How to Avoid Excess Sweating and Stay Fresh All Day

Some people seat a lot and often get their clothes drenched in sweat. If you are one among them, here are some remedies that will help you to control excessive sweating also called Hyperhidrosis in medical terms.

How Avoid Excess Sweating

Simple Tips or Ways to Control Excess Sweating(Hyperhidrosis):

Avoid alcohol:

Drinking alcohol always increases you body temperature and as a result, you will start sweating more. You must have seen that your skin turns pinkish in color when you consume alcohol. The reason behind it is that alcohol causes an expansion of the blood vessels present beneath your skin. So if you sweat in excess and love to have alcohol, then you must try and stop having alcohol. This will help you prevent excess sweating. Smoking also makes you hot and sweat excessively.

Be prepared always:

It is a good idea to always carry a deodorant with you. This will give you respite from excess sweat and also helps in avoiding the stench caused by excess sweating.

Cool yourself down:

When you feel that you are going to perspire, immediately find a way to cool your body. Take your hand towel and wipe off the first beads of sweat instantly. This can make a huge difference. You will see that you are not perspiring profusely.

Cut the salt:

Try to minimize the intake of salt. Avoid salty foods and junk foods. Taking such measures can help you control excess sweat. When you take in more salt, your body tries to remove the salt by in the form of sweating. So, the more salt you eat, more you will sweat. Have only the amount that is necessary for the body and no more.

Dress wise:

Dress according to the weather condition. On a hot sunny day, if you walk about wearing black coat and pants, you are sure to sweat in excess. try to wear clothes that are of lighter shade in summers. This will help you in controlling sweat. Cotton fabrics can help a lot in controlling excess sweating. It is also important that you avoid wearing tight fitting clothes. Wear loose clothes that allow some ventilation. This does not mean you have to wear too loose clothes.

Drink lots of water:

When your body temperature increases and your body try to bring it down by secreting water, you sweat. Under such a situation, drinking lots of water can help in regulating your body temperature and prevent sweating. So, it is important that you drink plenty of cool water to avoid excess sweating. It also helps in removing toxins from the body through urine, which otherwise are removed by sweating. Try to drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water every day to control excess sweating.

Keep a hand towel ready:

One of the effective ways to get rid of sweat instantly is to wipe it off whenever you start sweating. So, always keep a hand towel with you, so that you can wipe of the sweat. This can help you a lot in controlling excess sweat.

Limit the consumption of caffeine:

Caffeine acts as a stimulant and stimulates your nervous system. As a result, you will sweat more when you have tea or coffee. If you find it hard to avoid caffeine, all that you have to do is to take a shower after you have had your coffee. This will helps in cooling your body and control excess sweat.


It is not always hot and spicy food or hot sun that makes you sweat excessively. Stress can also trigger excess sweating. Stress can make you feel hot and bothered. So, try to relax by listening to some good music that you like or engaging in your favorite hobby. You may even have your favorite chocolate and this will make you feel relaxed. Yoga is one of the best options for reducing stress. Deep breathing ad meditation can help you lower stress levels. Do anything that will help you lower the stress levels.

Try to avoid sun:

Going out in the sun always make you sweat. So, avoid staying too long in the sun. This does not mean that you have to lock yourself at home and completely stop going out in the sun. Morning sun is not very harsh and is good for you. But the sun in the afternoon can be harmful for your skin and also makes you sweat a lot. So, try to avoid the afternoon sun. If you want to go somewhere, you can go in the morning or in the evening, when the sun is not very harsh.

Take care of what you eat:

The extent to which you sweat depends a lot on the food you consume. Try having some curry and this will make your eyes moist. This is because spicy foods often cause something known as ‘gustatory sweating’. When you have hot and spicy food, your body tries to cool down itself by producing excess sweat. So, if you sweat excessively, you should try and avoid having hot and spicy food. You may have them in moderate amounts only.

Turnip juice:

Some claim that turnip juice can reduce excess sweating. This is because it has the ability to reduce the activity of sweat glands and thus reducing sweat production. Grate a turnip and squeeze it to get its juice. Apply it on areas of the body where there is excess of sweating. You can also drink its juice and make smoothie with it.

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