How does Acupressure points work for hair regrowth

It is said that one never realizes the value of something until it is lost. This is actually very true. There are a number of things that people take for granted. They never realize its value, but start missing it once lost. The same goes for your hair. People take their hair for granted, and fail to take enough care of it. But, when you see too much of hair fall, you start worrying about it.

Acupressure points hair growth

Stress is a major cause of hair fall, so you need to keep your mind calm and composed. There are a number of ways by which you can treat hair fall and a receding hair line naturally. Growth of new hair is initiated, and your problems can be solved. Acupuncture is a very effective method.

Acupuncture is known as an exceptional way by which you can get rid of hair fall effectively. It offers speedy results as well. This method has been in use for treating different ailments since 1600 BC.

Grow Hair with Acupressure:

The growth of hair and its health depends on the proper functioning of the adrenal glands, and also with the supply of blood to your hair follicles. You need proper supply of blood to the hair and scalp in order to have thick and healthy hair. Using acupressure is an effective way to achieve this. It boosts the functioning of your immune system, and ensures proper circulation of blood. Your scalp is revitalized by this treatment, and this in turn leads to healthy growth of hair. It also gets rid of all toxins from your body, increases the flow of blood to your face, and keeps your blood healthy from inside. Your scalp gets free from dandruff, dead skin cells, and all kinds of infections and debris.

Acupressure Points for Boosting Hair Growth:

A large number of pressure points are defined on the human body. Many of them are used for boosting the growth of hair. The most crucial among them is the “Paihui Spot”. This is located on your head, at a point right on the top. You need to stimulate this pressure point and rub it several times to boost the growth of hair. Rubbing several times in a day will do the trick. After that, give your scalp a good, healthy head massage to relax your scalp. The blood vessels in your head and scalp are all invigorated. This ensures that your hair follicles get a good supply of oxygen and all other nutrients. Overall, it leads to an environment that favors excellent growth of hair. New hair is boosted, and your hair grows thicker and healthier. You also have pressure points for hair growth located on the back, stomach, and abdomen.

How to Perform Acupressure yourself:

First, you need to get to know the pressure points correctly. This is most important in order to get maximum benefits from this method of treatment.

Use your finger and twirl your hair strands slightly around it. Pull it very gently at the roots as you do this. Repeat the same at all points on your scalp. This helps by stimulating the nerves on your scalp. All your hair follicles are given a relaxing effect. This increases the circulation of blood on the scalp, and increases the flow to the hair follicles.

It is easy to find the location of the “Paihui Spot” on your scalp. Start counting about 6 to 8 finger from above your brow to get the exact location. Once you get the correct point, use circular strokes with your fingers to give this point a good massage. After this spot, move slowly to the other parts on your scalp and massage each and every point. As you move farther from the “Paihui Spot”, start making your strokes firmer.

Once you finish working on this pressure point, you need to shift your attention to the occipital ridge. This point is where the muscles of your scull meet. Its location is just above your neck, on your hairline. This is considered to be a very important point in acupressure. Use your thumb or finger to apply pressure on this point, and hold it on for a while. Try holding as much as you can. When you release this point, you can feel the blood flowing. It is very useful for relieving you of all kinds of stress and tension.

After this step, draw a line to the center of your scalp from this pressure point. Use your finger to do this. This line that you just drew contains a number of pressure points. You can stimulate all these multiple pressure points if you apply slight pressure. Use finger pads to do this. Continue this line until you reach the ending part of your hairline.

Another good acupressure point for stimulating the growth of your hair is located on the edge of the hairline that frames your face. When you massage these pressure points, hair growth is enhanced, and you also feel relieved from all stress.

The scalp contains all the important pressure points that can help in better growth of hair. These points also prevent and treat a number of different kinds of ailments. Use your fingers to massage all the different points situated all across your scalp. This makes you feel relaxed, and also loosens your pressure points.

Now that you know how beneficial acupressure proves to be for your hair and whole body, why not give it a try? Moreover, it is also so easy to treat yourself this way. Follow the guidelines correctly for maximum benefits. The flow of blood to your scalp is enhanced, which leads to better supply of oxygen. This offers proper nourishment to your scalp from inside. Your hair becomes healthy and beautiful.

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