Health, Nutritional and Medicinal Benefits of Fava Beans

Fava beans have lots of health benefits. You can consume it as much as you can, without the fear of gaining weight. It is loaded with proteins and soluble fiber and they do not contain any saturated fat.

Fava Beans Health Benefits

Benefits and Uses of Fava Beans:

Best for treating Parkinson’s disease:

Lavodopa is a chemical which is same as that you find in the drugs that are given to treat patients suffering from Parkinson’s disease. The amount of this chemical varies according to the type of beans you consume. It is estimated that an average of 50 mg to 100 mg of this chemical is provided by 3 ounces of fresh, green fava beans.

Studies made on the impact of fava beans on Parkinson’s disease show that these legumes can provide better relief from the symptoms associated with Parkinson’s disease than the traditional drugs used for treating the disease. People suffering from this disease are recommended to take about 4 ounces of these beans regularly. This helps them to cope up better with this condition.

Good food for the heart:

You get about 36 gm of soluble fiber by consuming 1 cup of fava beans. According to research made, consuming soluble fiber rich foods is an excellent way to reduce the levels of blood sugar and cholesterol, keeping them under control. These fiber variants also aid in lowering the low-density lipoprotein levels or bad cholesterol. This way it protects your heart from various problems.

Good Food for combating depression:

This broad bean is great for helping you combat depression. According to studies made, these beans are rich sources of the amino acid dopamine. Dopamine is great for improving you mood and helps in preventing depression.

Help in weight loss:

By consuming 1 cup of fava beans, you get about 40 gm of protein. According to the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, people who were on high protein and high fiber diet got better results than those on high-carbohydrate, low-fat diet. The total fat lost by the body was also higher, and there was a reduction in cholesterol levels as well.

Helps in avoiding hungry pangs:

Fava beans are rich in proteins and fiber. Studies made have shown that protein and fiber can make you feel fuller for a long period of time. As a result, you will not feel hungry and crave for more food. These beans are comparatively low in calories. Half a cup of fava beans provides you only 95 calories. Cook beans and mash a handful of these cooked beans with the spices that you would like to have. Spread it over your whole grain toast. This makes a tasty snack that you can have when you feel hungry.

Maintains the balance of fluids in our body:

Fava beans are rich sources of potassium. As a result, they help in maintaining the balance of pH levels in the body. You need adequate amounts of potassium in your body for the proper functioning of the cells. Rhythmic heart beats and normal functioning of the muscles also depend on the amount of potassium in the body. Make sure that you do not take in more than the required amount or less that the amount needed.

Pregnant women food:

Pregnant women require enough iron and calcium in their diet. Fava beans are very beneficial for pregnant women. They can have it during their pregnancy and lactation period. Fava beans provide 14% of the iron required per day. These beans also provide them adequate amount of calcium they need. Constipation is often experienced by pregnant women. By having fava beans, they can get relief from constipation. This is because they are loaded with soluble fiber. It also helps in filling up pregnant women and provides then the energy they require.

Rich with nutrients:

Fava beans are loaded with lots of nutrients. They contain minerals and vitamins in high amounts. Some of the minerals and vitamins present in the broad beans are potassium, magnesium, copper, iron, phosphorous, Vitamin B1 and thiamine.

Vitamin B1 is needed for the normal functioning of the central nervous system, while copper is important for maintaining the immunity of the body. It is also essential for keeping the bloodstream and bones well balanced and healthy. Magnesium and phosphorous are important for keeping the blood pressure within normal levels and for providing you healthy bones. Iron is essential for proper transportation of oxygen to various parts of the body.

Rich in folate and manganese:

Fava beans contain manganese and folates in high amounts. Manganese is needed for the metabolism of carbohydrates and protein. Folate plays a great role in keeping the cardiovascular system healthy. It is also needed for improving the immunity power of the body and for the synthesis of res blood corpuscles.

Richest source of Vitamin C:

Fava beans are rich sources of Vitamin C. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant. Because of its antioxidant properties, fava beans help in fighting against the free radicals present in the body and eliminating them. If free radicals remain in the body, they can cause oxidative damage to the body. Oxidative damage can lead to premature ageing signs like the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and age spots on the skin. They also cause various types of cancers and can also make your immune system weak. By having 100gm of raw fava beans, you get 1.4 mg of Vitamin C.

If you have not added fava beans to your regular diet, it time that you add these wonderful beans in your diet and enjoy the benefits offered by them.

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