Best Tips and Advice for Long and Fine Curly Hair Care

Curly hair is beautiful and makes you look young, kinky and pretty. But you must take proper care of curly hair at home and keep it moisturised and manageable always in order to retain those curly looks.

Curly Hare Care Tips

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Some Cool Tips for your Curly Hair Care:

Air dry hair:

Allow your hair to dry naturally instead of using a hair dryer. Heat and static makes you hair more dry and frizzy. So, whenever you get time, allow the hair to air dry.

Do not over wash the hair:

If you have a curly hair, washing your hair too often may not be good for you. As it is, natural oils do not reach the hair strands easily. On top of that if you wash your hair and shampoo it often, it may prevent the oil fro reaching the ends of the hair and makes your hair dry, without any moisture. You must not wash your hair more than two times a week. You also need to apply extra conditioner on your hair, particularly at the tips, where the oil seldom reaches.

Do not hurt your curls:

Try not to meddle with your curls and never try various experiments on it. Never iron your hair to get it straight, and do not comb your hair roughly. You must also refrain from blow drying your hair as high temperatures may cause damage to your hair. Try to minimize or never use any heat styling equipments. If you ever use them, make sure that you use heat protectant on your hair before you use these equipments. Use a good heat protectant so that your hair is not damaged. Always use a good quality serum before and after using a blow dryer or a flat iron.

Don’t style damp hair:

You must style your hair only when it is dry. Before you dry your hair, ruffle the hair and apply a styling agent gel. Then set your hair according to the style you wish and let the hair stay s it is. Never touch your hair unless it is dry.


When you have curly hair, detangle it when it is wet or damp. If you detangle dry curls, it will become all the more frizzy. You must take care that you use wide toothed comb that has soft bristles, so that no hair is damaged. Wide toothed comb prevents hair from falling when you comb it.

Don’t mess with curls:

Try not to mess with your hair if you have curly hair. It will only make the hair more frizzy and unmanageable.

Extra conditioning:

The ends of curly hair tend to be dry most of the times. Curly hair, even if it becomes long, looks short as the length does not show because of the curling of the hair. Combing is also a difficult task with curly hair. So, the oils from the sdalp are unable to reach the ends of the hair. This leads to dryness of the hair. You must always use extra conditioner if you have a curly hair.

Find your HG shampoo and conditioner:

It takes time to find out your HG shampoo and conditioner. You have to try with various shampoos and conditioners and finally you will find out one that suits your hair. Consulting your hair stylist is also a good idea as they know well what may suit you.

Find A Good Hair Stylist:

One of the important things that you must do to style your curly hair is to find a good hair dresser who knows the job well. They must treat your hair with care and style it properly. So, go to a hair salon that is reputed for its haircuts and spa treatments. Curly hair usually grow very slow, you may trim your curls only if there are split ends or if the ends of the hair are damaged by some reason. When going for a haircut, choose a style that suits your face, as you know that all styles do not look good with curly hair.

Good hair accessories:

Always try to use good hair accessories that others will take notice and envy. There are different hair bands, bandanas, ties, clips and ribbons. They are available in different patterns and colors. Use them lavishly. They help in keeping your hair in place and also make you fashionable and stylish.

Hot oil massage:

Massaging the hair with hot oil is a must for those who have curly hair. It is right that conditioners keep your hair hydrated after washing the hair, but massaging with hot oil works wonders for your hair. Mix castor oil, almond oil and olive oil to the coconut oil that you use, warm them and then apply the mixture on your scalp. Massage the scalp well with the oil and leave for an hour. Then wash with mild shampoo and water. Do this once a week. This will condition your hair and help in better hair growth.

Keep hair products in stash:

Always keep a collection of styling gels, anti frizz serums and heat protectants ready in your stash. Who knows when they may come of use? This helps you to apply them on your hair if you need then one fine morning.

Leave in conditioner:

Every time after you wash your hair, you have to apply a conditioner on your hair, especially the hair tips. If the hair tips are dry even after applying the conditioner, use a leave-in conditioner, which will keep them moisturized.

Use cold water:

Remember to use old water to wash your hair. This will make your hair shiny and also prevents too much drying of the hair. During winter times when the climate is cold, use lukewarm water. Never use hot water as it removes the natural oils that are present on your scalp and hair. At times it may lead to the production of more oil by the hair, which may make your scalp more oilier and cause dandruff and irritation of the scalp.

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