Top Benefits and Uses of Sesame Seed Oil for Hair Growth

Sesame oil is widely used all over for the amazing effects of nourishment, lubrication, and healing properties. Rich in Vitamin E, B complex, and minerals like calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, and proteins, it works like magic on your hair and strengthens it from the roots. It nourishes your hair deeply to help you get stronger, silkier, softer, and healthier hair. Here are a few reasons why you must use sesame oil for your hair.

Sesame oil for hair

Deep Conditions your Hair:

Take some sesame oil and warm it. Mix the warm oil with any deep conditioner you use and apply this on your hair. Leave the mixture on your hair for at least an hour. You can leave it on all through the night for best results. Wash it off in the morning.

Damaged Hair is Revitalized:

Sesame oil is well known for its penetrating properties. It penetrates deep in to our hair and scalp, and protects your hair from inside. It works wonders in revitalizing your hair. Damaged hair is improved and protected from further damage. Your hair and scalp are both nourished from within.

Gives your Hair a Shine:

Sesame oil gives a good shine to your hair. Take about 2 to 3 drops of the oil and apply it between your fingers. Apply this on your dry hair. The oil works like a leave in conditioner to keep your hair well conditioned and shiny.

Hair Loss due to Stress is Prevented:

Stress is known to be the main reason behind hair loss and damage. Sesame oil has got amazing cooling properties that can save your hair in this case. Use the oil to massage your hair well. It relieves stress and helps you feel better. You get a cooling effect which controls stress, and thereby controls hair loss. Your hair is kept protected.

Head Lice is Treated:

Using sesame oil with other kinds of essential oils helps in treating head lice. This is another major benefit of using sesame oil. Use the oil to massage your hair regularly, and then wash it off using a shampoo after allowing it to stay for a while. The antibacterial properties of sesame oil help fight bacterial and fungal infections on your scalp with regular application. As such, your scalp is kept clean and protected.

Hair is given a Soothing Effect:

Sesame oil is known for providing tranquilizing and soothing effects to your scalp. Too much heat can be harsh on your hair follicles and can damage it. In such cases, sesame oil acts as a coolant that works from inside. It treats your scalp from within, and nourishes your scalp in and out. The property of sesame oil for locking moisture within prevents your hair and scalp from getting dry.

Hair Growth is Promoted:

Sesame oil is very useful in improving the circulation of blood on your scalp. It has got a high penetration capability which helps in promoting the growth of hair. This helps people whose hair is damaged badly by use of different types of chemicals. Sesame oil is useful for regaining the health of hair with the high penetrating power. As such, sesame oil is widely known for its ability to improve the quality of your hair and also help in its proper growth and health.

Premature Graying is Treated:

Massaging your hair with sesame oil on a daily basis will help you in improving the color of your hair. It makes your hair look darker. The darkening properties help in treating premature graying and prevent it. This is the main reason why sesame oil is used so widely among the people.

Protects your Hair from the Harmful Effects of Sun Light:

The sun can have really damaging effects on your hair. It can damage it and lead to split ends and dry hair. In such cases, sesame oil can come to your aid. It acts as a natural sunscreen to protect your hair from the sun. The damage caused by the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun on your scalp is prevented by applying sesame oil on your hair and scalp. The oil forms a coating over the hair, which protects the layers beneath and protects your hair from the harmful sun rays. Moreover, it also saves your hair from all the harm done by pollution. The damaging effects of pollution are also nullified.

Protects your Hair from Dandruff:

Use your fingertips to apply sesame oil on to your scalp and massage it well. Try this therapy daily before you go to bed, and leave the oil on all through the night. Make sure you cover all parts of your scalp. In the morning, wash your hair. Use it daily for about 30 days to see the results.

Protects your Hair from Dryness:

Mix together a tablespoon of root juice, sesame oil, and lemon juice. Make a mixture and apply it on your scalp using the fingertips. Use a circular style to massage your scalp, and make sure you cover all parts of your scalp well. Let the oil stay on your scalp all through the night. In the morning, wash it off to make your scalp clean. This makes your hair strong and saves it from dryness. Giving your hair a hot towel treatment helps the oil work like a conditioner. Take a towel and soak it in hot water. Take it out, squeeze the excess water, and wrap it around your head. Leave this on for about half an hour. This makes the oil penetrate deep in to your hair and scalp. The hot water helps the oil penetrate deep. Shampoo your hair after 30 minutes and see the results.

Sesame oil can also prevent dryness and flakiness of your scalp, improve the texture and conditions of your scalp, control infections, strengthen your hair and roots, reduce split ends and control hair breakage, treat rough hair, and offer numerous other benefits. Use it to make your hair better and stronger.

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