9 Best and Good Makeup Tips for Ladies with Pale Skin

People look with envy at girls with pale skin. All colors match well with pale skinned woman and people think that they can look good in any kind of makeup. But this is not the fact. If you have a pale skin, you have to be extra careful when you choose the shades and tones of the makeup. If there is even the slightest change in the tone, your skin will look heavily made up. The skin may even look dry and dull with the wrong makeup. So always choose the correct color that enhances the beauty of your face. You must avoid too much of makeup on pale skin as it will make your face look unnatural.  Just a slight makeup is enough for pale skin. Here are some tips that will help you in your makeup:

Makeup Tips Pale Skin Ladies

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Makeup Tips for Pale Skin Ladies to look Gorgeous:

Always use blush:

If you have a pale skin, you always have to use blush because this will give some color to your pale skin. You must never apply it heavy as it makes your skin look like porcelain. Bronzer add glow to your pale skin. So, using blush and bronzer is more effective as it provides both warmth and glow to your skin. Apply bronzer on your chin, nose, corners of the forehead and on the cheek bones. You can choose various shades of blush like pinks, lavender and corals.

Bright lip colors:

Choosing the right lip color is important for pale skinned people. If you choose the wrong color, your skin may look paler or washed out. The color you choose must be such that it will complement your complexion. One of the advantages of having a pale skin is that you can lavishly use bright lip colors. Bright colors accentuate your lips and also enhance your complexion. Bright red lip color may look fabulous on pale skin. You may also use bright peach color, fuchsia, bright pink etc on your lips.

Bronze it up:

Bronze eye shadows are great for those having colored eyes. Using bronze eye shadows make pale skinned women look beautiful. The effect is all the more evident if they have green or grey eyes. For those having brown eyes, using dark golden eye shadow is the best.

Colored eye makeup:

Add more colors to your eyes and this will add to your beauty. Using a simple black liner on the top lid with a bronze eye shadow will makes your face look fresh and alive. Your skin will look more youthful with this eye makeup. The eyeliner you use should be a shade or two darker than the eye shadow. Applying white eyeliner the lower part of your eyes will make it look larger.

Highlight eyes:

Highlighting you eyes will make it the centre of attraction and divert the attention of the viewers from your pale skin to your eyes. You may use shimmery eye shadows and bold colors like purple etc. If you are not in the habit of using eye shadows, you can concentrate more on eye liners and use black, grey or even brown eyeliners. This will make your eyes beautiful and attracts the attention of all.


Applying a little mascara can do wonders for your eyes. This will make your eyes stand out and get noticed. Choosing black colored mascara is the best for pale skin.

Nail color:

For your nails you must use dark colors instead of light colors. Using reds and corals will look great on pale skin. This will make you get noticed in a crowd.

Perfect skin look:

While doing makeup on pale skin, you must take care to make the skin look perfect. A tanned look is the best but it should be done moderately as too much of a tanned look makes it look unnatural. You can apply a pearl highlighter or gold tinted blusher or bronzer on your arms, neck and the legs and also the cheek bones. As you know, more fair a skin is, the more fuller it looks. As a result, you may look somewhat fat. Applying bronzer or golden shades helps in making your features look sharper and hence less full. Apply the bronzer down the front of your hands, collar bone and the shin bone.

Tinted foundation:

Choosing the right colored foundation is very important when you do the makeup. If you choose the wrong color, everything else you do on your face will go wrong. Try testing with a few colors and see which looks best on your skin. Using a tinted foundation or moisturizer is the best solution. By tinted, it means that the moisturizer you use should be one shade darker than your skin color. If you choose too dark foundation, you will get a clay colored complexion and it will not look natural.

What to Avoid:

As you know, each person has some things that suit him/her and some that do not. Pale skinned women also have to take care when they choose their makeup.

  • If you have a pale skin, you must never use bright blue colors, pinks and browns around your eyes. This is because these colors deprive the skin of its natural color and make your skin dry.
  • If you are using a bronzer, take care to avoid any blush that is of a warm shade.
  • Never ever use yellow based makeup products on your face. This will give you a wash off complexion and make you paler.
  • Always try to choose shades that are reflective.
  • You must also avoid too much of pigmentation.

So, if you have a pale skin, try to follow some of the above mentioned tips and you are sure to attract the attention of all people around you.

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