with these properties. Polio virus and herpes simplex virus are also prevented by grapes.

Grapes for Breast Cancer treatment:

The juice of the purple grapes prevents breast cancer. According to a study, breast tumor reduction was found after regular consumption of grape juice.

Good Relief from Constipation:

Constipation can be overcome by having grapes. Grapes contain lots of sugar, polypose, and organic acid. This makes it a laxative food. All these ingredients give relief from chronic constipation and tone up your stomach.

Lowering Cholesterol levels:

A compound called Pterostilbene is contained in grapes. It lowers the levels of cholesterol in your body.

Good for Indigestion problem:

Dyspepsia is prevented by grapes. Grapes cure any irritation in your stomach, and even indigestion.

Kidney Stone Problems:

The acidity of uric acid is reduced, and elimination of acid from the system is promoted by grapes. This reduces the pressure on the kidneys, and protects them.


Ripe juice of grapes, when taken in the morning without adding water to it, cures migraine.


Grapes have a positive effect on your vision. The Zeaxanthin and lutein are responsible for keeping your eyes healthy. These are contained in abundance in grapes.

Grapes Benefits for Skin:

grapes benefits for skin

Grapes are very useful for proper skin care. The phytonutrients and phytochemicals have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, which work well on your skin. The Vitamin C makes your skin healthy.

Good for Anti-ageing:

Grapes contain Vitamin C and antioxidants, which fight against free radicals and control appearance of dark spots and wrinkles. Your skin also gets toned. Take the pulp of seedless grapes and rub on your face regularly, in a circular motion.  Wash off after 20 minutes to control wrinkles.

Radiant Skin:

Green grapes are good for inducing perspiration and making your metabolism faster. As such, your skin becomes radiant and youthful.


Proanthocyanidins and resveratrol are powerful antioxidants that are contained in the flesh and seeds of grapes. Apply the grape seed extract to protect your skin from the harmful UV rays. It is a good sunscreen, reduces the redness caused by sunscreen, and even reduces any damage on skin cells. Grape seed extracts are a common ingredient in sunscreens.

Softens your Skin:

The Vitamin E in grapes keeps your skin moisturized.  The extract of grapes is a good exfoliant. Scrub your face to remove the layer of dead cells, and keep your skin smooth and healthy. Grape seed oil is a good moisturizer which is gentle on your skin. Hydrate your skin by massaging with this oil.

Skin Rejuvenation:

Grapes contain organic acids which rejuvenate your skin cells.  The Vitamin C helps in collagen formation, which helps in better growth of cells and blood vessels. Toxins are removed from the body, and your skin is kept safe from harsh weather. Any kind of discoloration is also reduced.

Skin Tone:

Uneven skin tones are cured by grapes. Take the juice from green grapes for this purpose. Apply this on your skin and leave it on to dry. Wash off after that. Your skin is toned and kept clean.

Scar Lightening:

Scars caused due to acne are reduced by green grapes. The Vitamin C helps in forming scar tissues and ligaments to repair your skin. Take a tablespoon of alum and a tablespoon of salt, and dust it on some green grapes. Wrap them in a foil and bake for 15 minutes. Take out the juice from the grapes and apply on your face. Leave it on for 15 minutes and wash off using warm water. Regular treatment lightens all scars.

Grapes are tasty and nutritious at the same time. They satisfy your taste buds and keep you healthy. Grapes contain lots of antioxidants and nutrients, which make it the best fruit for a variety of benefits.

Now that you know how healthy grapes can be, include lots of grapes in your diet to keep your body healthy. Try out the tips above to benefit your skin and hair too.

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