How to get Immediate and Instant Relief from Indigestion: 15 Best Tips

Indigestion is something which is really irritating and makes you feel bad. It usually causes problems like nausea, flatulence, belching, a burning feeling in your abdomen and even a lot of pain in the abdomen. The symptoms are easy to recognize and decipher. The causes of indigestion can be many. There are a few simple and easy tips to get immediate relief from all these problems and put your digestion back on track. Read on to know about a few products that can really help in case of indigestion.

How to Relief from Indigestion

1) Aloe Vera juice for Indigestion:

You get to buy food grade Aloe Vera juice at health stores all across. A small quantity of this juice cures indigestion. The mild laxative property of Aloe Vera is what boosts digestion and gives relief. The acids in your stomach get neutralized and the burning sensation is also cured by having this Aloe Vera juice.

2) Pineapple juice good for Indigestion:

Take a glass of pineapple juice after your meals to cure indigestion. Pineapple contains an enzyme called Bromelain that regulates the level of acid in the stomach. This soothes your stomach and gives relief.

3) Baking Soda for Indigestion Relief:

Baking soda gives quick relief from the bloating feeling and the gassy sensation that is caused due to problems of indigestion. Take a glass of water and add some baking soda in it. Drink this mixture and you will feel better. It contains carbon dioxide which releases the gas in your stomach and clears it. In case you have chronic indigestion, do not resort to this treatment.

4) Cumin for Indigestion problem:

Cumin is great for controlling digestive problems. Take a teaspoon of roasted cumin and powder it finely. Add it to a glass of water and have it to get relief from indigestion. Drinking a liquid made by boiling some seeds in water is another option. This cures a number of different ailments, including indigestion.

5) How to use Fennel Seeds for Indigestion:

This remedy is the best when you have indigestion due to too spicy or rich food. Chew some raw fennel seeds to get relief. Another option is to make a powder by roasting the seeds and grinding them. Add it to a glass of water and have it  2 times a day. You could also make a concoction by crushing fennel seeds in hot water. Sip this for effective results.

6) Lemon juice for Indigestion:

Lemon juice for Indigestion

Lemon helps cure the nauseated feeling and the bloating caused by indigestion. Take a teaspoon of lemon juice, a little mint juice, and honey, and mix them well. Take this mixture to help relieve indigestion.

7) Pomegranate good for Indigestion problem:

Indigestion usually causes nausea and giddiness too. To get relief from this, consume the juice made by mixing a glass of pomegranate juice and a spoon of honey. Having this juice around 2 or 3 times a day gives effective results.

8) Carrot juice good for Indigestion:

The enzymes in carrot help in increasing the production of digestive juices and saliva. This gives a boost to the digestion process, and cures all ailments. You could make some carrot juice, or chew raw carrots for relief.

9) Ginger and Lemon Tea for Indigestion:

This remedy is the tastiest in the whole list. It is very easy to prepare. Take 2 spoons of lemon juice and ginger juice. Mix them together in a glass of warm water. Adding honey to this makes it taste better. Have this mixture either before or after having a heavy meal.

10) Apple Cider Vinegar Indigestion Remedy:

Apple cider vinegar is popularly called ACV. It fights against a number of ailments like indigestion. It helps in better digestion and soothes your stomach. Take some apple cider vinegar and mix some water to it. Drink this mixture occasionally throughout the day. You could also add some honey if you wish. You get quick relief by drinking this around 3 times in a day.

11) Cinnamon for treating Indigestion:

Cinnamon contains compounds to give relief from bloating and cramps in the abdomen. Take cinnamon and hot water and make a concoction. After every meal, have a part of this to prevent indigestion.

12) Orange juice cures Indigestion:

Citric acid in oranges gives immediate relief from indigestion. Take a glass of orange juice before having your meal to prevent indigestion. You could also eat I raw. The acid content in the stomach is increased and the digestive process gets a boost when you have oranges.

13) Chamomile Tea for acid Indigestion:

Chamomile Tea cures Indigestion

Take a cup of hot chamomile tea and sip it at regular intervals to give a relaxing effect to your stomach muscles. It cures the bloated and stuffed sensation in the stomach which is caused due to indigestion. It is also good for preventing nausea which accompanies indigestion.

14) Buttermilk helps from Indigestion problem:

Drinking buttermilk is very good for your health. Moreover, it is really tasty and all love it. Have a glass of buttermilk either before or after you have your meals. This cures indigestion and prevents it. The digestive properties of buttermilk can be given a boost by taking a spoon of roasted cumin powder and adding to it. It is really good for your stomach and helps in better digestion.

15) Peppermint for Indigestion:

Peppermint helps cure a lot of illnesses. The muscle lining of the gut gets relaxed and cramps get eased when you have this. It improves digestion and gives a cooling sensation to alleviate the burning sensation which is caused due to indigestion.

All these remedies are easily available and can be done anywhere. These are home remedies which do not cost much. You need have to take any medicines or visit the doctor. Indigestion is not a serious medical concern, but it can make a person feel really uncomfortable and unable to do his daily tasks. You can get back to normal by following these quick tips. If the indigestion is chronic or comes too often, you need to check a doctor. Medical advice may be needed in case the condition is too severe.

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