Workouts for Those Who Hate Working Out: Simple Exercises

People are too busy these days to take care about working out and exercising. Moreover, most of them have no interest to hit the gym and train their bodies. There is a simple solution for this. Stop doing exercise as an activity that is to be done in a gym. Work out on the move, while you are attending your daily chores. Make exercising a fun activity. There are some small tips to do it. Read on to know what they are.

Workouts for Lazy people

Put your favorite music loud:

Put all your favorite songs together. If it is rock music, it is even better. Play the songs loud, and slowly you will find your body tapping to the beats. Slowly, you will even start small movements and dancing to the tune. This increases your heart rate and you burn enough calories. Dancing is an easy way to work out, and this idea requires no skills or expertise too. In case you are in your car also you can try it. The part of your body above your waist will show brisk movements in tune to the songs.

Remember the TENs technique:

There are some small and useful techniques to work out easily and effectively. Each time you are free, try doing 10 sit-ups, then 10 leg lifts and 10 jumps. This will not take much time. You just need to do it for a few minutes when you get the time. It keeps you occupied also. It helps you kill boredom, keeps you occupied and does you a lot of good.

Do not use your hands to stand up:

In a day, we sit down at the chair and get up numerous times. Next time, do not use your hands to get up. Hold your arms in front of you and squeeze your abs and glutes. Try standing up like this, it is quite easy. These areas of your body also get a work out each time you do this. This is an effective yet easy method to give yourself a short workout.

Wear clothes that will inspire you for workouts:

yoga pants or sneakers to workout

Try wearing your yoga pants or sneakers on days you do not need to go to your office. Do it the first thing in the morning, and it could give you a lot of inspiration. It does show a significant difference to your movements. It makes you want to do some short exercises like stretching, bending or jumping. In case you were wearing other kinds of clothes, you may not even think about it.

Go for a tourist visit to some place in your town:

Go for some sight-seeing in your own town. You will get to see new places and even work out at the same time. You will not even realize how much you have walked. It does really good to burn calories. Ask a friend to come along with you. It will make things even more exciting.

Do not take much time to park:

When you get in to a fully filled parking lot, use the space you find first, which is farthest to your store. You will have to walk a little more, but it helps your body by burning a few calories. If you go on looking for a space near the door, it could waste time also.

Go for charity walks:

Try walking for some cause, like charity walks or rallies. It gives you some satisfaction for your mind, and also helps you burn calories. Walking is really good for your health, and then why not put it in to good use. It will motivate you to a much deeper level, and makes you happy that you are doing something for people who need help.

These small tips are great for all you lazy people who hate to work out. Staying fit is essential for good health. A healthy mind resides in a healthy body. So, follow these techniques and take care of your body.

Utilize your dish washing sessions in a productive way:

Dishwashing Exercises

Try some leg lifts while you are washing the dishes or brushing your teeth. Kick out one leg, and hold it for half a minute, while squeezing your glutes. Next, do the same for your other leg. This tones your backside even while you are busy with your chores.

Socialize while you work out, this makes burning calories easier:

Get your friends or a group, and go to the park, go for walks, go for a hike, and try out all such fun activities. Being with friends keeps you occupied, and you do not notice how much you work out. Working out with a group is the easiest way and is great fun. Once you do it, you will be tempted to do more. It keeps you motivated to try harder.

Get yourself a pedometer:

A pedometer measures the number of steps you take each day. It has been really successful in motivating people more than all other kinds of gadgets. There is some sort of satisfaction when you get to see how many steps you take each day. Each day, you are tempted to beat the previous day’s record and do even better. This makes you exercise every day, and makes you stick to it.

Prefer stairs above the escalator:

Walk stairs for Escalator

Escalators have a lot of problems, too. They are crowded and to slow. It is difficult to even breathe, and can be quite a fussy and messy thing altogether. It will be much easier to climb the stairs. They are not cramped and tight packed like the escalator, and is also good for your health.

Try using toys from your kids:

Use a slide, trampoline or scooter at the park. It is natural for adults to feel the urge, so give in to it. It is fun to get childish at times, and also helps you burn some calories. Use a jump rope and jump a few times.

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