Benefits and Uses of Dates Fruit for Skin, Hair and Health

Dates are often considered as a regular dry fruit by most of us. But many of you might be unaware about how good this fruit is for your skin, hair, and health. Dates are highly beneficial for our body and are a rich source of vitamins and minerals. Because of this it is very important that we try to promote the habit of consuming dates on a frequent basis. Let us see some of the important benefits of dates for our skin, hair and health.

Dates Fruit Benefits Uses

Benefits of Dates for Skin:

Dates being one of the sweetest fruits in this world with vitamins A, B1, B2, Proteins, calcium, phosphorus, iron and magnesium are good for overall health, including for the skin. It helps in strengthening elasticity of skin and also enriches the subcutaneous tissues thus making skin tender and smooth.

  • Intake of dates is very useful, as it contains ample amount of vitamin C which prevents premature ageing of skin caused due to radical damage of skin cells.
  • Vitamin C in dates helps resist oxidation and prevent the increasing of melanin inside our body thus decreasing fine lines and wrinkles. Red dates are considered to have medicinal content, are renowned for replenishing and enriching blood, thus strengthening you with a youthful looking skin.
  • Dates contain Vitamin B which is beneficial for your skin. Deficiency of vitamin B can lead to several skin problems such as stretch marks. Dates can remove this problem.
  • The oil extracted from dates contain anti microbial properties and is loaded with nutritional value makes a perfect massage oil to treat skin problems and also it is a popularly known very old remedy for regenerating and rejuvenating ageing skin, and to remove cuts and scars.

Benefits of Dates for Hair:

Overall health of the body includes the hair also.  Hair follicles require nutrients. Dates packed with nutrients help the optimal growth and maintenance of hair.

  • Consuming 2 to 3 dates every day help strengthen hair follicles and making hair strands stronger and healthier.
  • Dates contain vitamin B and iron which is beneficial for hair strength. Deficiency of this leads to weak and brittle hair and eating dates effectively cure anaemic women during menstruation and delivery.
  • Taking dry dates can nourish hair root and make your hair stronger. Date oil is excellent for hair and hair problems like hair loss,

Health and Medicinal Benefits of Dates:

  • Dates are free from any kind of cholesterol content. It does not contain fat in excess amounts. All these make a fruit which is friendly for those who suffers from high cholesterol.
  • Proteins are essential for our body in an easily and readily assimilated manner. Muscles are developed by the proteins. Dates are rich in protein and this can be taken for the functioning of the body.
  • Consumption of dates is good for health as it also rich in various form vitamins. Very common vitamins such as B1, B2, B3, and B5 with others A1 and C are making effort to obtain the vitamin easier.
  • Intake of dates as a quick bite for snacks will boost the energy in our body as it has the natural sugar in it. This will avoids us from taking snacks or low calorie energy meals.
  • Dates very rich in potassium and very less sodium is a good combination for a developing healthy nervous system. The intake of potassium has the possibility of solving the risk of a stroke in the body, Potassium also help in reducing the cholesterol.
  • As calcium and protein, Iron is also important element for the human body. As dates contain rich sources of iron and can be very helpful for iron deficiency. Tooth decaying can be prevented by taking dates as it has fluorine content.
  • Dates soaked in the water can be used for People who are suffering from high constipation which shows good results.
  • Young people who are lean and anaemic wants to gain weight can have dates as it is good supplement for weight gain. Over consumption of alcohol and detoxifying the body can be done be having dates for certain days
  • Dates soaked in goat milk over night is consumed as aphrodisiacs since age to increase one’s sexual stamina
  • As it has no side effect dates can be consumed daily for all health benefit and it helps in curing abdominal cancer also improve eyesight and night blindness.

How to select and store?

Dates are often found in markets as pressed or whole packed into blocks. The fresh dates are plump unbruised fruits with glossy skin and are slightly wrinkled with crystalled sugar on the skins and have even colour. Fresh dates can be stored in air tight container in fridge for 6 months, dry dates will be little wrinkly and can last for one year and  freezed dates last for long time when kept in air tight container

Tips for usage (cooking/eating):

  • Packed processed dates after washing can be consumed or used for cooking.
  • Dry dates can be used directly or soaked in liquids like tea, alcohol to get new flavours.
  • Dates Seeds can be removed with fingers by slitting it lengthways or pulling off the stem to push the flesh out.
  • Dates can be stuffed with other dry fruits like almond or peanut and rolled in powdered sugar. Wrap this in a greased paper and refrigerate it before serving.
  • Dates salads: In a bowl stir together shallot and lime juice for 5 minutes .whisk salt sugar and olive oil, get white pith from grapefruit with sharp knife toss mustard greens and some dates in a large bowl mix all ingredients garnish salads with pomegranate and topped with grapefruit section.
  • Dates are used for juice and for Jallab a combination of rosewater and grape molasses is popular in Middle East
  • Chocolate dip: melt chocolate in microwave safe bowl. Now with the help of skewer dip dates in chocolate and sprinkle coconut flakes over it. Then refrigerate for 20 minutes and serve.
  • Dates are also used for sandwich with peanut butter and banana. It is also used for candies and decorating buns

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