Best Hair Coloring Tips for Pale Skin and Eye Types Beauties

Every hair color does not suit everyone. The right hair color for your depends on your complexion as well as other features like the color of your eyes.  Your eyes look best in your natural hair color. According to professional hair stylists, it is best if you choose hair color within two to three shades of your natural hair color. This saves you from getting an artificial look when you apply the color. Women having pale skin find it hard to get the right hair color that flatters them. But it is not as hard as you think. For this first you have to test whether you have cool skin tone or warm skin tone.

pale skin hair color tips

One of the easy ways to make out your skin tone is to wash your face well and then stand in room that is well lit naturally. Now hold a red piece of paper and then a yellow piece of paper against your face, one after the other. Also hold white, green, blue and silver papers one at a time. If your skin looks best with red and yellow colored papers, then your skin tone is warm. On the other hand, if your skin looks best with white, green, silver and blue papers, your skin tone is cool.  Another easy way to know your skin tone is to check the inner side of your wrists. If the veins here are slightly greenish in color, you have a warm skin tone and if they are bluish in color, you have cool skin tone. Women who have warm skin tone can choose warm hair colors while those with cool skin tone can choose cool colors.

According to the skin color, there are different seasons into which women can be categorized. If you know to which season you belong, choosing the right hair color becomes easy.

Spring type colors:

Women under this season will have pale skin with warm yellow or golden skin tone. The eyes are hazel, ranging from green to blue. They have natural blond hair and some may have red or dark hair. Best hair colors that suit them are copper, golden red, golden blond, honey blond golden brown, strawberry blond etc.

Summer type colors:

Women under this category have skin tone that ranges from blue to violet. The eyes are hazel, ranging from green, blue, blue-green, grey-blue to brown. The hair color is usually natural blond or brunette. Silver or platinum streaks will look good on them. If you prefer red hair, go for mauve as it has a bluish tint and will complement your complexion. Try not to use red mahogany, warm golden blondes and copper shades.

Winter type colors:

Most of the pale skinned women fall under this category. Here the skin is light with a cool undertone. The eye is green or dark brown. Blue or grey eyes may also be seen. The natural blue black hair or dark hair complement the complexion and make the eyes pop. Women under this season look best in dark hair which will make their pale skin look rich. It is best that they do not go for lightening the hair, especially with streaks. They must try to avoid warm tones as they will make them look very much pale. Ash tones are best if coloring of the hair is needed.

Autumn type colors:

Women falling in this category have light skin with a touch of deep bronze tone. The yellow golden tone is and indicator that they belong to the warm skin tone. The hazel eyes may have a green or blue shade. Natural hair color of women in this season is dark brown. Some have red shades, copper or mahogany. Warm red and copper color will look perfect on women under this season. These colors make the skin glow and accentuate the natural color of the hair. Warm brown shades like chestnut, golden brown etc also look good on them. Do not try blond streaks and ash blond colors as they impart an artificial look.

Tips to choose the right hair color based on your skin tone and the color of your eyes

Fair skin and brown eyes:

Fair skin brown eyes

Image credits: wikimedia

If your hair has a natural light brown color, you must select a light color that helps in complementing your skin tone. This is especially right for those with warm skin tones. Bright red looks exceptionally good for women with fair skin and brown eyes. If you have light brown eyes, light and medium auburn shades will look best. Choosing darker shades will give you a Snow white look. Dark chestnut brown is also good as it is contrast to your skin tone. Never try to use black with blue hues, especially if you have a warm skin tone.

Pale skin and light brown eyes:

pale skin light brown eyes

Image credits: wikimedia

If you have brown eyes with a golden touch, you have a variety of hair colors to choose from. Medium brown color with lighter highlights will look best on beauties with pale skin and brown eyes. Blond and reddish highlights are good for them. Try not to use intense shades like white, black or platinum. Light golden brown, pale auburn and golden blond hair colors suit women with hazel eyes. Try to choose a hair color that is close to your natural hair color; say within three shades of your natural hair color. If you have a warm skin tone, do not use hair colors that have like violet, blue shades, ash or beige. Similarly, if you have a cool skin tone, you must avoid colors like red, gold, yellow and some shades of bronze.

Pale skin and dark brown eyes:

pale skin dark brown eyes

Image credits: wikimedia

Darker brown eyes contrast your fair skin and therefore you need to choose natural hair colors. You will look the best in natural hair colors like brown and dark brown. These hair colors highlight your complexion and make you look at your best. You can also choose cool shades on your hair but try not to use lighter shades if you prefer to have a blond

If you have any doubts, consult a professional before you color your hair.

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