Good Raw Food Diet Plan for Weight Loss with Menu Guide

People often think that going on a weight loss diet is a hard task where you have to go hungry for hours and avoid all food that are dear to you.  But this is not the right way to go on a weight loss diet. All you have to do is to change your eating habits and the food you are consuming and include raw food diet. Raw food includes lots of vegetables and fruits that are not cooked or processed. They are highly nutritious and wholesome and offer you all the nutrients that your body requires and at the same time cut down the intake of fat and calories.

Many people choose this diet to remain healthy and energetic. Raw food diet includes whole grains, sprouts, seaweed, dry fruits, beans, nuts, sprouted seeds and so on. You must completely avoid taking caffeine, refined sugar and alcohol when you are on this diet.

Weight Loss Raw Food Diet

Before You Go On A Raw Food Diet, Here Are Some Weight Loss Rules That You Must Know:

Rule 1: Eat Alkaline

It is the acid in your body that makes you fat. So, to stay slim, have alkalizing food. This will help you lose excess fat and remain thin. Always maintain the alkaline pH of your body as it is the only way to achieve long term and healthy weight loss. Having green vegetables and herbs ensure the alkaline pH of your body as all green vegetables and herbs are alkalizing. Fruits, seeds and some nuts are either neutral or acid forming. Try to have alkalizing food and you can test whether your body has alkaline pH by using pH test strips, which you get in the market and are not very costly.

Rule 2: Eat Delicious

You can eat raw food and succeed in losing weight only if you eat food that is delicious to taste. If the taste is not good, you will not feel like eating it and therefore you will not achieve what you wanted. So, take time and use recipes that make your food tasty. Use the best and most fresh ingredients that are very tasty too.

Rule 3: Eat Organic

Organic food is the food grown using environmental friendly farming methods. Here no artificial fertilizers or any harmful pesticides etc are used when they are grown or when they are stored. Organic foods are much more nutritious than the conventional grown foods and therefore they are excellent for your health. Moreover, they contain alakalizing minerals, which accelerate the process of losing weight. So, having organic food is an effective way to lose weight fast.

Rule 4: Eat Raw

Start eating food that is raw instead of cooked or processed food. For consuming raw food, you have a lot of options available. You can start eating raw nuts, dried vegetables, seeds, cured fish, raw fish such as sashimi, cold smoked fist and so on. You may also have raw soup such as that made of cucumber and raw meat like steak tartar and filet American. There are other options like tortilla wraps, sprouted breads, bagels, smoothies, raw cakes, cookies, juices snacks etc. All that you have to keep in mind is that the food you take should not be cooked nor processed in any way. It should be raw and natural.

Some of the Raw Foods That You Can Have in Menu are:

  • Fruits – Fresh or dried fruits like apple, raisins, banana etc.
  • Berries like strawberry
  • Nuts like almonds
  • Vegetables – All vegetables that you can get
  • Seeds like sunflower seeds
  • Leafy vegetables
  • Seaweeds like kelp
  • Beans
  • Legumes
  • Grains like barley
  • Superfoods like bee pollen
  • Herbs like parsley or any other herbs
  • Spices like cinnamon
  • Oils like olive oil
  • Beverages like water, herbal tea etc.
  • Sweeteners like honey
  • Condiments like raw soya sauce

Some of the Raw Food Preparations are:

  • Eat just as it is – Some of them you can eat just as it is, for example, you can eat apples and grapes as it is.
  • Cut them and eat – Such as a bowl of watermelon pieces or papaya pieces.
  • Mix them up – Such as a salad that you make by mixing vegetables and leafy pieces,
  • Juice them – Like carrots, apples etc.
  • Make soup – Like a soup made of fresh tomato.
  • Make smoothies – Like blending strawberries and bananas and making smoothie.
  • Sprout them – You can sprout seeds and consume them alone or by adding to salads.
  • Use a food processor – With this you can make veggie burgers, nut-based pie crusts etc.
  • Dehydrate them – This way you can make crackers, breads etc.
  • Ferment them – Make pickles or sauerkraut.
  • You can also make sauces.

The taste of the raw food depends on how it is being made. So it is up to you to make it tasty, so that you can consume it and lose weight effectively. Since only organic ingredients are used, raw food diet can be quite costly. Moreover, you also need blenders and food processors for slicing, grating and shredding. But if you can follow this process strictly you can achieve see yourself some wonderful results before and after starting off this process. Also, along with weight loss, this diet provides you with fresh energy, lustrous hair and clear skin.

Weight Loss Before After Pics

Raw food diet is not very easy to follow as it is quite different from the food that you take in normally. Moreover, it is a tedious job to prepare the recipes. You have to spend a lot of time in blending foods in order to make sauces, smoothies etc. Juicing, blending, germinating nuts, sprouting seeds, fermenting some of the foods etc take a lot of time. Dehydrating various ingredients to make crackers and cookies also takes a lot of time. Another thing is that you cannot eat out when you follow this diet plan as the food you order in a restaurant may not be raw. So you have to prepare the meals at home when you follow the raw food diet. As for alcohols, only wine is allowed as it does not undergo any heating process. All other liquors are banned for you.

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