Choosing the Best Hair Color for Indian Skin Tone: Tips

Hair color can completely change your looks and personality. So choosing the right color is very important. If you choose the wrong color, you may spoil your looks and be a laughing stock. Choosing the right hair color for Indian skin tone requires a lot of care and research. What looks good on Western hair may not look that attractive on Indian skin tone. If you choose to have a blond hair, you will get only horrible stares instead of admiring looks. So you must choose only those colors that suit your skin tone. The best way to choose hair color is to choose a color that is one or two shades darker or lighter than the natural color of your hair. Another effective way to choose the right hair color is to select a color that matches your eyes.

Hair Color for Indian Skin

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Tips on How to Choose the Right Color For Indian Skin Tone:

First and foremost, you must check what type of skin tone you have. If your skin becomes red and get burned after going out in the sun, you have a cool skin tone.  On the other hand, if you get a tan after going in the sun, you have a warm skin tone.


Brown hair color is available in a variety of shades and undertones. There is a brown shade that suits every skin tone. If you have a warm skin tone, you will look best in chocolate browns and ash browns. For cool skinned girls mahogany and walnut brown are the best.


Burgundy is a beautiful color that will look good on girls with olive skin and yellow skin. You can also use it if you have a dark complexion. Dark skinned girls look very beautiful with this color.


Coloring you hair with black does not look good. It will give you a haggard and stark look, making your features hard. Even if you have a naturally black hair, never choose black color to hide your grey hairs. You will only look artificial in it. Instead, you may choose dark brown hair color, which is more warm.

Cool pink tone:

You will look best in hair colors like honey brown, wheat or taupe if you have a cool pink toned skin. These colors will neutralize the pink color of your skin and make you look attractive. You may also use medium golden brown, but never use very dark shades.


Golden color usually does not suit Indian skin tone. It makes them look pale and sickly. Only those with fair skin with pink undertone look attractive in blonde hair. But most of the women love this color. The best solution is to wear golden with brown tones. Never color your hair completely gold. It will not look good at all and it is also harmful for the hair as it is mostly bleach.

Highlights and low lights:

If you are coloring your entire hair, you may also use highlights or low lights, but remember that these should be one or two shades darker or lighter than your hair and no more. Using this makes your hair look more real and add dimension to your hair. Human hair is made up of a number of different pigments and when you color the hair, the natural look of the hair is removed and only one solid pigment is added on the hair. So, by adding highlights and low lights you can give your hair a soft look.

Natural colors:

Reds, browns and burgundy are the natural colors that will look good on Indian skin tone. When you choose the hair color, it is important that you take into consideration the undertone of your skin. If you have a yellow skin, you must avoid colors like ashy brown or gold, which will make your sin look even more yellow as if you are suffering from jaundice. Similarly if your skin is such that it goes red easily, you must not choose red hair color. So choose hair color shades that do not go against your skin tone.


Red has a lot of different shades and it is very tricky. So you must choose the right shade for your hair. If you have a fair color, you may choose light red or copper red. Never choose orange. Blue based red are darker in shade and looks best on olive skinned women. You must stay away from red hair color if you have a red skin, as this will make you red all over, giving you the look of a tomato.

Unnatural colors:

Indian women are not very comfortable with unnatural hair colors. If you put on some unnatural hair colors like blue or pink, you may get a number of odd looks as well some complements. It attracts a lot of attention. So, if you like to get attention, only then use unnatural colors. Otherwise stay away from such colors. You may add thin streaks here and there. Some of the unnatural colors that may look good on Indian skin tone are purple, fire engine reds and plums.

Warm yellow skin tone:

If you have a warm skin tone, mahogany, chestnut, auburn and golden brown hair colors will suit you. If you are highlighting your hair, you may choose from cinnamon to copper colors. Girls with this skin tone must never choose golden color as it will make their skin look dull and more yellow. However you can choose red toned colors. They will look great on you as they help in balancing the yellow color of your skin.

Color your hair a day after you shampoo your hair. This will allow the scalp to produce natural oil and protect your scalp and hair from the damages caused by the chemicals in the hair color.

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