Types of Floor Exercises: Benefits and How-To Instructions

Floor exercises have lots of benefits and once you know the immense benefits of these exercises, you will start doing it regularly. It helps in providing your lower body good shape and also removes all problems that are connected with the pelvic region. You need not have any machines or equipments for doing these exercises. The shape as well as the symmetry of the body can be maintained by doing floor exercises.

Floor Exercises Benefits Instructions

Different Types of Floor Exercises (with videos) for Women:

Alternate arm pulses:

This helps in improving the core stability of the shoulders and also increases the core strength of the body. It is good for the pelvic floor also. Even pregnant women can do this exercise with some changes. To do this exercise you have to lie flat of the ground and lift your feet off from the ground, with the knees bent. Your hips and knees must be bent at right angles. Raise your arms above the height of your knees and bend your elbows slightly. Now breathe normally and pulse your arms up/down as quickly as possible. Do this for about 60 seconds.


Many of you may be worried about your wrong posture. In that case balancing exercise is what you must try to do. This helps in correcting your posture and is also excellent to build up your core stability. By doing balancing exercises, you can improve your hip stability and even your body alignment. You can practice it by watching the video or under the guidance of an experienced teacher. Pregnant ladies must be very cautious and follow the rules strictly when they do this exercise.


This exercise improves your core strength and builds up your pelvic floor muscles. It is also good for your buttocks and hamstrings. To do this exercise you have to lie on the yoga mat on the floor with your knees bent and hip width apart. Place your hands on your sides with the palms facing the floor. Now lift your hip from the floor towards the ceiling by pressing your feet on the floor. Stay in this pose for a few seconds and then get back to the original position.


By doing this exercise you can get rid of the stubborn flab on your stomach and also increase your core strength. To perform this exercise, you have to lie on the yoga mat on your side. If your left side is touching the floor, extend your left arm past your head and put your right leg o top your left leg. Rest your head comfortably on your left arm. Next you have to bend your knees at right angles to your body. Now lift your right knee slowly, as much as it is possible for you without any strain. As you do this, the foot of your right leg must be on top of the left and your left leg and hip must be touching the ground. Move your leg as if your feet and hip are the hinges of a clam shell. After you raise your right knee, pause for a few seconds and then get back to the original position slowly.

Leg circles:

Leg circles are ideal for those who have problems with their buttocks. It is also good for increasing the stability of the core and for the pelvic floor muscles. Pregnant women can do it with some variations. To do this exercise you have to lie flat on the floor and keep your arms on your sides. Lift your legs up at right angles to your body, keeping the knees straight. Now move your leg clockwise and as you do it, inhale for the first half of the circle and exhale as you complete the last half of the circle. Repeat 5 times and do it in the anticlockwise direction also. Do the same with your other leg.

Push ups:

Pushups are excellent for giving a good exercise for your shoulders, chest and the abdomen. To do pushups, lie on the floor with your face down and place your hands on your sides. Push up your torso at arm’s length. Now lower your body to the floor so that your chest almost touches the ground. Inhale as you do this. Next breath out and push up your torso back to the starting position.

Spinal rotations:

Spinal rotation helps in improving the flexibility of the spine in women. By doing this exercise, the spine is extended and becomes flexible. Even pregnant women can do spinal rotation, but with some modifications. You can practice this exercise under the guidance of a professional so that you do it properly, without injuring your spine.

Stretches with band:

You can do this exercise with the help of a flexible band and even a scarf. This exercise provides a good stretch to your sides and is very beneficial for keeping your body in good shape.

Spinal twists:

Your spine is strained a lot when you do various activities like bending, standing and so on. in addition to up and down movements, your spine also needs lateral movement. Spinal twists are ideal for the lateral movements of the spine. This exercise is very beneficial for the back and the spine. it also increases the strength of your core.

Lower your left arm in such a way that the elbow of your arm is on the outside of your right knee. Reach out and try to hold the right knee with your left arm and turn as far as it is possible for you without any strain.

Side stretch on ball:

Side stretches are very beneficial for giving you a good posture, and help in the body alignments. You must be very cautious when you do this exercise as it is done on a ball. So hold your pelvic floor tight and try not to slip over the ball and injure yourself.

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  1. You have shared some really good floor exercises to keep us healthy and I will try to include some of it in my routine. As of present, I am doing some stretching exercises as sometimes it can be very difficult to work on the computer for long hours and stretching exercises help a lot.

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