Unhealthy Vagina Signs You Should Be Aware Of

Like most parts of our body, the vagina is also a whole system. It can take care of its hygiene and if anything goes wrong, it can reveal it in the form of signs and symptoms. We can say that it is a self-cleaning and self-lubricating as well as self-made organ of the body. However, when there is an imbalance in the hormone levels, pH level or in the flora of the vagina, it reveals the problem and shouts out for help. Below are given some of the ways in which your vagina tells you that it is unhealthy.

Unhealthy Vagina

Unhealthy Vagina Signs:

Abnormal vaginal discharge:

Vaginal discharge is normal and you need not get concerned about it, unless the colour or consistency changes or there is an unpleasant odour. Normally vaginal discharge has colour and consistency of egg whites. This discharge occurs because of the secretion of mucus that helps in the proper lubrication and protection. But if there is a change in colour, odour, amount or consistency of vaginal discharge, then it is better that you visit your gynaecologist. This can occur because of an infection like vaginitis or due to sexually transmitted diseases. If is because of STD, then the partner involved in sex with you should also be treated.

Burning sensation in vagina area:

Itching in the vagina can often cause a burning sensation. Burning sensation can be due to severe infection by bacteria or due to Candida infection. UTI can also cause a burning sensation in the vagina. Another reason for burning sensation may be because you are using lingerie made of synthetic fibres. Synthetic condoms can also cause burning sensation in the vagina. The vagina is damp most of the times. So, it is better that you use skin-friendly and natural fabric, as they can absorb the excess moisture on the vaginal area and keep the vagina sufficiently lubricated but not too damp. Another thing to keep in mind is to avoid using perfumes or other artificial fragrances on the vagina. These can disrupt the pH balance and cause burning sensation.

Foul smelling vaginal discharge after period:

The natural smell of the vagina is usually musky. Sometimes this smell can intensify. This smell is normal and even when the odour is strong, you need not get concerned. At times it even has a sweet lingering odour. This can be because of what you have just eaten. If you eat a piece of cake, it can cause this odour. All these odours are natural and not dangerous. But in case your vagina smells fishy or it has a rotten bread-like smell, you should get concerned. Fishy smell, especially after intercourse, is a sign that you may have bacterial vaginosis. You will have to consult your doctor in this case. A course of antibiotics prescribed by him can help in getting rid of the fishy sell. The bread-like smell may be because of the excessive yeast, which leads to yeast infection. You get over-the-counter medications to treat this problem.

Painful Bleeding after Intercourse:

Women experiencing excessive dryness and thinning of the vaginal walls often complain of bleeding vagina after sex. Another reason for bleeding vagina and the pain after intercourse may be because of the inflammation caused as a result of bacterial or yeast infection. The inflammation can irritate the walls of vagina. This makes the vagina vulnerable to tear during sex. This can later on increase the spread of infection. If there is bleeding one or two hours after intercourse, then it can be something serious like vaginal cancer. If you experience this kind of bleeding, then it is important that you visit a health care provider as soon as possible. You can go for a biopsy and other tests and make sure that it is not cancer.

Vaginal Itching and swelling:

Sometimes you suffer from intense itching on the vagina. You find it hard to stop your fingers from digging through the vaginal walls.  This means that there could be an infection. Usually itching in the vagina may be because of yeast infection. It can also be due to a sexually transmitted disease called trichomoniasis. If you experience itching in the vagina after sex and you have used some lube, then it may be because of alcohol in it. Sometimes the reason for itching may be because you are allergic to the latex condoms. So, check and make sure if they are causing itching. If so, then switch on to natural lubes like coconut oil and latex-free condoms.

Vaginal Dryness and odor:

Vaginal dryness is mainly an indication that the hormone oestrogen is getting reduced in the body. Usually there are hormone changes during menopause or because of aging. This causes dryness in the vagina. There are other reasons also for vaginal dryness. The vaginal washes and sprays that you use may contain lots of chemical in them. This can irritate the vagina and cause dryness. Another major for a decrease in the normal vaginal lubrication could be because of a decline in the libido. When you are sufficiently aroused, there is enough lubrication in the vagina. But when the sex drive is low, you can experience dryness of the vagina. There are vaginal moisturizers available for preventing vaginal dryness. Then there is oestrogen replacement therapy in cases of menopause. These are prescribed y the doctors. They are very beneficial for treating uncomfortable dryness of the vagina.

Try to refrain from practices like douching and avoid using vaginal products that may contain irritants and allergens. This is one of the first steps you should take if you are suffering from frequent infection and inflammation in the vagina. Visit your gynaecologist regularly and be aware of the dos and don’ts during menses and intercourse. This way you can keep your vagina healthy.

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