Best Natural Home Remedies for Pyorrhea (Pus in Gums)

When you hear the term Pyorrhea, you may think it is something new. But most of you must have experienced this problem in your life. Pyorrhea is a dental condition caused by bacteria. It is characterized by the inflammation of the gums. It mostly affects the membrane that surrounds the roots of the teeth. It can cause discharge of pus and even loosening of your teeth. Pyorrhea is also known as periodontitis. Some of the common symptoms of this dental problem are bleeding when you brush your teeth, sore gums, pain when you eat, bad breath and swollen, red or recessed gums.

Pyorrhea Natural Home Remedies

The main reason for people suffering from this ailment is the accumulation of bacterial plaque. This takes place due to poor oral hygiene. It can also happen due to many other reasons like incorrect brushing or brushing in a hurry, improper use of toothpicks, accumulation of food particles and gum injuries that are left untreated. Dental health also depends on your eating habits. When you consume excess sugar or unhealthy food, there is increase in the germs present in your mouth. This leads to pyorrhea. It can also occur when your body is deficient in some vitamins and minerals. Pyorrhea is not a serious condition as it appears to be. You can sure it by following some simple home remedies.

How to Treat Pyorrhea (Periodontitis) Gum Disease at Home?

Alum and pomegranate rind:

This is one of the effective home remedies for treating pyorrhea. Take 500 gm of pomegranate rinds that are dried, and 10 gm each of alum, Epsom salt and black pepper. Grind them to get a fine powder and then sieve it. Use this powder to clean your teeth twice a day.

Banyan bark:

Banyan bark is also very effective for curing pyorrhea. Take the bark of banyan tree and boil them in a vessel filled with water. Boil for about half an hour and then keep it aside so that it gets cooled. Strain it and filter it, and then gargle with this water. This can provide you best results within a short time.

Castor oil, camphor and honey:

Take 200 ml of castor oil, 100 ml of honey and 5 grams of camphor in a bowl and mix well to get a paste. Now take a twig of neem and dip it in this paste. Rub this paste on your teeth and gums with the twig of neem. You can apply this once every day to get best results.

Carrot and spinach:

Carrot and spinach are also very beneficial for keeping your teeth and gums healthy. You can make a soup of carrot and spinach and include it in your daily diet. You may also take equal quantities of carrot juice and spinach juice, mix the two juices, and drink it every day. This will also give you amazing results.


Guava is loaded with vitamin C and is excellent for your teeth. You can chew unripe guava fruit on which a pinch of salt is sprinkled. This can cure pyorrhea. Chewing the tender leaves of guava is also beneficial. This can prevent bleeding gums and make your teeth healthy.

Lemon juice:

Raw lemon juice is excellent for treating pyorrhea. Take some lemon juice and massage your gums gently with your finger tips. In the beginning, it can give you a burning sensation. With regular massage of lemon juice, the bleeding may stop. Use it regularly to improve the health of your gums and teeth.

Mustard oil:

You can massage your gums with mustard oil to treat pyorrhea. Brush your teeth and then take some mustard oil and add a pinch of salt to it. Massage your gums with this mixture using your forefinger. If you have severe pain in your gums, you can soak a cotton ball in this mixture and massage your gums gently with it.

Orange and banana peels:

Orange peel is great for treating pyorrhea. Peel off the skin of orange and rub your gums with this peel. Rubbing it this way helps in smearing your teeth with vitamin C present in orange. This can put a stop to bleeding of gums. The inner side of banana peel is fibrous and this is also very beneficial for your gums. It can heal the receding gums. The inner threadlike peel of banana is good for maintaining the health of your teeth and gums. So, remember to east banana with its threadlike peel to ensure dental health.


Onion is another home remedy for treating pyorrhea. All you have to do is to take a piece of onion or onion seed (kalonji) and keep it in your mouth, below your teeth. Let it stay there till the saliva starts dripping from your mouth. This can reduce inflammation of the gums effectively.

Sesame oil:

You can treat pyorrhea by gargling with sesame oil. Fill your mouth with sesame oil and hold it in your mouth for 10 minutes. Swish the oil inside your mouth for a few seconds and then you can spit the oil out. This helps in soothing your gums and preventing bleeding of gums. This is considered as one of the best home remedies for treating pyorrhea. It is also good for the treatment of various other dental issues.

So, follow the home remedies mentioned above and cure yourself of pyorrhea. Along with these remedies, it is also important that you follow a healthy diet and maintain dental health. Remember to brush your teeth twice a day and make sure that you include lots of vegetables and fruits in your daily diet. All these help in warding off pyorrhea.

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