Valentine’s Day Makeup Ideas to Look Hot Without Red Lipstick

The colour red is always associated with Valentine’s Day. Wearing red lipstick always gives you a classic look. But red can get messy also. So, try a new look this Valentine’s Day without the red lipstick.

Valentine's Day Makeup Ideas

How to be a Valentine Day Hot Girl:

Flush of colour:

A blush on your cheeks can greatly change the way you look. So just remember to put on a little more blush than usual on your cheeks. But keep in mind the rule of applying blush, which is to never use a heavy hand. After applying the base, give it time to set on your face. Now you can dust your favourite blush on your cheeks. Then slowly build up the intensity. Applying the blush and keeping the rest of your makeup natural – soft pink lips and mascara – is the best way to look gorgeous.

Flushed cheeks are not usually considered as the most glamorous look. But before you try on red lipstick, remember that rosy cheeks are signs of good health. Many people find flushed cheeks attractive.

Flirty lashes:

Batting your eye lashes is one of the oldest tricks in flirting. You must have seen this in old classic movies. So, try to make your eyelashes look extra thick and longer. Be generous with your mascara and make sure to apply at least three coats of mascara on your lashes. One trick that you can try is to dust your eye lashes with baby powder each time you apply a layer of mascara on your lashes. If you feel that you have very scanty and thin eyelashes and no mascara can make your lashes look thick and long, then you can try putting on false eyelashes. You can keep the rest of your face look natural by applying a soft coloured lipstick on your lips and putting on a little blush on your cheeks. This way you will be able to focus your eyes.

Glowing skin:

If your skin lacks the glow, you can make it glow with the help of highlighter. What you have to do is to take a brush and dust the highlighter on all areas of the face where the light falls. So, make sure that you highlight your cheekbones, forehead, the bridge of your nose and the Cupid’s bow.

Smoky eyes:

Smoky eyes are a hit whether it is a red carpet event or any other event. This is because smouldering eyes can make you look sexy and hot. So, smoky eyes are a perfect look for a date night. You have to crate it the right way to get the perfect look.

Start your smoky eye makeup by applying a good primer on your eyelids as well as under your eyes.  Without using a primer, smudges and smears can appear which can lead to waste of time and the effort you have put in. If you have dark circles under your eyes, you will look more tired and less sexy. So, apply a concealer under your eye area to cover the dark circles. After applying the eye shadow, make sure that you blend them properly. Smudge the liner also. This way you will get the smoky look. Apply a few coats of mascara on your eyelashes to make them look long and thick. You may also put on false eyelashes to enhance the beauty of your eyes. For your lips, you can put on a nude lipstick.

The cat eye:

Cat eye makeup is something that is tough to master. But with practice you can become adept in this makeup. It is worth the practice once you see the effect of this makeup on your look. It is a very versatile look and goes well for the day time as well as the night time look. Complete your cat eye makeup with soft eye shadow, nude lipstick and lots of mascara and you are sure to stun everybody with your look.

Few Valentine’s Day Makeup Ideas for those who don’t wear Red Lipstick:

  1. Maroon eye shadow – Usually black and gray eye shadows are worn. But maroon eye shadow can also make you look very sexy. Moreover, it is the new trend nowadays.
  1. Contoured cheeks – If you are not highlighting your lips, then it is your eyes that you enhance. But you can also try to highlight your cheeks by bringing out your bone structure, and keep your lips and eyes looking natural.
  1. Pink glitter shadow – Add a sparkle to your eyes by applying pink glitter shadow on your eyelids. If you want an edgy look, you can add a little of black eye shadow too.
  1. Red eye shadow with green highlight – This look helps in drawing attention to your eyes. If you are not sure about using green, you can always try ivory or a soft pink instead of green. You are sure to look stunning.
  1. Pale pink shadow – Applying soft pink shadow on your eyelids helps in adding some colour to your look.
  1. Maroon eyeliner – Instead of red lips, try maroon eyeliner on your eyes. This is a subtle change from your black liner and perfect for the Valentine’s Day.
  1. Blue mascara – For those who do not like pink or red, blue mascara is a good option. Highlight your eye with this mascara. With blue mascara, you need not worry about getting straight cat eye or fussy eyebrow applications.
  1. Glitter cat eye – apply glitter eye shadow of neutral colour, like gold, on your cat eye makeup. This will make you look gorgeous and fit for the occasion.
  1. Sparkly liner – upgrade your cat eye by applying sparkly liner on your upper lid.

So, try these looks for the Valentine’s Day and see how you turn heads towards you.

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