Folliculitis Hair Loss – Its Causes and Balding Treatment Tips

Folliculitis is a term associated with problems related to hair and skin. You must have heard this word when you talk about skin problems. If you want to know more about this term, read on the flowing article. Each hair on our head and body grows from a bulging part which is known as the follicle. Thus Folliculitis is the state where this bulky part called hair bulb is inflamed due to many of the reasons like dryness, itching, etc. Areas which are always covered with clothes are more prone to such problems, for example the groin and thighs. If we look at the causes of such problems then we can list many at a go.

Folliculitis Hair Loss Treatment

Folliculitis Hair Loss Causes:

  1. When you wear tight clothes then there is high friction of the cloths with skin. This leads to inflammation. At times, such conditions can worsen the case of folliculitis.
  1. Excessive dirt, grime, sweat can block the pores of the skin resulting in infection and inflammation of the hair follicles.
  1. If you are shaving your skin hair then take care that the razor is sharp because if it is blunt then this can damage your hair follicles to a high extend.
  1. If there is more friction between your skin and the clothes.
  1. You take bath regularly and the water used is not properly treated with chlorine then problem can arise. Other factors like excessive makeup, cocoa butter, motor oil etc clog the pores of the skin and damage the follicles. You can take care of such thing to protect yourself from such skin problems.
  1. If you have some prior infection caused by skin follicles then this damage can spread to other nearby areas. Wounds and stitches which have not dried completely can lead to infection.
  1. Diseases like HIV AIDS or diabetes usually have the ability to reduce the strength of the immune system of the body. This leads to such problem very easily and it doesn’t heal on time.

There are certain tips and tricks to guess such problems on your skin and body. You just need to look out for some signs and marks which will help to check and find the problem at an initial stage.

If you find many pimples coming up on your skin, all at once, then there are signs you might be suffering from Folliculitis. Such pimples are numerous and in middle of each pimple there is a hair growing out. Such pimples look like actual inflamed hair follicles. When these pimples burst out, blood comes out and sometimes pus also oozes in worst cases. If your skin is showing such symptoms, then it is time to visit a dermatologist. There are some other signs which will help you. If hair follicles are itchy and you are scratching like a crazy person, and also feeling uncomfortable with all the clothes all over your body, it is a sign of this condition. Although you pretend to feel comfortable, you feel a continuous layer of heat going throughout your body.

If you have continuously been in contact with non-chlorinated water or in the water of swimming pool for more than a couple of days, then there are chances your skin will be more prone to the development of hair follicles faster. There are certain medications available in market which can help your situation.

Folliculitis Hair Loss Treatment:

  1. The best and the natural healing process is to let it heal itself. Simply let the process take place naturally and you will soon be rid of the Folliculitis.
  1. If you don’t find any noticeable improvement and still your feel itchy, then you can apply warm compress using white vinegar or you can also use Burrow’s Solution for some instant results.
  1. If Folliculitis occurs on the scalp then try using a medicated shampoo. This will help you to heal the Folliculitis and you shouldn’t panic if the healing process takes time. If you find that Folliculitis are occurring again and again, and then consulting a dermatologist will be the best option.
  1. At the end, if you follow a good hygiene practice regularly, then this will help you to keep Folliculitis at bay. Also use antiseptic soap and cream on your body whenever required. This will help the problem of Folliculitis.
  1. You can also apply creams such as cortisone cream over your skin and dab some medicated powder over the affected area before wearing the clothes.
  1. When you take bath, remember to add a few drops of chlorine in the warm water. Do this three to four time a week. Make sure you use your separate towel.

Home Remedies for Folliculitis:

Anti-bacterial Treatment:

Although such remedies will surely make Folliculitis less and will heal them faster, you can use some simple home remedies too to get away with such skin problems. For instance, you can moist the cloth and apply it on the affected area to clean it. Later on wash the area softly with an anti-bacterial soap. Rubbing it gently will remove all the dead cells giving way to a cleaner skin. After this, rinse away the soap and other particles with warm water. After this you can apply certain antiseptic creams like hydrocortisone cream which removes the inflammation.

Vinegar Compress:

Similarly you can also make vinegar compress. This is made by taking one part of vinegar and adding four parts of water to it to dilute the solution. Soak a clean cloth in the solution and then remove all the water from it until it’s almost dry. Keep this cloth on the affected area from some time. For good results, try this for twice a day. If you want some instant results then apply a thin layer of hydrocortisone cream and this will heal all your skin problems.

Such home remedies will surely help all your skin problems giving way to cleaner and healthy skin. Skins problems occur every now and then so don’t panic much. Keep in mind some precautions and healing tips so that you don’t have to worry much about the problem.

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