Best Anti-Cancer or Cancer Fighting Juice Recipes

The ‘Cancer’ can strike terror in our heart. You can overcome the chances of cancer by following a healthy lifestyle. It is important that you have a healthy diet to prevent cancer. Drinking fresh and organic fruit juices is great for fighting cancer.

As you know, cancer is a deadly disease and people suffering from this disease go through lots of agony. The treatment of cancer involves chemotherapy and radiation, both of which can greatly affect the body. Prevention of cancer is better than treatment. One of the best ways to prevent cancer is to drink fruit and vegetable juices.

Fresh juice is packed with phytochemicals and vitamins, which have the power to fight cancer. When you consume fruits and vegetables in the juice form, they are absorbed easily into the body. The nutrients in fruit juice help in rebuilding the damaged cancer cells and it is a much better alternative to chemotherapy, radiation and other toxic drugs. Below we will have a look at some fruit juices that can help you fight cancer.

Healthy Cancer Fighting Juices:

Blueberry juice:

Blueberry Juice Benefits Uses

Blue berry juice is loaded with antioxidants, including chemicals with cancer fighting ability. The anthocyanin in this juice can prevent all types of cancer.  Ellegic acid and anthocyanin are the two most effective cancer fighting compounds found in blue berry juice. By consuming blueberry juice regularly, you can prevent skin, bladder, blood and lung cancer.

Beet juice:

Beetroot Juice Benefits Uses

Europeans have been using beetroot juice for preventing cancer from centuries. Several experiments have been conducted to show how efficiently beetroot juice can help treat cancer. The presence of iron in high amounts in beetroot helps in regenerating the red blood corpuscles, which help in supplying the cancer cells with more oxygen. When the oxygen supply is higher, the cancer cells are killed. It has the power to detoxify the kidney, liver and the lymph system, and promote the regeneration of healthy cells.

Carrot juice:


One of the best ways you can prevent or fight cancer is to drink carrot juice regularly. This is because carrots are rich sources of alpha carotene. This is great for preventing cancer and for fighting against cancer. You can combine other cruciferous vegetables with carrot and make juice. This will increase the nutrients in the juice and is therefore more beneficial for the body.

Goji berry juice:

Goji berry Juice Benefits Uses

This juice is regarded as one of the best juices for fighting against cancer. It contains beta-sitosterol in high amounts. This is a substance that helps in inhibiting the formation of cancer cells. The polysaccharide compounds in goji berry juice are also very effective for preventing cancer, especially prostate cancer.

Grapefruit juice:

Grapefruit Juice for Weight Loss

According to research made, it was shown that grapefruit juice is very beneficial for reducing the possibility of colon cancer lesions. Grapefruit contains limonene, which is a phytochemical. This helps in breaking down the cancer causing substance, thereby preventing cancer. It also contains monoterpenes, which is a substance that has the ability to remove carcinogen from the body. It is also good for inhibiting the proliferation of breast cancer cells.

Mangosteen juice:

Mangosteen Juice Benefits Uses

Mangosteen is a tropical fruit and is found in South East Asia. This fruit is rich in antioxidants and has the ability to prevent and treat cancer. So, this juice is also good for preventing cancer and to stay healthy. Mangosteen juice is rich in a chemical called xanthone, which has anti-cancer properties. Several researches made have shown that mangosteen juice has the ability to slow down the growth of certain cancer cells.

Noni juice:

Noni Juice Benefits Uses

Noni juice is regarded as a primary treatment for cancer in the first stage. It helps in killing the cancer cells and stimulating the production of white blood cells in the body. It is also good for enlarging the cell membranes. This way it facilitates the absorption of nutrients that help in fighting cancer.

Pomegranate juice:

Pomegranate juice for Health

Pomegranate is loaded with antioxidants. Antioxidants are great for fighting against cancer. Studies made have shown that pomegranate juice has the ability to suppress the growth of malicious cells, thereby preventing cancer. Pomegranate is also rich in folate, Vitamin E, potassium, phenols and pantothenic acid. These work against cancer and help in preventing cancer. It is also good for preventing the growth and spread of lung cancer.

Red grape juice:

Red grape Juice Benefits

Red grape is said to contain resveratrol, which is a potential antioxidant. It helps in fighting against cancer. Researchers claim that if you consume red grapes that are rich in flavonoids, you can inhibit the growth of enzyme that helps in the growth of cancer cells in the human body. It can prevent cell damage even before it begins. It is also rich in bio-flavonoids and ellagic acid, which can prevent cancer. These compounds have the ability to prevent or slow down the growth of tumours in the body.

Soursop juice:

Soursop Juice Benefits Uses

Soursop juice is a natural cure for all types of diseases. It is more beneficial to the body than chemotherapy when one suffers from cancer. Xeronine, a chemical present in this fruit, can increase the immunity of the body against cancer. Unlike chemotherapy, soursop juice kills only the cancer cells. Consuming this juice is good for treating various types of cancer, including breast, prostate and colon. It can also inhibit the development of tumour in the body.

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