Winter Itch: Ways Cold Weather Is Ruining Your Skin

Winter can be really harsh on your skin. You cannot always stay indoors in winter with a cup of hot chocolate and a good book to read, although it can be very comfortable. You have to go outdoors, especially with Christmas and New Year to celebrate. Do you want to know in what ways winter can ruin your skin? Read on.

Winter Itch

Ways Winter Can Ruin Your Skin:

Chapped lips:

With the onset of winter, you are sure to suffer from dry and chapped lips. Often your lips can crack and cause you lots of pain. You feel uncomfortable when you have chapped lips. Moreover, they are not at all appealing. So, it is important that you apply a hydrating lip balm on your lips. This will keep your lips well moisturized and prevent them from getting dry.

Cracked heels:

Cracked heels are a common problem faced by most of the people in all seasons. But in winter the intensity of cracked heels is increases. This is because of the dry weather. Often it can because you pain and you find it difficult to put your feet on the floor. The only way to treat this issue is to apply petroleum jelly on your feet and to keep your feet always moisturized. Make sure that you wear slippers even when you are at home. This prevents your feet from coming into contact with the cold floor.

Dry elbows:

Dry elbows and knees are also very common in winter. These areas often get dry and cracked. Many of you tend to ignore these parts. You should take care to moisturize your elbows and knees. Otherwise they will look ghastly and can affect your appearance. Applying a heavy moisturizer on these areas helps in keeping these areas well moisturized and nourished.

Dull and Lifeless skin:

When winter comes after summer, the warm summer glow on your face is no more visible. The vitamin D that you got during the summer is reduced and this makes your skin look dull and lifeless. So, make sure that you apply a good moisturizer on your skin. It is also important that you follow a proper skin care regimen in winter to keep your skin look warm and glowing.

Dry and itchy legs:

Dry and itchy legs are very common in winter. This is because of the lack of moisture in the air. This affects your skin directly. As a result, your skin becomes dry and this cause itching on your skin. When your skin becomes itchy, try not to scratch your skin. This can damage your skin. You can apply oil or body lotion on your skin to prevent dryness and itching. Himalaya Cocoa Butter Intensive Body Lotion can be very beneficial for keeping your skin moisturized and for preventing itching.

Dry cuticles:

Winter can make the skin of your nails and the cuticle turn very dry. When they get dry, the area often tends to peel. This can be very uncomfortable and does not look appealing. As you know, our fingers are always exposed and are visible to all. So, it can cause and issue. You feel embarrassed o expose your hands. To treat this issue, all you have to do is to apply a good moisturizer or a body lotion on your hands, this can work wonders for your fingers and cuticles.

Pimple face:

Dry weather can be beneficial for people who have acne prone skin. But during the winter times most people like to stay indoors. They just want to cuddle up and relax, and have foods that have high glycemic index. This can cause an increase in your sugar levels. As a result, hormonal fluctuations may take place, which in turn leads to the production of oil on your skin, especially if you have an oily skin. So, people with oily skin should take special care to cleanse, tone and moisturize their skin regularly.

Peeling skin:

Peeling of the skin is very common during the winter times. This is more in people who have dry skin. The reason for peeling skin is that in winter the air is very dry. This can cause your skin to turn extremely dry. As a result, your skin starts to peel off. You might have=noticed that your fingers often suffer from skin peeling during winter. An effective remedy for skin peeling is to use an oatmeal scrub when you have bath. After your bath you can apply a thick moisturizer on your whole body.

Scaly hands:

In winter your hands can make you embarrassed as they look scaly and dry. This is one of the greatest concerns in winter other than chapped lips. Winter is a time when one loves to take hot showers. This is very comforting. But hot water can strip off the moisture and natural oils from your skin. As a result, the skin on your hands starts to look scaly. To prevent scaly looking hands, try to avoid hot water. Instead, you can have bath in warm water. After your bath, apply a good quality moisturizer on your skin You can use cocoa butter intensive body lotion by Himalaya, which can deeply moisturize your skin ad prevent your skin form looking dry and scaly.

Skin redness:

When it is winter, you are always exposed to fluctuating temperatures. Outside it is very cold and inside you have heaters and it is warm. This fluctuation in temperature can lead to broken capillaries. This can cause redness on the skin. It can also cause extreme dryness. The only way you can combat this is to use a good quality moisturizer on your skin. Applying oil before you take bath is also good for preventing dryness.

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