Sesame Seeds (Til) Side Effects You Must Know

Sesame seeds are well known for their health benefits and are used in cooking purposes as well. These seeds are highly nutritious. they contain vitamins, minerals, natural oils and organic compounds which consists of calcium, magnesium, iron, copper, manganese, phosphorous, thiamine, fibre, zinc, Vitamin B6, protein, folate and tryptophan. All these make sesame seeds very beneficial for health. Sesame seeds are very beneficial for regulating blood pressure, preventing cancer, managing diabetes, maintaining healthy bones, digestion, oral health and so on.

Sesame Seeds Side Effects

They are oval in shape and have a nutty flavour. Various dishes are made by adding these seeds. Along with their health benefits, sesame seeds also have some side effects.

Side Effects of eating too much Sesame Seeds:

Allergic reaction:

Consumption of sesame seeds can also cause allergic reaction in some people. It can be caused by the whole seeds that you include in your regular dishes or the oil that is extracted from these seeds. There are chances of developing different types of allergies as a result of this. Digestive issues, runny nose, eye inflammation, asthma etc are some of the allergic reactions you experience. So, if you experience any of the allergic symptoms after consuming sesame seeds or its oil, make sure that you stay away from these seeds.


Anaphylaxis is an extreme case of allergy caused by consuming sesame seeds. This is a condition in which your whole body gets affected by the intense and rapid allergic reaction. The symptoms of this allergic reaction are wheezing, hypotension, chest tightness and so on. It can gradually block the throat and airway of the person suffering from this condition. As a result, he or she starts suffering from suffocation. This can even lead to death.

Appendix infection:

This infection is common, but some people suffer from appendix infection as a result of consuming excess of sesame seeds. Sometimes a few of the sesame seeds may get stuck in the appendix. This eventually results in mild to serious infections.

Colon cancer:

Consuming sesame seeds regularly in excess amounts can affect your colon. According to research made, it was found out that eating more than 15 ng (nanogram) of sesame seeds a day can inflame your colon. It can lead to fatal diseases like colon cancer. This is considered as one of the dangerous side effects of sesame seeds as it can even cause death.


Sesame seeds can affect the health of your colon by causing diverticulitis. It is a medical condition that causes the formation of pouches in the inner wall of the colon. This is extremely painful and causes cramping, constipation, abdominal pain and so on. So, it is important that you consume sesame seeds in moderate amounts to prevent surgical intervention.


According to research made sesame seeds have laxative properties. This means that if you consume more than the recommended dose of sesame seeds, it can cause loose stool. Sometimes people may even suffer from diarrhoea as a result of consuming excess sesame seeds. So, it is better to have these seeds in limited amounts.

Hair loss:

Many of us apply sesame oil on our hair to make sure that our hair grows healthy. But it was found that an overdose of sesame seeds reverse its effects. It can cause hormonal imbalance, which makes your scalp oily and your hair follicles dry. As a result, you will suffer from hair fall problems. It can be to such a large extent that you may even go completely bald.


It is said that eating sesame seeds during the first trimester of pregnancy may be bad for health. It can even lead to miscarriage. So, pregnant ladies should stop consuming sesame seeds, especially during the first three months of their pregnancy.

Risk of breast cancer:

Several studies made have shown that consumption of sesame seeds can cause breast cancer. Certain components of these seeds can promote the growth of breast cancer cells which are oestrogen-dependant. These include ER+ and PR+ cells. Moreover, the fat found in sesame seeds are said to have linked with the development of breast cancer.

Skin rashes:

Sesame seeds are also known to affect your skin adversely. If you consume too much of sesame seeds in your food or use products that contain too much of sesame oil, you may suffer from skin rashes. This may be accompanied with itching and redness as well.


Consuming foods containing sesame seeds can cause sleepiness. This is because they contain a combination of low protein and high carbohydrate. This makes your brain receive more amount of tryptophan. As a result you feel sleepy.

Unhealthy body weight:

Sesame seeds are light in weight but they are packed with calories and saturated fat. By consuming 100 gm of sesame seeds you get 590 calories. It also provides you 8 gm of saturated fat, which is about 40% of the fat you need per day. So, including sesame seeds in your daily diet can lead to unhealthy weigh gain.

Now that you have seen the side effects of sesame seeds, make sure that you consume them in moderate amounts. Since it has lots of health benefits, you should not avoid them completely. All you have to keep in mind is that you should not consume them in excess. This way you will be able to protect yourself from the side effects of sesame seeds.

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