How to Pick the Right Foundation for Any Skin Tone: Tips

Every woman is not lucky enough to own a blemish free and clear skin that looks beautiful. Many suffer from pimples, acne, scars and so on. Some have too dry skin or oily skin. But you need not worry. Even if you have not so perfect a skin, you can make it look beautiful and flawless with the help of makeup. Moreover, use of foundation on the face is very important if you want a flawless skin. If you apply the correct foundation on your face, all the other makeup you do on your face will look perfect.

Choose Skin Foundation Tips

Tips for Choosing Right Foundation for Your Skin Tone:

Here are some tips on how you can choose the right foundation for your skin tone.

Know your skin tone:

To get the right foundation, it is very important that you know your skin tone. The correct skin color will make it easy for you to do the rest of the makeup. If you choose the wrong shade of foundation, the makeup you do further will not look perfect and may even ruin all the effort you take. So, make it a point to choose the right shade of foundation for your skin. The easiest way to get the correct shade of foundation is to check the color of your veins under your wrist and then choose accordingly.

Green veins:

If the veins of your wrist are green in color, it means that you have a warm skin tone and therefore you have to choose foundations that have yellow undertones.

Blue Veins:

If the color of your veins is blue, it means that you have a cold skin tone. So choose foundation that has pink undertones or cooler undertones.

If your skin tone is balanced between cool and warm tones, then you may choose neutral shades.

Know your skin type:

Foundation is available in the form of loose powder, liquid, compact and so on. To choose the correct form of foundation for your skin, you must know what type of skin you have. This way you can avoid using the wrong foundation and causing harm to your skin. Suppose your skin is prone to sun burn. Then you must use foundation that contains SPF and thus protect your skin from the sun. If not, your skin will get affected by sun and you will suffer from sun burns.

For dry skin:

If you have a dry skin, you must choose a foundation that is oil based or water based. This will blend well with your skin and keep the skin well hydrated and supple. For light coverage dry skin women can use tinted moisturizers. For medium to full coverage, cream based moisturizers are useful.

For oily skin:

If you have an oily skin, you must never use oil based foundations as they will make your skin more oily. You can use foundations that are free of oil and have a matte finish. Pressed powder foundations are good for oily skin. These will absorb all the oil from your face and make your face look fresh for a longer period of time. Mineral makeup is also said to be good for oily skin.

For combination skin:

Those who have a combination skin have an oily forehead, nose and skin, and comparatively dry skin. So you can use water based foundation on areas where it is dry and pressed powder foundations on areas where it is oily. This will make your face look fresh for a longer time.

Mineral based foundations are usually suitable for all types of skin. It is especially beneficial for those who have a sensitive skin.


Next is to decide the coverage you want to have on your skin.

Sheer/Light coverage foundation:

Sheer or light coverage foundation will just make your skin tone even and provides a glow to your skin that looks natural. If your skin does not have any blemishes or scars, this type of foundation is best.

Medium coverage foundation:

This provides slightly heavier coverage compared to the sheer coverage. If you have slight skin problems like mild scars, slight blemishes or any other such minor problems, this foundation is the best for your skin. This will hide these skin marks and makes your skin smooth and flawless.

Full/Heavy coverage foundation:

This type of coverage is capable of hiding even the slightest flaw on your face and thickly covers your face, providing an excellent radiance to your face. So you can say that this kind of foundation is like a second skin, completely concealing your actual face.

Foundation testing tips:

  • When you go to buy cosmetics, whether it is to buy foundations, concealer, eye shadows, primer etc, go without any makeup on your face. However, you can apply a light moisturizer on your face. This way you can select the correct shade of foundation or any other makeup that match your skin tone.
  • To buy the correct shade, always check the cosmetic products in day light instead of the lights in the store. This is because the lights in the store may not show the real shade.
  • To check the correct shade for your skin, apply the product on your forehead or jaw line. Do not apply them on your wrist. Apply a few strokes and check. Let it blend well with the skin and then check whether it is the correct shade for you.
  • You may, if you can, roam outside for about an hour after applying the tester, to check for oxidation. Or else, you can get samples and test with them before you buy the product. Many of the top brands provide samples for the customers to test before they buy them. This way you can buy the right products instead of investing a huge sum of money on something that may not match your skin.
  • Never get carried away with the words of the sales man. Thoroughly check the product and verify it, and then buy only if you are fully satisfied.
  • You can use sheer coverage foundation during the day time and shimmery ones at night.

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