How to Make Your Forehead Look Smaller with Makeup

Beauty products help us to improve our features and make them better. You can also use them to make some of your features prominent if you wish so. For example, if you wish to have fuller lips, you can have so with the help of beauty products and makeup tricks. Similarly you may have bolder eyebrows, shorter forehead and so on. Large forehead is good, but often people wish to have smaller forehead. You can make your forehead look shorter and smaller with the right makeup.

Make Your Forehead Look Smaller

How to Make Your Forehead Smaller Naturally:

Bronzer for defined look:

Using a bronzer is the easiest way to make your forehead look smaller. Let the bronzer be in matte formula and at least 3 shades darker than your natural skin tone. This will make it very eff3ective.

Take the bronzer on a tapered blush brush and blend it on your temples and the hairline. This helps in making your bone structure look stronger and also enhances it. As a result, your large forehead will look smaller.

Dramatic eye makeup looks:

You can apply an attractive eye makeup to draw attention to your eyes. By making your eyes dramatic and highlighted, the attention will be drawn towards your eyes. Anyone looking at you will look away form your forehead and focus o your eyes. Your eye makeup can greatly help in making a difference to the shape of your face.

Get Chiseled cheeks of a Runway model:

Thinner cheeks can help in drawing the attention to the centre of your face. As   result your forehead will not come into focus.

  • Take a bronzer powder that is 3 to 4 shades darker than your natural skin tone.
  • Apply this in a diagonal line starting from the centre of your cheeks to the ear.
  • Blend well.

Go ahead and use a Darker foundation:

This makeup trick is great for photographs. If you want to have strong and chiseled looking forehead, all you have to do is to apply a darker foundation on your temples and the hairline.

  • Make sure that you tie your hair out of your face. This makes it easy to apply the makeup and blend it.
  • Take a matte concealer or foundation that is five shades darker than your natural skin tone.
  • Now take a medium sized flat or dome shaped brush and draw a solid line on the circumference of your forehead.
  • Blending is very important in any makeup. This will give a perfect contoured look to your face. So, after applying the foundation, blend it well outward to get a seamless finish.
  • The contour should be without any harsh lines and look very natural.
  • Follow this with a bronzer. This will make the effect more sharp and strong.

This makeup helps in enhancing the angles of your bone structure and minimizing the round look of your face. As a result you will succeed in making your forehead look smaller than its actual size.

Just a hint of blush is needed:

You can draw attention from your forehead with a bright blush color.

  • Take a little rosy or peachy blush and swipe it on the apples of your cheeks.
  • Work the blush upwards to give a slightly lifting effect.

You can also use shimmery glowing cheek products to make your forehead look small. This product draws attention from your forehead by making the light fall on your cheeks and highlighting the centre of your face.

Play with your lip shape, lipstick girl:

If you only have a few seconds left to do makeup, the best way to lift your face instantly is to play with your lips. Choose a bright pink or coral lipstick and apply this on your lips. This will instantly draw attention to your lips. As a result, all attention will be drawn away from your wide forehead. This is very simple and can be done within seconds. However, when you apply bright lipstick and highlight your lips, you must remember to keep the other makeup simple.

Right shape of eyebrows:

Eyebrows help in giving your face a thinner and younger look. They help in framing your face structure and give definition to your face. The shape of your eyebrows plays an important role in shaping your face. One easy way to make your forehead look smaller is to change the shape of your eyebrows. Make them angular shaped. This will make your forehead look less wide.

Stash Highlighter makeup in your bag:

Highlighting is a very effective way to make the light reflect the centre of your face and drawing the attention from your forehead.

  • Apply a shimmery highlighter powder on the centre of your forehead, exactly between your eyebrows. Blend it outward.
  • You may also apply the powder on the bridge of your nose. This helps in lifting the shape of your face.

This makeup trick brings forward your features and minimizes the wide look of your forehead.

Now that you have seen various ways to make your forehead look small, try them out and see which suits your better. Next time when you go out, look amazing with the right makeup.

Hair styles can also help in making your forehead look smaller. Bangs are your best friends if you have a big forehead. They help in drawing your attention from your hairline and focus your attention to your eyes and lips. Half-up hairdos are also good for making your forehead appear smaller. Let curls frame your face. This will make your forehead smaller in size. So, stop worrying about your wide forehead and follow the makeup tips and the hairstyles that will help you reduce the large size of your forehead.

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