Top 10 Healthy Ways to Grow Your Hair Longer and Stronger

Healthy and lustrous long hair is what every girl wishes to have. Whenever we see someone with a long, healthy and lustrous hair, people often feel jealous and depressed, and start to curse the genes, and unhealthy lifestyle. Stop cursing yourself and start to learn some natural ways to grow healthy long hair. There is no miracle product that would help you grow long healthy hair, but you have a lot of natural ways which has been in use from the times of our ancestors which will help your hair grow long. Through this article you will learn 10 natural ways to get healthy hair. Make them a part of your life and you will see wonders happening with your life.

Long Healthy Natural Hair Tips

Best Ways to Grow Your Hair Healthy:

Colouring your Hair:

Colouring is a definite no if your intention is to have a healthy long hair. Hair colouring of any kind, being it natural or using chemicals will definitely damage your hair. If you have a chemically or naturally treated hair, you need to take special care to keep it healthy and growing. Shampoos containing cocobetyl diamine will be really helpful to give that extra care to those chemically treated hair.

Chlorine protection for Hair:

Everyone loves to spend their time in swimming pools. But the chlorine water in swimming pools and even the chlorine water from taps can cause damage to your hair. Hence make sure that you wear a good quality swimming cap before entering the pool. Also wash your hair immediately as soon as you step out of the pool. Make sure to keep you hair safe from chlorine water from any source.

Diet for Hair:

The old English proverb “you reap what you sow” goes well with what you eat and how your health becomes. The health of your hair is also associated with what you eat. There are certain minerals that are vital for your hair and foods which are rich in them are a boon for your hair and will help your hair grow faster. Let us see which are those vital minerals and from where you will get them in your diet.

Vitamin B12: fish, meat, dairy products and poultry.

Vitamin E: spinach, tomato, pumpkin, fish, mango, papaya, cereals and nuts.

Copper: beans, mushrooms, apple, wheat bran, whole meat, oysters, prawns, chicken liver, and lamb

Zinc:  dark chocolate, cocoa powder, peanuts, legumes, mutton and oysters.

Biotin: egg yolk, oats, soy beans, green peas, and brown rice.

Iron: spinach, soy beans, almonds, beets and chicken.

Proteins: chicken, eggs, milk, fish and tofu

Heat protection:

Protecting your hair from heat will go a long way in promoting hair growth. Heat styling tools such as blow dryer, curling rod and hair iron do more harm to your hair than the style they give.  Hence try to use these styling tools on your hair as less as possible. Also make sure that you use a good hair protecting spray before using these equipments. Hair also requires protection from the harmful UV rays of sun. Hence, wear a scarf, hat or use an umbrella when you are going out in the sun. This will prevent hair damage from the harmful rays from the sun.

Hair Conditioning:

Hair conditioning is also something that has to be done according to the hair type. Those who have oily hair should use very mild conditioners; where as those with dry hair should opt for rich or live in conditioner. Those who have chemically treated or coloured hair should go for hair conditioners containing coco betamine.

Head Massage:

Head massages are another natural way to promote hair growth. Massaging the head leads to more blood circulation in the scalp which, in turn, promotes hair growth. If you do dry massage of your head, it can lead to hair breakage. Hence, it is preferable to go for warm oil massage using oils such as olive oil, almond oil, or coconut oil. Using oil will help in conditioning your hair and will also give it a soft and shiny look.

Proper Combing:

If anyone tells you that combing your hair a 100 times a day will make your hair healthy and shiny, simply shrug it off. Over combing of hair will only lead to the hair breakage and drying of your hair. Also never comb your hair when it is wet. Never comb your hair while in shower, not even to spread the conditioner that you are using.

Right Shampoo:

The shampoo that you use has a great deal to do with the health of your hair. Select a shampoo that really suits your hair type. Don’t experiment too much with the shampoo products and stick to the one that suits your hair. Also don’t wash your hair everyday even if you have oily hair. Washing your hair daily will lead to stripping off of natural oils from your hair.

Trimming Hair:

Trimming the hair is very important to keep it healthy and growing. If you do not trim your hair, it will lead to dry and unhealthy hair tips. According to the experts, you should ideally trim your hair once in 6-8 weeks. This will help you get rid of split ends, and also is pocket friendly as you will not have to spend big bucks to get rid of such problems in the long run. Trimming hair also helps in accelerating hair growth. Don’t become sad with cutting your hair, as it will lead to faster growth of your hair.

Water for Hair:

How you wash your hair also has a great deal to do with the health of your hair. Never do the mistake of using hot water on your scalp. You can use lukewarm water if you want. But you should make sure to finally rinse your scalp with cold water. This will help in closing the hair follicles. It is always advisable not to use warm water for your hair.

Make sure that you follow these ways to keep your hair healthy. These natural ways will help in growing your hair thicker and beautiful, and also will give better long lasting results than conventional chemical products.

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