Uses and Benefits of Mustard Seeds for Skin, Hair and Health

Mustard seeds are one of the popular ingredients used in cooking. It adds more taste and flavor to hot dogs. The mustard sauce is also very popular with the people. It has a lot of medicinal values also. Mustard seeds found in various colors like white, black and Brown. Mustard oil extracted from mustard seeds contains a lot of nutrients that are good for your health and your skin.

Mustard Seeds benefits uses

Skin Benefits of Mustard Seeds:

For back pain:

Massage your back with the extracts of mustard seeds and the pain at your back is greatly relieved.

Fights infections:

Mustard seeds contain sulphur, and sulphur is known to possess anti-fungal properties which helps to prevent skin infections and keep your skin healthy and in good condition.

Hydrates the skin:

A mustard seed mixed with Aloe Vera gel is an excellent mixture that hydrates your skin. It erases all impurities from your face and provides nourishment from within the skin. It makes your skin free from wrinkles and also reduces the frown lines between your brows.

Natural scrub:

Mustard seeds are an excellent natural scrub. You may use it alone or add essential oils of lavender rose, etc. and scrub your face and arms. This exfoliates dead skin from your face and makes your face smooth and shiny. It also clears all blemishes and pimples from your face.

Relieves muscle pain:

Mustard seeds can relieve you from sore and aching muscles. in a tub of warm water add some mustard seed powder and soak yourself in it for a few minutes. This will relive all the muscular pain.

Slows down the process of ageing:

Mustard seeds are rich in Vitamin A, C and K and also contain carotene and lutene in abundance. These act as anti-oxidants and prevent the activities of free radicals in the body and make your skin look young, radiant and healthy. So, one of the best ways to stay young is to include mustard seeds in your daily diet.

Treats fever:

Fever causes the temperature of the body to rise. By using mustard seeds, heavy sweating is caused, which helps in lowering the body temperature and the fever. It also helps to flush out toxins from body and is therefore useful in treating cold and flu.

Hair Benefits of Mustard Seeds:


The fatty acids present in mustard seed makes it a good conditioner. They condition your hair from deep within the hair roots and make your hair shiny and bouncy.

Hair growth:

The oil that you get from mustard seeds is a rich source of Vitamin A. as you know, Vitamin A is excellent for the growth of the hair. It stimulates the hair roots and makes the hair grow faster and thicker.

Strengthens the hair:

Protein, calcium, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids and Vitamins A and E found in mustard seeds are good for the proper growth and health of the hair. They make your hair strong from inside prevent hair fall. As a result, your hair grows long and thick.

Health Benefits of Mustard Seeds:

Mustard Seeds for health


Mustard seed are of great benefit for the asthma patients, who suffer from breathing problems when exposed to dust, cold etc. The components of mustard seeds like iron, magnesium, selenium and copper help to prevent asthma attack and help you to keep fit and healthy.

Blood pressure and menopausal relief:

Mustard seeds contain a number of number of nutrients like copper, iron, selenium and magnesium, which help in treating blood pressure. It also offers you relief from menopausal problems.

Cancer risk prevention:

The selenium content present in mustard seeds makes the body resistant to the formation of cancer cells. Selenium greatly helps in slowing down the rate of cancer cell formation and also plays the role of an anti-oxidant.

Disease Prevention:

Mustard seeds belong to the plant family Brassica, which are characterized by the presence of certain nutrients that are capable of preventing diseases. So, daily intake of mustard seeds can make your body disease resistant.

Dietary fiber:

Mustard seeds are rich in dietary fibers and therefore consuming mustard seed is good for your health. These fibers improve the digestion and make bowel movement better and smooth, without causing any pain or discomfort. It also enhances metabolism of your body. The fibers in mustard seeds are easily soluble and therefore very effective.


Those who suffer from attacks of migraine may reduce its occurrence by using mustard seeds. This is because of the magnesium present in the mustard seeds. A little of mustard seed added to fish can increase the omega-3 content of the fish, which is very useful for the body.


To avoid nightshades you must make it a habit to include mustard seeds in your daily diet.

Rheumatic Arthritis:

Mustard seeds contain selenium and magnesium, which provide great relief from rheumatic arthritis. So, those who suffer from it are advised to include mustard seeds in their daily diet.

Respiration Congestion:

Mustard and mustard seeds are very beneficial in relieving congestion in the chest and any other breathing problems. Those suffering from cold and chest congestion may apply warm mustard oil on their chest and nose to get relief from cold and congestion. Massaging the body with the oil is also good for the health.

Treatment of Cancer:

Mustard seeds contain certain compounds called glucosinolates and mirosinase, which are said to use phytochemicals to retard the growth of cancer cells and save the body from cancer. This is regarded as one of the major health benefits of mustard seeds. Many people use mustard seeds in various dishes.

So, include mustard seeds in your daily diet and see how it can make you healthy and free from any diseases and infections. It may be used for garnishing or used when you cook a dish.  Always take care not to overcook mustard as it may give a bitter taste when over cooked.

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