Health and Medicinal Benefits (or Uses) of Mango Leaves

There is hardly anybody who does not love to eat mangoes. It is delicious and tasty. It has lots if health benefits. The leaves of mango (Aam Ke Patte) are also good for your health. But most of us are not aware of its health benefits. Mango leaves have medicinal properties and also have healing properties. Below are given some of the benefits of mango leaves.

Mango Leaves Health Medicinal Benefits

Medicinal Properties of Mango Leaves:

When the mango leaves are tender and new, they have a reddish or purple colour. Later on as they mature, these leaves turn dark green colour with the underside pale in colour. Mango leaves are rich sources of vitamins like Vitamin C, B and A. Other nutrients are also found in good quantities in mango leaves. These leaves are also known for their antioxidant properties because of the presence of flavonoids and phenols in high amounts.

Health Benefits of Mango Leaves:

Best natural Mouthwash:

Many of you may not be aware that old mango leaves are very effective for treating unhealthy gums and teeth. You can use mango leaves to keep your gums and teeth healthy. Pluck some mango leaves and clean them well to get rid of any dust, dirt etc on them. Now steep the mango leaves and brew them with hot water till the water turns yellowish in colour. You can use these boiled mango leaves for treating your gums and teeth.

Dysentery treatment:

People suffering from bleeding dysentery get relief by consuming mango powder. Take a few mango leaves and dry these leaves in shade. After they are dry, powder these leaves to get a fine powder. You can take this powder with water for two or three times a day. This helps in stopping dysentery.

Heals burns faster:

If you have suffered burns on the skin, then you can use mango leaves to get relief. Take a few mango leaves and burn these leaves to get its ashes. Now apply this ash on the burns and scalds. This helps in providing you instant relief from the burns.

Kidney and gall stones:

If you are suffering from kidney stones and ball bladder problems, you can get relive from symptoms by consuming mango leaves. Dry the mango leaves in shade and then grind them to get a fine powder. Now have it with water kept in a tumbler overnight. This helps in breaking down the stones and flushing them out from the body.

Prevent Ear aches:

Ear ache is often very irritating. There are home remedies for treating ear problems. These home remedies are great for providing you relief from migraine and headaches. Take one teaspoon of the juice taken from mango leaves and use this as eardrops. This can provide you relief from the pain caused due to ear ache. Before you put it in your ear, you should remember to heat the juice slightly.

Respiratory problems:

You can treat all kinds of respiratory problems with mango leaves. People suffering from common cold, bronchitis and asthma find mango leaves very useful. Boil water and add mango leaves to the boiling water to make a decoction. Add some honey to it and drink this decoction regularly. This will help in treating cough. It is also found to be very effective for curing voice loss.

Reduce blood pressure:

The hypotensive property of mango leaves help in lowering the blood pressure. They can also make the blood vessels stronger and treat varicose veins.

Stomach tonic to treat upset stomachs:

Mango leaves can be used as a stomach tonic. Take some mango leaves and put them in a container with warm water. Close it with a lid and leave it overnight. Next morning you have to filter the water and consume it on an empty stomach. By drinking this infusion regularly, you can prevent various ailments of the stomach.

Treating throat problems:

Mango leaves of great benefit for those who are suffering from hiccups and throat problems. All you have to do is to take a few mango leaves and burn the leaves. Inhale the smoke. This can provide you relief from these problems.

Treat restlessness syndrome:

Mango leaves make an effective home remedy for providing relief to people suffering from restlessness because of anxiety. Add two or three glasses of mango leaf tea to the water that you use for bathing. This helps in treating uneasiness and also refreshes your body.

To treat diabetes:

Mango leaves are very beneficial for the treatment of diabetes. Presence of tannins called anthocyanidins in the tender leaves of mango tree is good for treating early diabetes. You can dry these leaves and powder them and then use the powder to treat diabetes. You may also use it as an infusion for treating diabetes. You can treat diabetic angiopathy and diabetic retinopathy as well with these leaves. To treat diabetes, all you have to do is to soak the leaves in water overnight. Next morning, strain it and drink this water. This helps in providing you relief from the symptoms associated with diabetes. It is also good for treating hyperglycemia. The mango leaves contain 3beta-taraxerol and ethyl acetate extract, which along with insulin, helps in activating GLUT4 and triggers the synthesis of glycogen.

Now that you have learnt the various benefits of mango leaves, make use of their benefits and stay healthy. Since these leaves are available throughout the year, you can easily use them for treating various problems. The antimicrobial and antioxidant properties of these mango leaves make them beneficial for the treatment of a large number of health issues.

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