How does Hypnosis therapy really Work for Weight Loss?

When you look out for ways to lose weight, you are sure to find numerous ways to do it. Right from avoiding junk food and fatty foods to exercise and yoga, people have several suggestions to make. Making changes to your lifestyle is the most common suggestion. Having a balanced diet with the essential nutrients and avoiding too many carbohydrates and oily food is a way to control gaining more weight. Exercising helps you burn quite a lot of calories. Yoga is an age old technique to a better living, which has a few steps for weight loss.

Well, how does hypnosis fit in to this category? You call must be wondering what hypnosis has got to do with a person’s weight. Well, this method is starting to become increasingly popular among the people. It sure is an off-beat method, but the results are actually positive. The increasing popularity has made several people aware of this technique. A large number are tempted to try this out after learning of its effects from family and friends.

hypnosis for weight loss

Hypnosis is actually a psychological state. In this state, the consciousness of a person is lost, and he goes deep in to a state of sub-consciousness. It superficially resembles the sleeping state. Under this trance of hypnosis, a person responds to all kinds of directions given to him. Any questions will be answered, and all suggestions will be considered by a person under hypnosis. A number of psychological issues and even ailments are treated using the technique of hypnosis, or hypnotherapy.

Hypnotherapy does not work like the dieting and exercising techniques. It does not work directly. It goes gradually in to the root of the problem. The cause for weight loss is found out to treat in this manner. If the obesity is not due to genetics, this technique is most useful. Stress, mood-swings, lack of sleep or insomnia, eating issues, emotional eating, and even depression are a few psychological issues that can cause obesity. These issues are treated from the root to control your weight. The patient’s mind is controlled to change his cravings and needs. In this manner, the eating disorders are treated to move on and reduce obesity.

exercising dieting with hypnosis

You need enough exercising and dieting along with hypnosis. Only then will it work most effectively. There are a number of other advantages you can get from hypnosis other than losing weight. A few of them are:

  1. It helps you in thinking more clearly.
  2. It increases your focusing power.
  3. It helps you become more aware of yourself.
  4. It helps in controlling the levels of stress.
  5. There are chemicals like serotonin in the brain that are connected to the quality of a person’s life. The production of these chemicals is increased.
  6. Your overall health is improved, including your mental and emotional health.
  7. You will be able to manage your weight more effectively.

Best Process of Hypnosis and Required Sessions:

The process for losing weight through hypnosis is really simple. But still, there are a lot of complications. Self-hypnosis is practiced by a number of people. In this technique, people treat themselves. The results of self-hypnosis cannot be predicted or assures. So, the best idea is to go to a hypnotherapist and get your therapy done.

A total of 5 sessions are generally required to lose weight from hypnosis. They are:

Session I:

In this session, the root cause of your obesity is understood. All past obstacles are removed.

Session II:

In the second session, a new success plan is to be created. The hypnotherapist works with your subconscious self to devise the new plan of action.

Session III:

Now, it is the time for testing the plan made. The results of the plan are checked out and analyzed to check if it is right for you and has given you positive results or not.

Session IV:

In this session the complete plan is reviewed from start to end. The results are all checked. If it is found that the aim has been achieved and the therapy has worked out as expected, it is time to stop the therapy.

Session V:

This is the last session in the cycle. If the aim is not achieved in the session 4 and the plan has not worked out, it means that the plan needs to be modified. A new plan is created and the complete cycle is repeated again.

Generally, there is long gap of a week between each session. The therapist’s suggestions are to be followed thoroughly for the therapy to take effect. You need to follow the guidelines on your day to day routine and activities and take complete care of your diet. Also, make sure you get a good exercise for your whole body. If you complete adhere to all the guidelines strictly, you are sure to lose weight within 4-5 weeks.

Hypnosis Review or Overview for you:

Hypnosis mainly aims at taking care of yourself. Your lifestyle, your wants and your needs are the real priorities of your life, and hypnosis teaches you that. When you understand this well, you will be able to resist unhealthy eating habits and eat healthy. Your brain is actually rewired with these sessions, and it is programmed to make choices which are better and healthy. The session also helps you be happy. You get a positive attitude from inside.

There are a number of medications to lose weight rapidly. But, the problem with these oils and pills is that they are not actually healthy. Exercising too much and crash dieting are also unhealthy practices. You get sick if you follow such drastic measure to get rid of the extra pounds. Weight loss must be a gradual process, and that is what is good for you. Hypnosis works gradually and permanently to help you lose weight. It is a really good technique and works like magic.

If you want to get rid of your weight in a healthy manner, visit a therapist and try out hypnotherapy for a healthy and effective weight loss process.

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