Top Benefits and Uses of Vitamin B for Skin, Hair and Health

Vitamin B consists of a number of vitamins that co-exist and is very important for a healthy body. It is essential for the skin, hair, metabolism, nervous system, eyes, muscles and other vital organs. Lack of Vitamin B can lead to various diseases and other health problems.

Vitamin B benefits uses

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Benefits of Vitamin B for the Skin:

Acne prevention:

Vitamin B prevents the formation of acne by reducing the formation of oil; on the skin, and keeps the skin healthy.

Dry and Cracked Skin:

Vitamin B that you get from the dairy products keeps your skin hydrated and smooth and prevents cracking and drying of the skin.

Healthy Skin:

Vitamin B keeps the skin hydrated and therefore makes it look plumper and more healthy, and also reduces the signs of ageing. Vitamin B5 is essential in the treatment of eczema.

Increases Skin cells protection:

Regular intake of Vitamin B reduces the puffiness of the skin and also increases the life span of the cells.

Improves Oxygen Flow:

Vitamin B greatly increases the flow of blood and other fluids to various areas of the skin, so that the outer layers of the skin get enough oxygen from the blood.

Improves blood circulation:

Being an antioxidant, Vitamin B helps in increasing the blood circulation in the body. It also reduces and protects the body from the effects of smoking, alcohol consumption and ageing.

Lighter Skin:

By talking Vitamin B regularly your skin is made lighter. Acne, rosacea and other such blister causing diseases are treated by Vitamin B.

Protects from Skin deseases:

For a healthy hair, skin and nails you need biotin. Various skin diseases like seborrhea dermatitis, acne, eczema etc. are also treated by biotin.

Smooth Skin:

Vitamin B complex has great anti-ageing properties. Niacin helps to make the top layer of the skin retain the moisture and keep it hydrated. By applying nicotinamide on the skin you get a soft and smooth skin that is less dry. It also reduces the appearance of fine lines on the skin.

Sun rays protection:

Vitamin B can protect your skin from the UV rays of the sun and reduce the risk of skin cancer.

Skin Redness:

You can reduce various skin irritations like redness, scaly skin etc. By taking Vitamin B regularly.

Benefits of Vitamin B for Hair:

Baldness treatment:

One of the reasons for baldness in men and women is the presence of the hormone called Dihydotestosterone. Vitamin B6 is capable of reducing its formation. So you can avoid balding of the hair by taking Vitamin B6.

Vitamin B contains anti-oxidants that help in the formation of sebum in the scalp, which keep it hydrated and prevents the formation of dandruff.

Biotin helps in the production of fatty acids that hastens cell growth, and therefore increases hair growth and provides you a thick and strong hair.

Hair Growth:

Thiamin increases the blood circulation in the scalp, which results in the increased availability of oxygen to the hair follicles. This in turn increases the growth of the hair.

Having Vitamin B regularly improves the health of the scalp and increases the size of the hair follicles.

Vitamin B is a part of the hair and therefore you need Vitamin B for a healthy hair.

Hair Loss Treatment:

By including Vitamin B and other vitamins as well as minerals in your daily diet, you can prevent hair loss and have thick, strong and shiny hair.

Natural color for hair:

Melanin, which maintains the natural color of your hair, requires Vitamin B for its production. Biotin contained in Vitamin B helps in preventing your hair from turning grey and falling of the hair.

Health Benefits of Vitamin B:

Cholesterol problems:

Niacin helps in reducing bad cholesterol; and increasing the good cholesterols in the body. It is also needed for preventing the hardening of arteries. However, over consumption of niacin may cause problems to the liver as a side effect.

Cell growth:

Biotin and folic acid help in cell growth and also in the production of fatty acids, and control the level of blood sugar in the body.

Eases mind:

Vitamin B is essential for various problems related with the mind like stress, mood, memory, migraine etc. It also reduces anxiety, help you overcome depression and enhances your energy level.

Flush out the toxins:

Niacin in Vitamin B complex helps in flushing out toxins and harmful chemicals from the body and also repairs any damage that is caused to the DNA. Adrenal glands need niacin to produce many sex related hormones.

Health Development:

One of the Vitamin B complex called folate is very essential for pregnant women as it protects the neutral tube from getting damaged and also helps in the healthy development of the fetus. It is also good for treating anemia as it enhances the formation of red blood cells.

Helps in digestion:

Proper digestion of the food is necessary for the proper functioning of the body. Vitamin B helps in the digestion of proteins, fats and carbohydrates by producing hydrochloric acid. If they are left undigested in your body, it can cause kidney and liver failure.

Improves energy:

You get energy when the carbohydrates that you consume get converted to glucose and then into energy. Vitamin B has a great role in converting glucose into energy.

Proper body functioning:

Vitamin B helps in the metabolism of fats and proteins and thus helps in the proper functioning of the nervous system. Thiamin is beneficial for the nervous system and keeps the body under control during stressful conditions. Pyridoxine contained in Vitamin B is responsible in the formation of the hormone in the brain called neurotransmitters. It is also needed to improve the immune system of the body. It also provides energy to the body by converting food in to glucose.

Reduces Cancer risk:

By taking Vitamin B in the form of food and not as a medicine, you can reduce the risk of pancreatic cancer.

Now that you have seen the various benefits of Vitamin B, include it in your daily diet and remain healthy and strong.

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