Greek Women’s Beauty, Makeup, Diet and Fitness Secrets

Greece is a fascinating country and everything there is so majestic and beautiful. Greek women are known all over the world for their beauty. They love to have natural beauty instead of artificial beauty. Their radiant olive-toned complexion, beautiful skin and well shaped body are fine examples of their natural beauty. Here are some skin and beauty secrets of Greek women, which can be very useful for you.

Greek Women Beauty and Skin Care Secrets:

Greek Women Beauty Skin Secrets

Honey face masks and body scrubs:

Honey is considered as an amazing beauty ingredient and is used in many of the home made face packs, creams and lotions. Greeks use honey for making face packs and body scrubs. it is said that the it were the Greeks who started using honey as a beauty ingredient and let it be known to the rest of the world. Honey is excellent for the skin and keeps it well moisturized. Honey is mixed with olive oil, milk or various herbs, or used alone on the skin. This is applied on the face and the body. This will make your skin soft and glowing. Honey has anti-inflammatory properties and it also helps in the removal of dead skin cells.

Herbal infusions:

Greeks make herbal infusions on their own by seeping herbs and flowers in vinegar and then mixing them with beeswax. This is then applied on the face and the body. This helps in keeping your skin healthy and radian.

Milk baths for skin softening:

Milk is quite expensive and not affordable for the common people. But women belonging to rich families in Greece used to take milk bath before they attended special events. Nowadays milk bathing is not very common here, but there are some women who still wash their face, neck and the arms with milk. Milk cleanses the skin and makes the skin very soft and supple.

Nutritious Greek Yogurt:

You can have yogurt in many ways. Greek yogurt is great for your skin. It helps in moisturizing your skin as well as keeping it well nourished and soft. It provides you relief from sun burns as well. Make a natural mask with yogurt mixed with honey, olive oil or some herbs, or use yogurt alone. See the way it changes your skin for the better.

Olives for skin:

Olives contain high amounts of minerals and they also have antibacterial and antifungal properties. They are also good for delaying the process of aging of skin and keeping your skin young looking and glowing for a longer period of time. So, Greeks include olives in their daily diet.

Olive oil as moisturizer:

It is believed that Greeks were the first to use olive oil. This helps in making your skin well moisturized. Olive oil is a rich source of antioxidants. These help in treating dry and chapped skin, making your skin revitalized and hydrated. It is also good for speeding up the regeneration of the cells of the skin.

Sea salt for skin exfoliation:

Since Greece is close to the sea, people here get sea salt easily. They use this sea salt to exfoliate their skin. Sea salt can make your rough and sun exposed skin soft and naturally glowing. Sea salt is mixed with olive oil to make a natural peel. You can also use sea salt alone on your skin. This will remove dirt, blackheads and dead skin cells, and keep your skin rejuvenated and radiant. The natural minerals present in sea salt help in keeping the skin well nourished and healthy.

Taking hot baths:

Greek women take hot baths regularly and this is believed to be one of the major secrets of their natural beauty. They take heated baths in bathhouses. They regard hot bath as very important because according to them, hot bath helps in opening the pores of the skin. This in turn leads to the removal of all toxins from the skin in a natural way.

Greek Women Makeup Secrets:

Greek Women Makeup Secrets

Less use of makeup:

Greek women believe in taking proper care of their skin and make it beautiful naturally rather than using too much of makeup on their face. Moreover, the marine weather here makes the atmosphere very humid and this makes you sweat profusely. As a result any makeup that you apply on your skin will not stay long. They will be removed along with the sweat. So, women here apply as little makeup as possible and try to keep their skin beautiful in a natural way.

Greek Women Fitness and Diet Secrets:

Greek Women Fitness Diet Secrets

3 Meals in a Day:

Greeks have 3 meals a day and they keep the meals healthy and within limited amounts. For breakfast they have little barley bread that is dipped in wine sauce. The lunch they have is also light but more substantial. Dinner is the largest meal they have in a day.

Healthy Fruits:

Greeks take fruits as a part of their regular diet. They take care to have fruits every day. Fruits like apples, figs and pears are consumed by Greeks. These fruits help in keeping your body healthy and fit in a natural way.

Mediterranean diet:

People here follow Mediterranean diet. This diet is said to be one of the healthiest diets for the skin. This diet contains sufficient amounts of omega 3 fatty acids, which play a great role in providing a healthy glow to your skin. It is not only good for your skin, but it also keeps your body in perfect shape, keeping you slim and trim.


Ancient Greeks are said to be very particular regarding the fitness of their body. We can say that they are obsessed with fitness. They used to walk a few miles every day after they had dinner. This way the food they consumed digested properly.

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