Health Benefits of Foot Massage or Reflexology

After a hectic day we all feel very tired and stressed. In such situations if you get a good foot massage, you will feel energetic and lively. Massage is an excellent way to increase the blood circulation in the body and as a result all body pains and aches are removed. But do you know, foot massage is very beneficial for improving your love life too. Foot massage is good for your body and mind and keeps you in good spirits.

Foot Massage Health Benefits

What is Foot Reflexology?

Reflexology is the use of suitable pressure on our feet, hands and ears that is related to every organ, gland and part of our body to give a beneficial effect on these specific organs and person’s general health without using any oil or lotion.

Benefits of Reflexology Foot Massage:

Best for menopausal women:

Menopause is a period when you experience a lot of discomforts. If you are nearing it, go for foot massages. This will benefit you a lot. Some of the symptoms that are common with menopause are nervousness, irritability, anxiety, insomnia, instability, depression, and so on. Many women suffer from change of moods also. You get angry and depressed fast. By having foot massages you can keep yourself away from such symptoms. It will improve visceral functioning and homeostasis. After the foot massage you will feel relaxed and at peace.

Eases lower back pain:

Having a foot massage is good for getting rid of body pain, particularly the pain of the lower back.

Fights depression and major anxiety disorders:

If you are suffering from anxiety and depression, go for a foot massage. This will help you fight these feelings and make you relaxed and in good spirits. Studies made on reflexology say that foot massage not only makes you feel good but it also has many other benefits. So it means that it helps you in a number of ways to make you feel relaxed. The relaxing effect that it provides you lasts for a long time. High blood pressure can be reduced with regular foot massage. Similarly, high levels of anxiety are also treated effectively with this massage. A study made on elderly people who were suffering from dementia showed that when they were subjected to 10 minute foot massage three times a week, the result was improved mood, lower blood pressure and less anxiety. So, it time that you try this if you have never done it before. This will help you get rid of all worries and anxiety.

Improves your sex life and sexual self-awareness:

Foot massage is an excellent way to improve your sex life. According to the opinion of the experts in this field, human body consists of two erogenous zones, which are the primary zone and the secondary zone. The primary zone includes the mouth, anus, breasts, ears, genitals, inner thighs, navel and armpits. The other parts of the body are included in the secondary zone. Touching any of the areas can arouse a person. Foot massage does not mean that a woman may experience orgasm while it is done to her. But if you massage her feet in a romantic ambience, it can turn her on. So, light aroma candles in your room and create a romantic atmosphere. You can also play a music that you both love. Now take some essential oil and slowly massage her thighs, knees and then her feet. This can ignite romance in your partner and fill her with passion.

Improves blood circulation:

Due to the sedentary lifestyle, most of us hardly use our muscles properly. The muscles of the foot get the least exercise. Tight and misfit shoes add to this problem and as a result blood circulation in the feet is impaired. Foot massage like any other body massage, is good for increasing blood circulation. By going for a massage regularly, you can increase the capacity of oxygen in your body by almost 15%. You can ask your spouse to give you good feet massage before you go to sleep. A massage of 10 to 20 minutes before going to bed is enough for increasing the blood circulation in the foot. This will relax and provide you a good sleep. You will wake up the next morning revitalized and full of energy. Foot massage is also said to be beneficial for people having diabetes.

Keeps your feet healthy and young:

Foot massage done regularly is one of the easiest ways to keep your feet healthy and devoid of any foot problems. It stimulates the muscles around your feet and removes stiffness. It is also good for pain in the ankles and the heels. A 5 minute foot massage daily can make your ankles flexible and strong. This helps in preventing ankle and foot injuries. Massaging your feet with warm coconut oil or olive oil provides you relief from pain and inflammation on the foot due to tendonitis. It is also great for heel spurs. If you have burning feet sensation, you can get relief by having a foot massage.

Relieves from headaches and migraines:

Headaches are experienced by all. If you have headaches often, then go for a foot massage. This will help you get rid of it and feel relaxed. A study made in Denmark showed that when employees went for foot massages, it helped them to relax by lowering the stress levels. As a result they were able to do their work more efficiently. Reflexology sessions which was done for six days showed good results.

Reduces edema in pregnant women:

Pregnant women often suffer from edema, which is the swelling of feet as a result of fluid retention in the feet and ankles. You can reduce it to a great extent by going for a foot massage regularly. This along with rest and proper diet can keep you well.

Restless leg syndrome(RLS):

This is a condition which makes it difficult for you to sleep properly by causing unpleasant sensations like throbbing, pulling and a feeling to move your legs. You can get rid of this by massaging your foot with warm oil. This will improve blood circulation and relax your nerves, so that you get a good sleep at night.

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