How to get rid of Dark Knees and Elbows Naturally: Best Ways

Does having dark knee tops make you cognizant and abandon you with an inclination of instability about your appearance? Don’t you miss wearing your most loved garments? At that point you’ve go to the opportune spot searching for an answer!

Do you think that it difficult to wear skirts short dresses, shorts or anything that shows off your knees? No probs we are here to help you out

We have altogether looked into different places online and offline and figured out the best conceivable courses on the most proficient methods to remove dark spots from Knees and elbows. Anyhow, before that we are going to investigate the reasons first!

Dark Knees Elbows Tips

Reasons for Dark Spots on Knees and Elbow:

Dark spots on knees and elbows may be fundamentally because of the underneath specified reasons.

Ecological components, Unhygienic conditions, Hereditary qualities, Exposure to Sun, etc

Tips to lighten dark knees and elbows naturally:

Aloe Vera:

Aloe Vera is the miracle plant that aides in mending the dry knees and elbows, making them gentler and brighter. Apply aloe-Vera gel to your knees and elbows every day and see the surprising results yourself.

Almond Paste:

Make a coarse glue(thick paste) of almonds and scour your knees and elbows with it to uproot the dead skin cells. Almonds likewise contain Vitamin E which will help in repairing the skin around your knee territory and dispose of the murkiness.


Clean your knees, elbows appropriately and apply coconut oil to them before moving to bed. This will likewise help in disposing of the dull knee caps and elbows.


Based on the proposal of your dermatologist you can also utilize skin brightening creams on your knees and elbows to make them lighter.

Diet Regime:

Eating routine additionally plays a vital part in keeping up sound and healthy skin. Have an eating regimen rich in Vitamin A and E helps in making knees and elbows lighter. Some of the foods rich in Vitamin A rich are carrots, Lettuce, Sweet potatoes etc. Some Foods rich in Vitamin E are Almonds, cooked spinach, dried apricots, and so on.


Exfoliate your knees and elbows with a blended mixture of Olive oil and sugar.

Friction on Knees:

Try not to incline or rest toward your knees and elbows frequently. This makes contact to create friction and the outcome is dim knees.

Gram Flour and Curd:

You can likewise exfoliate and uproot the dead skin cells on your knees and elbows by blending gram flour and curd rather than a pumice stone. Give it a chance to dry and after that remove it with water utilizing roundabout movements to scour the blend off your knees and elbows.


Dark knees and elbows might likewise be created because of improper hydration. So moisturizing your knees and elbows is equally important to whiten darker knees and elbows!


Take a cotton ball and use a diluted Hydrogen peroxide to massage your knees and elbows for 15 minutes. You will see the dull dead skin falling off as Hydrogen Peroxide helps in evacuating the dim, dead skin cells as well.

Lemon Juice:

Apply fresh lemon juice to your knees, elbows and keep it for 60 minutes or until it totally dries off and after that remove it utilizing water. Here Lemon juice acts like a bleaching agent in making your knees and elbows brighter. Do this consistently every day to dispose of your dull knee and elbow tops.

Pumice Stone:

Exfoliating your knees and elbows utilizing a pumice stone consistently every day helps in uprooting the dull and dead skin cells.


When moving out never forget applying sunscreen on your knees and elbows as that protects your knees, elbows from direct exposure to UV rays from sun. Hence, shielding your knees and elbows from the sun is critical.

Turmeric, Milk and Basil Leaves:

Consistent use of turmeric paste, milk and basil leaves to your knees and elbows works well in making the knee, elbow caps lighter faster! Apply and leave it for no less than 5 hours and it will help dispose of darkness on the knee and elbows tops.

Vitamin E Ointment:

Apply Vitamin E ointment to your knees and elbows as it helps in repairing the darker skin.

Try out these proficient tips and methods to make your knees and elbows look lighter and don’t forget to give in your significant remarks and input also here!

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