Best Yoga Asanas for Stopping White Hair Problem

Believe it or not grey hair might be really attractive when it comes to early 50’s, but it is equally annoying when you get it in your 20’s or 30’s. You tend to look much older than others amongst your own age.

Yoga for White Hair

Study says that premature greying can lead to destroying one’s confidence level to perform or even compete. This eventually affects your professional, personal, and also social life. It is observed that premature greying has increased tremendously in the last few years.

Buying expensive hair dyes might just be a temporary solution but in order to eradicate it we must follow natural methods. Yoga plays a vital role to help us deal with this problem.

Causes and Remedies:

Hypertension due to unhealthy lifestyle and stress, cholesterol issues, Thyroid problems, blood pressure, insufficient vitamins and nutrients, and many more such issues damage the hair follicles making your hair look thinner in appearance. These reasons are responsible for hair loss and causing baldness at an earlier age. It causes premature greying or even greying of hair.

Looking at our life style, we do not eat proper nutritious food. One must eat, sleep in time, and keep one’s self hydrated to reduce stress in the body. Study says most of the above causes are due to improper sleep and insufficient water consumption in the body. Along with proper diet and healthy lifestyle, we can prevent and cure premature greying with simple methods like yoga. It is not only effective for all the age groups, but it also has no side effects on our body.

Yoga Asanas for White Hair Prevention:


Halasana-Plough pose in Yoga

Also known as the plow pose, this posture exactly looks like the plow at the field. It strengthens the back muscles and blood circulation to the nervous system in our body. It also improves the fluidity of the blood flow. Halasana helps in activating thyroid gland and increases blood flow to the scalp.

Practising Method:

  • Lie on the back with palms on the ground.
  • Tuck the chin and place the legs behind your head.
  • Try to remain on your toes while balancing your body in this pose.
  • Keep repeating about 5 to 10 times.

Caution: If not done properly then there can be strain in your cervical spine.


Kapalbhati Pranayama for Weight Loss

Kapal means ‘forehead’, and bhati means ‘shining’. Also known as the frontal lobe cleanser, this is one of the easiest methods to increase the blood flow to the head. It cleans the toxins in the system and provides sufficient oxygen to the brain.  It cleanses the system by removing toxins and rejuvenates hair cells. These hair cells that are affected will start to regenerate in a better manner.

Practising Method:

  • Sit in vajrasana (sitting on your legs with knees bent) or sit normally in crossed leg pose and keep your eyes closed and hand on your lap.
  • Inhale deeply and exhale while contracting your abdominal muscle.
  • Keep repeating in a continuous process for about 10-15 times.


Pavanamuktasana Wind Removing Pose

Mukhta means ‘to release’ so this asana is also called as Wind-Relieving Pose. It will mainly release the discomfort in your stomach due to improper digesting.  There can be hair issues due to an improper digestive system. The Pawanmukhtasana improves hair issues that are related to stomach problems including constipation, and improves bowel movements.

Practising Method:

  • Lie on your back with feet together with hands aside.
  • Inhale deeply and hug the knees by pressing it towards your stomach.


Parvatasana or Seated Mountain Pose

This is also known as the mountain pose. It helps in rejuvenating your scalp providing healthier hair growth. It also increases the circulation of blood to ensure sufficient blood to the scalp.

Practising Method:

  • Kneel down with palm stretched to the ground (dog pose).
  • Putting pressure on your hand gradually straighten up your knees.
  • Try to maintain heel to the ground or remain on toes for beginners.
  • Relax for few seconds and resume.

Caution: People with weaker back should not try it without supervision.

Prasarita Padashastana:

Prasarita Padashastana

It is a popular pose in yoga. The word padhastana indicates the use of both hands and feet. The forward bending indicates the blood to flow in the downward direction as the head will be facing downward.  This helps in circulation of blood flow to your head which strengthens the roots of the hair. This will lead to the strengthening of the hair follicles. It will repair the follicle so that the hair is healthier than before.

Practising Method:

  • Stand straight with feet apart.
  • Inhale by stretching your arms towards the sky and exhale while bending towards the floor.
  • Try to touch the floor and relax.


Sarvangasana for diabetes

Also known as the shoulder stand, this asana helps in growing thick and healthy hair by promoting the thyroid glands. The thyroid gland is associated with the secretion of hormones that are related to growth and energy. This asana will help in regulating the metabolic process to heal premature greying of hair.

Practising Method:

  • Lie down on your back with your hands aside.
  • Inhale while you raise your legs towards the ceiling support your back with your hands while straitening your back and exhale.
  • Remain in the position while normally breathing and relax.
  • Repeat it for 8-10 times.

Caution: Beginners need to be careful or you might injure the spine. Hence, do it under the supervision of a trainer.

Sharnagat Mudra:

Sharnagat Mudra

Also known as the surrender pose, it is one of the easiest forms practiced in order to increase the blood flow to the nervous system. This mudra will help to increase blood flow to your scalp, which will strengthen the roots of the hair.

Practising Method:

  • Sit in vajrasana (sitting on your legs with knees bended), with your hands aside.
  • Raise your hand by inhaling and bend forward and exhale while your palms and head touch the ground.
  • Remain in this pose and relax.

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