How to Hide Pimples with Makeup: Tutorial+Video

Nobody likes to have pimples. But all of you must have suffered from pimples and know what a nuisance it is. When you are getting ready to go for a party or a wedding ceremony, suddenly a pimple pops up on the night before the occasion. If it had been earlier, you could have used some medication to get rid of it. But it is impossible to remove it within a few hours. It is here that the makeup trick comes handy. You can conceal your pimples with make up and go and enjoy the party, wedding or whatever the occasion is.

hide pimples with makeup


When you see the pimple, the first thing that you have to do is to reduce the swelling caused by the pimple and flatten the area. You can do it by using a cold compress. Soak a cotton swab in ice cold water and put it on the pimple and the area surrounding it. This helps in reducing the swelling. You can also use ice or ibuprofen instead of cold water. Visine helps in reducing the redness of the pimples. Dip cotton in Visine and put it on your pimple for 5 minutes. Now you are ready to apply the makeup. Never break the pimple with your nails as it makes it difficult to conceal it with a makeup. The pimple will dry and a ring is formed around it. This will make things worse.

Makeup Tutorial to hide your pimples:

Before doing the makeup you have to wash your ace well with a face wash and make it clean, pat dry your face and then start the makeup. Take are not to scrub your face with the towel.

Step 1:

If you have only a few pimples, say two or three, you can hide them with makeup. But if there are many pimples on your face, you must visit a dermatologist and take his advice instead of trying to cover them. You should also take care to throw away the makeup sponges regularly as they may get contaminated with the bacteria causing pimples and contaminate the makeup products. Using contaminated sponges may also cause the formation of pimples on the other parts of the face. When you suffer from a breakout of pimples, take care not to contaminate the makeup products in their containers. Never touch them with your fingers as it may directly transfer the bacteria from your fingers to the container and infect the whole content. So, when you take your foundation cream from the bottle, use a palette to take it and then apply on the face with your fingertips instead of taking it directly with your fingers.

Step 2:

It is easy to conceal one or two pimples. Just take the foundation cream and apply it with your finger tips on the area where the pimple is. Wait for 10 seconds for it to dry. After it gets dry, apply a second coating of the foundation cream with a makeup sponge. Use foundation cream that has a yellowish tone to it, so that it conceals the pimples well. But if the pimple is red in color the foundation cream alone is not enough to conceal it.

Step 3:

When a concealer is used on your skin, you have to press it a little on the skin so that it stays where it is. So, when the pimple or acne is red and scarred, it becomes more easy to press the concealer. For red pimples you need a green concealer fist. After applying the green concealer, you can apply the skin toned concealer. If you do not have a green concealer, you can take some green color from your matte eyeliner pencils and dab it with the concealaer on the pimple. Take care not to brush the concealer across your pimples as it may break the pimple. Just dab it on the pimple and then tap gently with your finger so that it settles on the pimple. You must concentrate on the pimples and not the surrounding area. You must never use a concealer that is of a lighter tone than your skin, because it will only attract more attention to the pimple prone area. Apply the concealer and then swipe with the foundation.

Step 4:

Powder helps in keeping the makeup intact on the area where the pimple is. You can use talcum powder or a compact and apply it on the face with a puff. You can also use an eye shadow brush to powder the area where you have the pimples. Using powder helps to keep the pimples concealed for a longer time. Powder also helps in lightening the skin.

Step 5:

Distraction is another way to hide your pimples from others. This is an art wherein you shift the attention of somebody looking at you from the area where you have pimples to a no problem area, where there are no pimples. For example, if you have pimples on your cheeks, you might try to highlight the other parts of your face, so that the attention of people watching you shifts to the highlighted areas instead of your pimples. You can use glossy lip sticks, heavy eye makeup and so on for this. On the other hand, if the pimple or the acne on is on your chin, you must not use glossy lipsticks as this will draw the attention of people to that area and to then to the pimple. Here you can use eye makeup and make your eyes dark and beautiful, so that everyone’s attention is drawn towards your eyes. When the pimples are on your forehead, you may again use glossy lipsticks or apply red blush on your cheeks to capture the attention of the viewers.

So, try out these steps and conceal your pimples if you have pimples, or next time when you have pimples.

If you are looking for a good video which explains you about on how to hide your pimples then check this video from Aussie Beauty expert Jess Bunty

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