Effective Homemade Natural Skin Lightening Tips

You may love the outdoors or riding a bike to work might your thing. But a combination of the sun rays and dust can make your skin scream out for attention. We bring you some simple and effective tips to lighten the skin, bringing back that lost glow. Read on –

Increase your intake of water.  8-10 glasses a day is minimum requirement, with water flushing out the unnecessary toxins from the body helping to retain the skin’s moisture.

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Increase your daily intake of Vitamin C. Instead of taking a vitamin C pill, include plenty of citrus foods in your diet. Start your day with a glass of freshly squeezed orange or sweet lime juice. Add chopped strawberries to your cereal. This not only makes the meal healthier but also takes care of your daily Vitamin C intake. Skip the afternoon tea/coffee and reach out for a glass of lemonade instead.  Other foods that are rich in Vitamin C are gooseberries, yellow and red sweet peppers, tomatoes, cantaloupe and green peas.Citrus Fruits for Glowing Skin

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The Retinol in your skin is what keeps it healthy and glowing. If your skin lacks the glow or feels scaly, it is an indication that you are low on your Vitamin A intake. Vitamin A or products that are derivatives of this vitamin help to rebuild the tissues and regulate cellular growth. Add beta carotene-rich foods such as oysters, eggs, carrots, tomatoes, dark leafy vegetables and tuna to your diet. Not only does Vitamin A help to keep fine lines and wrinkles at bay but also brings a glow to the face.

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Exposure to the sun in the early morn is good but during the later hours, it can be bad to your skin. The harmful UV rays not only darken the skin but also cause acne. Even if indoors, use a good sunscreen with minimum 30 SPF along with your daily moisturizer.

Expose to Sun in early morning for Glowing SkinImage Credits cc licensed ( BY ) flickr photo

A facial scrub made from sugar and a few drops of lemon is an excellent way to lighten the skin. The citric acid present in the lemon helps in d-pigmentation of the skin. Use 2-3 times a week and watch as the tan you’d gained during your outdoor stint disappear.

Lemon and Sugar facial scrubHere’s an easy and simple homemade face mask to lighten your skin – mix juice of half an orange with 2 table spoons of yoghurt. Gently massage on the face in upward strokes. Leave for 10-15 minutes and wash with cold water and enjoy the natural glow on the skin!

Orange juice and YoghurtNothing beats a healthy lifestyle which includes a wholesome diet with fresh greens and fruits, regular exercise and a good night’s sleep. That, and plenty of fluids to flush out the toxins whilst keeping the body hydrated. Armed with these little tips, you are all set to keep that radiant glow on!!!

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