Awesome Benefits of Vitamin C for Health, Skin and Hair

Vitamin C is a very common dietary supplement. It has got a range of benefits and is critical for good health. Read on to know what it can do for you.

Vitamin C Benefits for Body

Health Benefits of Vitamin C:

1. As an Antioxidant:

Vitamin C protects the body from free radicals causing oxidative stress or cellular rust. These radicals can lead to a number of medical conditions like atherosclerosis, which causes heart diseases and stroke.

2. Improve Immunity of Body:

Vitamin C is effective in protecting your body from infections. It helps build healthy bones and teeth, and also improves the ability of your body to repair wounds, keep immune from bacteria, viruses and infection. Vitamin C is required for collagen, which is a structural protein in the connective tissue. If you take Vitamin C orally, it helps wounds heal faster, and when you apply it topically, your skin is saved from damage due to UV rays.

3. Reduces Hypertension:

Vitamin C controls the probability of hypertension and other problems associated with high blood pressure by lowering the blood pressure.

4. Reduce Common Cold:

Vitamin C is an effective antihistamine and reduces the symptoms of common cold. Inflammation, runny nose, aches and other unpleasant effects of common cold are lessened, and also the allergy causing common cold is controlled by vitamin C. The histamine level is also lessened, and the duration of cold shortened.

5. Blood vessels Dilation:

Proper dilation of blood vessels is ensured by vitamin C, which protects you from atherosclerosis, high cholesterol, heart congestion, severe chest pains and other such diseases.

6. Relieves from Stress:

Vitamin C reduces the elevated levels of stress, hormone and cortisol, and helps the body deal with stress.

7. Lowers  Blood Lead:

Vitamin C lowers the level of lead in the blood. Lead toxicity affects children by causing behavioral and developmental problems, leading to learning disabilities, lowered IQ and stunted growth. In adults, it causes kidney damage and high blood pressure.

8. Treats Cataracts in Eyes:

Deficiency of Vitamin C could lead to cataracts, as the pupils require this Vitamin to function properly. High intake fights cataract and increases the amount of blood flowing in the eye. To stop cataract in its track and improve vision, 1000 mg Vitamin C is helpful.

9. Losing Fat:

Fruits and juices containing Vitamin C help lose fat and have healthy weight. Dieticians usually recommend foods rich in Vitamin C as it is proven that it helps lose weight significantly. It lowers insulin, which enables the body to use the sugar as a fuel to lose weight rather than storing and converting it to fats.

10. Helps Fight Cancer:

Vitamin C has antioxidant properties which protects cells from DNA damage, mutation, and also cancer. The immune system gets support, which prevents certain kinds of cancer forming compounds. The risk of lung, throat, colon, stomach, and esophagus cancers is reduced.

11. Diabetes Controller:

Vitamin C controls the level of sugar and hence, reduces the risk of diabetes, and also improves symptoms of diabetics.

12. Energy Booster:

Vitamin C helps in the production of dopamine in the nervous system, and supports the adrenal function for increased metabolic energy.

13. Reduces Asthma Risk:

Deficiency of Vitamin C increases the risk of asthma. Intake of Vitamin C lessens production of histamine and controls inflammation.

14. Prevents Cholesterol Risk:

Free radicals are prevented from damaging the walls of the artery, which lead to formation of plague. Cholesterol is prevented from oxidizing, and reduces risk of stroke. High blood pressure is also reduced, thus protecting the body from all kinds of heart diseases and strokes.

Benefits of Vitamin-C for your Skin:

1.  Cures Wounds Faster:

Vitamin C is used to replace damaged tissue, hence healing wounds faster. The skin elasticity is improved, and scar tissue and ligaments are created for quick recovery by Vitamin C.

2. Protects Skin from Sun:

Antioxidants in Vitamin C protect the skin from UV rays, environmental pollution, and regular smoking. It reduces sun burns, and also prevents the long term consequences of sun exposure including skin cancer.strawberries benefits - vitamin c for skin

3.  Tumor, Skin and Cancer Protection:

Photochemical reactions leading to tumor, skin discoloration and other cancers are prevented by Vitamin C. Pyrimidine is a major cause of melanomas in humans, the production of which is prevented by Vitamin C. Freckles and age spots are also lightened to help you look younger with a smooth skin.

4. Produces Collagen and Stops Ageing:

Hydroxyproline and hydroxylysine are needed to bind the molecules producing collagen. It tones and gives firmness to the skin. Collagen also rejuvenates the skin, prevents wrinkles, and reduces signs of ageing. Vitamin C helps in the production of these 2 elements.

5. Improves vascular circulation:

Vitamin C is needed for a healthy vascular system, as it provides the structure for blood vessels. Deficiency causes rough and dry skin. Elastin formation is increases, thus thickening, protecting and healing the skin cells. It helps retain moisture, plump up the surface of skin and also increase circulation.

Benefits of Vitamin-C for Hair:

1.  Stops Hair Loss:

Adrenal gland fatigue is reversed by Vitamin C, thus stopping hair loss and encouraging more hair to grow by maintaining a hormonal balance.

2. Improves hair Growth:

Deficiency of Vitamin C causes dry hair and split ends, and affects hair growth. Free radicals formed in the body affect the hair and make it weak, thin and brittle. Vitamin C has antioxidant properties, which reduce the formation of these free radicals. People who have enough intake of Vitamin C are seen to have healthy, thick and strong hair.vitamin c lemonade benefits for hair

3. Thicker Hair:

Blood circulation is increases, and the capillaries are strengthened and repaired. This helps you get thicker and stronger hair.

4. Fights Dandruff:

Vitamin C fights the bacteria on the scalp, and wards off dandruff. It helps get rid of the follicles debris, to make way for new hair to grow. Dry and itchy scalps are also prevented.

5.  Fights hair Disorders:

You can prevent damaged hair and hair disorders which affect the hair follicles by using Vitamin C. Alopecia and baldness is prevented by consuming Vitamin C.

6.  Prevents Hair Graying:

Vitamin C prevents premature graying and helps retain the natural color of your hair.

Make sure you have enough intake of vitamin C in your diet. It is great for your health, hair and skin.

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