Simple Tips on How to lose weight in just 10 days at Home

Obesity is one of the major problems in today’s world. Both adults as well as children suffer from obesity.  It takes a lot of hardships to lose weight and look fit and slim.

lose weight in 10 days

Avoid carbonized drinks:

Have lime juice, coconut water, green tea etc instead of carbonized water when you are planning to lose weight.

Avoid problem of constipation:

Make sure that your body is free from toxins other waste products. Constipation greatly reduces the process of weight loss. So drink large quantities of water and juices to keep your body free from toxins. Apples, oats, ripe papaya, green vegetables, banana, etc. are good for losing weight.

Avoid junk food:

One of the easiest ways to lose weight in 10 days is to stop taking junk food. Junk food does not contain any nutrition and only help in increasing your weight.

Add Proteins:

By adding the correct amount of soy protein to your diet, you can lose weight in no time. This is because it is a plant protein and low in fat. Soy protein contains all the essential amino protein and at the same time, is low in calorie.

Avoid red meat:

Red meat is not very good for you and may lead to obesity as well as certain diseases like cancer. So try to avoid red meat as far as possible.

Avoid rice, sugar and salt:

If you wish to lose your weight within 10 days, avoid rice, salt and sugar, which contain more calories and make you gain weight. You must consume them as little as possible for best results.

Consume fruits that have high water content and less calories:

Water melon, papaya, cucumber, etc. have less calories but high water content. If you use them as salad, it will make you full, and the low calorie they have helps in losing weight.

Green tea:

Make a practice of drinking a cup of green tea in the morning in empty stomach. It cleans your body off toxins and also reduces problems related with constipation. Green tea contains fewer calories than a cup of coffee or tea and helps a lot in losing weight.

Get rid of food craving:

One of the manor problems with people who suffer from obesity is the craving for food. The first and foremost thing you have to do if you are determined to lose weight is to control this craving for food. Do not eat any snacks of food when you feel a crave for it, but drink a lot of water. This way you can avoid this craving for food. You must also try to avoid binge eating.

Have sprouts instead of snacks:

Boiled sprouts are more nutritious and have fewer calories compared to snacks. You may have them twice a day and they help in losing weight.

Have protein meals twice a day:

Having food rich in protein greatly helps to lose weight. So have it twice a day, most preferably for breakfast and dinner. You can take it in the form of protein drinks or as salads.

Hot water with lemon and honey:

Hot water taken every morning in empty stomach with lemon and honey is another easy way to lose weight.

Have salads instead of juices:

Salads make you full and reduce appetite, while juices digest easily. So have salads more to lose weight with immediate effect.

Have calorie-less food:

Taking calorie-less food is one of the easiest ways to lose your weight in 10 days. The food should include boiled vegetables and cereals. You must take care to avoid food that are rich in fats, food that is sweet and also fried food.

Increase protein intake:

Proteins build muscles and tissues and are capable of converting loose fat into muscles. So, one of the ways to lose weight in 10 days is to replace carbohydrates with protein rich food.

Increase fiber intake:

One of the common ways to lose weight is to have food containing soluble fibers. It helps in reducing bad cholesterol in your body and reduces weight. Soluble fibers form a gel like substance inside the digestive tract by dissolving in water and helps in slowing down the digestion. This keeps your stomach full for a longer period of time keeps hunger at bay. They are also good for controlling diabetes and heart diseases.

Not more than 3 meals a day:

If you wish to lose weight in 10 days, the most important thing is to take not more than 3 malls a day. Your breakfast and dinner must be light and heavy meals are taken only for lunch.

Never skip your food:

Skipping of food increases your appetite and you eat more than twice of what you usually eat. So skipping food makes you gain weight.

Proper exercise:

Proper exercise is another important factor to lose weight. A few simple exercises every day for about 15 minutes, as well as morning or evening walk, is enough to make you fit and lose excess weight.

Reduce taking more carbohydrates:

Rice contains much more calories and carbohydrates in it than wheat or any other cereals. So you must reduce consumption rice in your daily diet.

Water therapy:

Water plays an important role when you plan to lose your weight. It washes off toxins from your body and also reduces your appetite. Take 4 to5 liters of water daily and it helps a lot in losing your weight. To see how many liters of water you must drink daily, divide your weight by 20. The result you get is the number of liters of water that you must drink. If your body weight is 60 kg, you must drink 3 liters of water daily. This helps you to lose your weight in 10 days.

So, if you have determination and the will power to resist foods that may increase you weight, you are sure to lose weight in just 10 days.

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