Yoga Poses for Enlightment: Your Path to Perfection

Yoga provides you the same effect as a full body workout, but in a peaceful and holistic way. Doing yoga regularly helps you to control your breathing. This in turn helps in supplying fresh oxygen to all parts of your body and to rejuvenate each and every cell in your body. It increases the capacity of your lings and prevents cramps. You can increase the flexibility of your body by doing yoga and it gives you a feeling of lightness. Moreover, you can also lose your weight by practicing yoga regularly. Another great benefit of doing yoga is that it calms your mind helps you to control your emotions. A hot tempered person can learn to control his temper by doing yoga. This helps a lot in your personal and professional life. Other benefits of yoga are that it improves your posture, provides you a good sleep, removes stress, makes you immune to various diseases and protects you from various injuries. It also relieves you from menstrual pains and other body pains.

Here are Some Yoga Poses that Enlighten You:

Super brain yoga – How to do:

Super brain yoga benefits

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  • Stand facing the east and roll your tongue inwards and press it to the roof of your mouth.
  • Lift your left hand and take it to the right ear, holding the ear lobe with your thumb coming in front of the lobe and the index finger coming at the back of the ear lobe.
  • Now take your right hand to your left ear and hold the ear lobe as you did with your left hand. . Here you must take care that your right hand crosses over your left hand.
  • Take in breathe deeply and at the same crouch down also. Come up and straighten yourself when you exhale.
  • Repeat this procedure for 14 to 21 times and that too twice a day.

It increases your memory power and improves the functioning of your brain. If children practice this daily, there will be a great improvement in their academic performance.

Cat pose (Marjaryasana) – How to do:

Marjaryasana cat pose benefits

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  • Sit on a mat, knees bent, keeping the buttocks on your heels.
  • Now move forward and rest your body on your knees and your hands, so that your weight is on your hands and the two knees.
  • Keeping pressure on your palms, drop your shoulders and curl your spine downwards, so that the spine forms a curve inwards.
  • Now pull up your spine and dunk your head between your arms, looking down.

This yoga helps in keeping your spine flexible and also soothes your spine.

One minute yogic breath – Yogi Bhajan:

1 minute yogic breath

The mind and the breath are greatly connected with each other. You must have noticed that when you are distracted or you get tensed and anxious, your breathing rate gets increased. One solution for it is to practice yogasana regularly. By practicing the yoga breathing techniques you can control your breath and remain calm under situations like anxiety, fear and anger. One minute yogic breath is one of the excellent ways to control your emotions and stay calm in any situation. This improves the functioning of the brain, especially the old brain and the front portions of the brain.

How to do this yoga:

  • Sit on a mat and relax your body, in padmasana.
  • Start breathing normally for a while
  • Now start breathing deeply and slowly, till you count 20. Let your breathe fill your lower abdomen, stomach, lungs and then go up to the chest.
  • Once you feel that your upper chest is full, hold your breath till you count 20 again. Now you have to breathe out slowly and steadily, counting till 20.
  • Take rest for a few seconds and then repeat the procedure.

In the beginning you may find it hard to hold your breath till you complete counting 20. So you can start with counting till 5 and then releasing the breath and then slowly increase it to 20 counts.

Shoulder – stand pose (Sarvangasana) – How to do:

Sarvangasana for diabetes

  • Lie on a mat on your back, in a relaxed position.
  • Now lift your legs and also lift your body slowly along with the legs. take care that you do not bend your legs. Always keep the legs straight.
  • Lift your whole body till the shoulder blades and support your torso with your hands.
  • Rest your eyes on your chest.
  • Try to elongate you legs and the body as much as it is possible for you.
  • Breathe in deeply in this pose, keeping your eyes closed. This increases the flow of oxygen in your brain.
  • Remember that you must not remain in this pose for more than 5 minutes. Beginners may find it hard to remain that long. They may start with 10 to 15 seconds.

Doing this yoga regularly increases the activities of the brain and makes it perform better. it is also beneficial for your nervous system and make you more calm and patient, allowing you to face difficult situations calmly.

Standing forward bend (Uttanasana) – How to do:

Uttanasana for hair loss

  • Stand straight on a mat and relax your body.
  • Bring both of your legs close to each other, keeping only a few inches between then.
  • Now bend forward slowly and try to touch your ankles while keeping your forehead in front of your knees.
  • Try to keep your legs straight, without bending at the knees. If you find it very difficult to keep it straight, you may slightly bend your knees and then touch the ankles.

Uttangasan is perfect for those suffering from mental stress and anxiety. This yoga relaxes and soothes your brain. It is also a good remedy for those suffering from mild depression.

Along with yoga, you can also practice meditation and breathing exercises. So do yogasana daily for at least half an hour. This keeps you calm and energetic the whole day and capable of dealing with any stressful situations.

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