Best Nutritious and Anti-Aging Foods for Your Skin

Do you wish to stay young for longer period of time? You need not spend a fortune to look young. By having a balanced and healthy diet, you will get a glowing skin that will make you look younger than your age. There are some foods that help in reducing cellular damage and reduce the process of ageing.

Best Anti Aging Foods

Foods to Prevent Ageing and Get Seriously Pretty Skin:


Avocado Benefits Uses

Avocados contain complex Vitamins B and e, which are excellent for the keeping your skin well nourished. It also contains potassium, which is effective for maintaining proper level of water in the body. Glutathione present in avocados can boost immunity levels and slow down the ageing process.


Eating Banana Daily Benefits

Banana is rich in Vitamin C and B6, which are great for maintaining the elasticity of the skin. It contains manganese and antioxidants, which are very effective for preventing premature ageing of the skin. Banana keeps your skin hydrated and protects it from various damages. Consuming banana daily helps in protecting you from dryness and discomfort.


Strawberries Benefits for Skin

Berries are also excellent for making you look younger. From strawberries, blackberries and blue berries to acai berry, all are full of flavonoids and plant nutrients. Flavonoids help in fighting against cancer and the ageing process. Berries are also rich in antioxidants, which are good for preventing diseases and ensuring the cellular health. Vitamin C, which is found in high amounts in berries, is great for making collagen stronger. Collagen is essential for reducing wrinkles and discoloration of the skin.


Cocoa Chocolate Benefits Uses

Cocoa is the main ingredient in making chocolates. Cocoa is rich in antioxidants and natural flavonoids, which help in getting rid of fine lines and wrinkles from the skin as well as preventing age related diseases of the kidney and heart. It is also good for preventing type-2 diabetes.

Green vegetables:

Green vegetables benefits skin

Green vegetables are loaded with antioxidants, which can protect your body from the harmful actions of free radicals. These radicals make you age faster. Phytochemicals present in green vegetables protect you from various diseases. Kale, spinach and broccoli full of Vitamin E, fiber and calcium. They also protect you from damages caused by UV rays.

Green tea:

Green Tea for Hair and Skin

Green is great for making your look younger. It is low in calories and rich in a compound called catechin polyphenols. This works with other chemicals in the body to improve thermogenesis and fat oxidation. Green tea also prevents cancer and heart disease and helps in reducing cholesterol in the body.


Garlic Benefits Skin Beauty

Garlic has lots of health benefits and is great for increasing your immunity power and to lower the blood pressure and cholesterol levels. It also has antiviral and antifungal properties, which can reduce the multiplication of cancer cells.


grapes benefits for skin

Grapes have anti-inflammatory and anti-coagulatory properties and are also rich in resveratrol. These help in the repair of tissue cells. Manganese and Vitamin C in grapes protect you from UV radiations. It also contains antioxidants, which protect you from the harmful actions of free radicals.


Honey Benefits and Uses

Honey is a rich source of antioxidants as well as calcium, thiamine, niacin, Vitamin C and B6.  It is excellent for the skin and also helps in combating memory loss and anxiety.


Eating Different Nuts Benefits

Nuts are very healthy for your body. They are rich in vitamins and other nutrients needed for the body, and at the same time, do not contain an overdose of fats and calories. Omega 3 fatty acids are found in high amounts in nuts like cashew nuts, walnuts, pecans and almonds. Quarter cup of walnut can provide you as much s 91% of the omega 3 fatty acids that you require daily. The unsaturated fat in these nuts are good for increasing the cardiovascular health.

Olive oil:

Olive oil for Skin Face

The antioxidant properties of olive oil make it great for preventing the ageing process of the skin. It is also rich in polyphenols, and monounsaturated fats.

Plain yogurt:

Yogurt for Skin Hair and Health

Yogurt is low in calories but rich in proteins. It contains friendly bacterium, which is great for keeping the digestive system healthy. It is also rich in riboflavin, Vitamin B12, phosphorous and calcium.


Pomegranate juice for Skin

Pomegranate is a rich source if vitamins and minerals, hick help in providing you beautiful skin. Applying the extracts taken from pomegranate helps in providing proper nutrition to the skin and is also good for producing collagen, elastin etc. As a result, you will get a tighter and flexible skin.


Papaya Benefits for Skin, Hair and Health

Papaya is amazing for your skin. You can apply the pulp of papaya to get wrinkle free and glowing skin. It is rich in Vitamins A, E and C, which help in cleansing the skin and providing it the necessary nourishment. The enzyme papain in papaya is good for renewing the skin, increasing the number of cells and to exfoliate your skin.

Whole grains:

Whole Grains your Healthy Diet

Whole grains like oats, quinoa and brown rice are rich sources of fiber and help your digestive system to function properly. They can also help in reducing your waistline and lower the risk of heart diseases.

Wild salmon:

Salmon Skin Benefits

Wild salmon is rich in omega 3 fatty acids, which is needed for keeping the cells healthy and functioning properly as well as to prevent inflammation. It helps in improving the texture of your skin and also reduces the appearance of fine lines on the skin. So, include it in your regular diet and stay away from age related skin problems and heart issues.


Young woman drink red wine

Including wine in your regular diet, especially red wine, can help in slowing down the process of ageing. This is because it contains high amounts of resveratrol, which has the ability to slow down the ageing process. Consuming half a glass of red wine regularly prevents the premature appearance of fine lines on the skin.


Watermelon Skin Benefits Uses

Watermelon contains high amounts of minerals and vitamins and prevents wrinkles and discoloration of the skin. You can blend it along with its seeds and have it in the form of juice.

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