Best Hair Colour for Green Eyes

Green eyed woman get lots of compliments daily because of their gorgeous eye colour. You are very lucky if you have green eyes. This is because you can try a wide range of hair colours and these are sure to compliment your eyes. One most important think to keep in mind when you have green eyes is to choose a colour that goes well with your skin tone.

Hair Colour for Green Eyes

Whats the Best Hair Color For Me?

What color are your eyes?

You should know well the colour of your eyes before you choose the right hair colour. See whether your eyes are completely green or whether your eyes have tones that are hazel or blue/grey. This makes it easier for you to choose a good shade. This allows you to decide what colours you have to choose to highlight your green eyes, or to play it down to expose its cool or warm undertones.

Consider your skin tone:

Your skin tone does not mean the colour of your skin, whether it s dark or light. In fact, skin tone means the tone of your skin, which can be warm, cool or neutral. You can determine your skin tone by looking at your wrists in the sun. If your vein appears blue or purple in the sun, then it means that you have a cool skin tone. If they are green, then you have a warm skin tone. If it is not possible to differentiate, then it is likely that you have a neutral or olive skin tone.

Your present hair colour:

If you have a very dark hair, you will have to take a lot of effort if you want to have a tone that is lighter. It can even damage your hair in the process of lightening it. So, try to go for colures that are close to the natural colour of your hair. If you appear good in warm colours like yellow, red, orange, gold etc, then it is likely that you look good by choosing hair colours like golden, red, burgundy and rich browns. On the other hand, if you look good in cool colours like green, violet or blue, then try to choose a cool colour for your hair too, like ash brown, platinum blonde etc. Most of the sandy colours will look best on you.

What is the Best Hair colour for Green eyes?

You have to consider the undertones you have and the tone of your skin when to choose the best hair colour that will help in complimenting your green eyes. If your eyes have hazel undertones and you want to enhance it, then you can try warm colours. To bring out the green or compliment the blue/gray undertones of your eyes, try on cool colours. Here is how you can choose the perfect hair colour.

Best Hair Colour for Green Eyes and Fair Skin:

When you have fair skin, both light and dark colours will look good on you. All you have to keep in mind is your skin tone and the undertones of your eyes.

Hair colour tips for green eyes with fair skin:

  • If you prefer red, you can go for deep and bright red or browns with red under tones. Shades of maroon will also look good, especially if you have warm skin tone.
  • For brown hair, most of the shades will look good. You can choose from warm tones like golden brown and rich chocolates to cool ashy blondes.
  • If you want to go blonde, you can try pale blondes, whites and honey blondes.
  • Try to avoid black if you have pale skin. But if you have some colour on your cheeks, you can black also and look stunning.

Hair colours to avoid:

  • Avoid golden hair as it can undermine green shade of your eyes.
  • Copper hair can make your skin look pale.
  • Auburn hair can expose the blemishes on your face.

Best Hair Colour for Green Eyes and Cool Skin Tone:

Green eyes with cool skin tone means you can try a lot of light hair colours.

Hair colour tips for green eyes with cool skin:

  • You can look fabulous in pale, strawberry, ash, white and platinum shades.
  • You can also try reds with a purple tint and purple burgundy. It can bring out the green in your eyes.
  • Colours having blue or violet base are also good.

Hair colours to avoid:

  • Black hair should be avoided if you have cool skin because it creates a harsh contrast between your skin and hair.
  • Avoid golds and also caramel and honey.
  • Any colour with an orange base also never looks good on cool skin tones.

Best Hair Colour for Green Eyes with Warm Skin Tone:

If you have a warm skin tone, it means that your skin has more yellow undertones than pink undertones. Try warm colours like reds, oranges and yellow to look beautiful.

Hair colour tips for green eyes with warm skin:

  • You will look stunning in rich blondes like honey, gold, champagne and butter platinum.
  • Toffee, rich chocolate browns and light caramel browns also can compliment your skin.
  • Rich red, red based burgundy, will compliment your skin well.

Hair colures to avoid:

  • Try to avoid black.
  • Ash blondes and browns are also not good as they can make you look washed out.
  • Avoid colours with violet or blue base.

Best Colour for Green Eyes with Olive Skin:

Olive skin means that you are likely to have golden flecks in your eyes. You can try out various blends of colours.

Hair colour tips for green eyes with olive skin:

  • Rich golden blondes will look wonderful on olive skin and provide your skin a glow.
  • You can also try copper based colours as they help in highlighting the golden flecks in your eyes.
  • Chocolate browns and rich golden browns are also a good choice.
  • You can try rich auburn and look amazing.

Hair colours to avoid?

  • Avoid trying platinum blondes or any colour that is ashy. Blue, violet and green bases also do not look good on olive skin and green eyes.

So, follow the tips given above and choose the right hair colour for your hair that will complement your green eyes.

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