Best Essential Oils for Skin: Choose According to Skin Type

Our skin is very delicate and we should take proper care of our skin to keep it supple, healthy and glowing. Always keep your skin clean and well moisturized to avoid dryness of the skin. Essential oils can help you to take proper care of your skin without spending a fortune in the beauty parlour.

Essential Oils for Skin

Essential Oils for Every Skin Type:

Basil (for oily skin):

Basil oil is good for providing you relief from insect bites and is perfect for oily skin. You can apply this oil directly to the insect bite or sting. You can add a few drops of this oil to your massage oil and massage your tired muscles if you are feeling sore after a hard workout.

Chamomile (for sensitive skin):

Chamomile oil is wonderful for your skin and has anti-inflammatory, anti-infectious, relaxing and calming properties. It is wonderful for those who have sensitive skin. It can prevent a variety of skin problems faced by sensitive skin like rashes, allergies and dermatitis. It is also great for treating acne.

Cedarwood (for problematic skin):

Cedarwood oil is known for its anti-infectious, anti-fungal and astringent properties. Applying this oil on the skin is very effective for providing you relief form eczema, acne, cracked skin, eczema, skin psoriasis and itchy skin.

Geranium (for all skin types):

Geranium is a versatile oil and is good for balancing the oil production on your skin. It also conditions your skin and is very effective for all skin types. You can add it to your moisturizer to deal with over and under production of oil.

Juniper (for oily skin):

Juniper oil is known to be a natural cleanser, detoxifier and a stimulant. applying this oil on your skin helps in purifying your skin. The astringent properties of this oil are perfect for preventing as well as treating acne.

Lavender (for dry skin):

Lavender oil is great for treating dry skin. But it is also found to be wonderful for oily and sensitive skin. The antibacterial and antifungal properties of this oil make it great for keeping your skin healthy. Use this oil for soothing your skin. If you are suffering from acne, this oil can be of great benefit. You can also reduce the appearance of age spots and scars on the skin by applying this oil on your skin.

Lemon (for oily skin)

If you have oily skin it is a good idea to treat your skin with something that has natural astringent properties. Lemon essential oil is one of the best oils for such oily skin. It can prevent the breakouts of acne on the skin by removing the excess oil from your skin and keeping your skin fresh. It also helps in reducing the appearance of skin pores and provides an even tone to your skin.

Neroli (for Sensitive and mature skin):

Are you looking for a good oil to tone your face and keep away the wrinkles? Neroli oil, with its antiseptic properties is the perfect oil for you. It helps in striking the right balance by keeping a control over the production of excess oil and regulating the appearance of shrinking dry skin. It helps in regenerating the skin cells and also has a healing action on your skin.

Rosemary oil (for oily skin):

Rosemary oil is known for its antimicrobial and antiseptic properties, which help in getting your relief from many problems faced by oily skin. It is wonderful for treating acne and helps in giving a healthy glow to your skin.

Rose essential oil (for dry, aging skin):

Rose essential oil is wonderful for dry skin and aging skin. It is said to contain many therapeutic compounds, especially anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial compounds that can help in promoting healing. So, rose essential oil is great for improving the texture of your skin. It is also a good toner. You can treat various skin problems like psoriasis and dermatitis with this oil. One study has even found out that just inhaling rose essential oil can prevent water loss in the skin.

Sandalwood oil (for dry skin)

Sandalwood oil is known for its cleansing properties, which help in promoting flawless skin. If your skin is dull and dry, apply this oil to restore its vitality and to get a glowing skin. It also has antiseptic properties. This helps in preventing infections of the skin as well as aging of the skin.

Sage (for mature skin):

Sage oil is rich in antioxidants that help in reversing the signs of aging that appear on your skin. Applying this oil is therefore great for keeping away the wrinkles, fine lines, crow’s feet and age spots from your skin. The antibacterial properties of this oil make it very beneficial for the skin. Sage oil can tone your skin and protect your skin from blemishes.

Tea tree oil (oily skin):

Tea tree oil is perfect for people who have oily and sensitive skin. The antibacterial and antifungal properties of tea tree oil make sure that you do not suffer from acne breakouts. Applying this oil is the best way to sooth and rejuvenate your skin in a natural way.

So, you can see that essential oils work wonders for your skin. It is an easy and effective way to take care of your skin. You can choose an essential oil that is suitable for your skin type and beauty needs. This is sure to give you healthy and naturally glowing skin.

There is an essential that is perfect for every skin type. Whether you have dry skin, oily, sensitive, mature or problematic skin, you are sure to get essential oil that suits your skin. So, try one that suits your skin type and have healthy, beautiful and glowing skin.

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