List of Foods to Avoid (Stop Eating) for Losing Weight Fast

It is always said that fruits are very healthy for your body and that you have to include lots of fruits in your daily diet. It is true that they are good for you. But in some cases, fruits can prove to be not so good. Most people, who follow special diet for losing weight, often go on fruit-only diets. They think that this can help them lose weight faster. But this conception can prove wrong.

You need to avoid fruits if you truly want to lose weight. This is because fruits are loaded with high amounts of sugar. 5 servings of fruits a day can provide you sugar that is equal to the amount of sugar in 500 ml of soda. The sugar present in fruits can interfere with the process of burning of fat in your body. As a result, you will experience an increase in hunger and craving for food. This makes you eat more and cause an increase in weight.

When you are on a diet, it is important that you try to avoid fruits that contain high amounts of fat, sugar and calories. For example, an apple contains 72 calories, while a banana contains 105 calories and an orange contains 64 calories. So, it will be a good idea if you avoid these fruits when you are on a diet.

Fattening Foods You Should Never Eat:

Artificially sweetened drinks:

Artificially sweetened drinks

Avoid diet soda and other drinks that taste sweet. Drink plain water, which is calorie free and carbonated. This will make you feel full and prevents you from overeating.


Avocados for Weight Loss

Avocados are rich sources of fat. By eating half of an avocado, you will be taking in 141 calories and 26 gm of fat. So, it is recommended that you consume 1/6th of an avocado if you are on a weight loss regime.


Coconut Benefits for Health

Coconut is a fruit that grows on coconut palm tree. So, you should not mistake it for a nut. The flesh of coconut is usually dry and sweet to taste. It is rich in sugar as well as fat and calorie. According to USDA, by consuming 1 cup of coconut, you will take-in 466 calories and 33 gm of fat. So, if you are on a weight loss diet, it is a must that you avoid coconut.

Dry fruits:

Dry fruits for Weight Loss

Dates are most commonly found dry fruits. They are not good for you if you are trying to lose weight. By consuming one cup of dried dates, you will be taking in 502 calories and 113 gm of sugar. It is also important that you avoid raisins. They also contain high amounts of calories. Quarter of a cup of raisins contain 109 calories. Therefore you must avoid it when you are on a weight loss program.

Frozen meals:

Frozen meals are loaded with sodium, which is a natural preservative. This makes these meals stay for a longer time in your refrigerator. Sodium in the food can make you retain water, which can bloat you up. So, even if you lose weight, you will not look and feel good.

High-fiber snack bars:

You need fiber in your food. Fiber helps in keeping your digestive system functioning properly and makes you feel full for a longer time. Snack bar contains fiber that you need for one day, which is about 25 gm. So, by consuming a single snack bar, you will get the fiber you need for one day, but no other nutrients, as it is devoid of any other nutrients. So, you should avoid consuming high-fiber snack bars as it can only upset your stomach. It can never improve your digestive or keep hunger at bay. Instead, you can eat fruits or vegetables.


Fruits and Vegetables Juices

Juices of fruits and vegetables should be avoided when you follow a weight loss diet plan. This is because juice contains lots of calories but lack in fiber. When you make orange juice, you need about 6 oranges to make 6 ounce glass of orange juice. This does not contain the natural fruit fibers in it. So, it is better that you eat them raw rather than make juice and consume. This way you will get the fibers present in them and this helps in keeping you full for a longer time. Drinking juice only helps in increasing your blood sugar. Instead of juice the best thing that you can do is to drink plain water. You can also drink unsweetened tea or coffee.

Low-fat foods:

It is better that you avoid consuming low-fat foods when you are on a weight loss program. This is because when you eat low-fat foods, you tend to eat about 30% more than what you normally consume; thinking that it contains less fat and can do you no harm. However, when the fat is removed by the food makers, the food loses some of its flavor too. To compensate for this, they often add sugar to this low-fat food. This makes this food even worse for you and causes gain in weight.

Sweetened canned frozen fruit:

Processed fruits contain more sugar and calories than fresh fruits. So, they are not good for you when you are on a weight loss program. American Diabetes Association strictly says that you should avoid fruits that are packed in heavy sugary syrup. This includes strawberries, which contain 245 calories. Instead of processed strawberries, if you consume 1 cup of fresh unsweetened strawberries, you will gain only 53 calories. Similarly, canned pears contain 197 calories, which is not good for you if are trying to lose weight.

Next time when you are trying to lose weight, try to avoid the foods mentioned above. This will enable you to lose weight faster and more effectively.

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