Lime Juice Benefits and Uses for Skin, Hair and Health

Lime is green in color and round in shape. It is a citrus fruit and well known for its large number of benefits. You can make lime juice by squeezing fresh lime and adding some water to it. It is very refreshing and good for your health too, as it is a rich source of Vitamin C. Here some benefits of lime juice.

Lime Juice Benefits Uses

Benefits of Lime Juice for Skin:

Anti-pimple face pack:

You can prevent breakout of acne on your face by applying a pack made with lime juice and honey. Lime juice is acidic and honey has anti-bacterial properties. By combining both these ingredients, you can keep a check on the over secretion of oil in the skin. Using this face pack once a week will surely give you best results. If any scars are left on the skin by the pimples, all you have to do is to massage the area with some fresh lime juice. This will lighten the skin and gradually removes the scars.

Best Skin toner:

Mix some lime water with rose water. This mixture makes an excellent skin toner. Apply this on your skin and massage gently with your fingers.

Gives Clear, Glowing complexion:

Make it a habit to start your day by having a glass of lukewarm water, to which freshly squeezed lime juice and some honey have been mixed. This is very refreshing and also makes your skin glow from inside.

Lighten dark spots naturally:

Dip cotton ball in lime juice and apply it on the dark spots. Wait for 30 minutes and then wash off with water. With regular use this will help in lightening the dark spots on your skin. This is because of the bleaching properties of lime juice. After applying lime juice, you must not expose your skin to sunlight because lime makes your skin very sensitive.

Removes Tan:

When your skin is exposed too much to the sun, then your skin will get tanned. In such cases you can use lime juice to remove the tan. For this you have to make a face pack by combining yogurt, gram flour and some lime juice. Apply this on your skin evenly and leave it to dry. Now you can wash your face with water. Applying this face pack once every week will give you best results. If you less time, you may also mix lime juice with milk and apply this on your face.

Wrinkles and black under-eyes:

Take some lime juice and add some olive oil and almond oil to it. Mix well and massage your face gently with this mixture. This helps in getting rid of wrinkles and also the dark circles that appear under your eyes. By massaging your scalp with this mixture, you can get rid of most of the scalp infections.

Benefits of Lime Juice for Hair:

Excellent for Oily Dandruff:

Mix some lime juice to water and use this as the final rinse when you wash your hair. The acidic property of lime juice helps in removing dandruff from your scalp and hair. If the dandruff is more aggressive, then you can cut lime in to small pieces and boil them with dill seeds. Let it cool down and then crush it and massage your scalp with it. Wait for 30 minutes and then wash it off.

Good for Hair loss:

Mix lime juice with gooseberry oil and coconut oil and apply this on your scalp and hair. This can help in reducing hair fall and make the hair roots strong. Massage your scalp with this mixture at night before you go to bed and then wash off in the morning. With regular use you will have healthy and strong hair.

Natural Hair conditioner:

Lime juice is a good hair conditioner and helps in getting rid of excess oil secreted by the scalp.

Health and Medicinal Benefits of Lime Juice:

Avoids kidney stones:

The amount of citric acid present in lime juice is more than that found in orange juice and grapefruit juice. Citric is known to prevent the formation of kidney stones in a natural way. Kidney stones are made by calcium crystals and these can be prevented to a great extent by having fresh lime juice mixed with water.

Cancer fighting powerhouse:

Lime juice mixed with water is found to be effective for preventing stomach, blood and colon cancers.

Fights anxiety and depression:

Potassium present in lime is great for getting rid of anxiety and depression.

Good for pregnant women:

Lime juice is good for the health of women. Lime is rich in folates and calcium, which are essential for women when they conceive and give birth. It is also good for women during the periods of menopause.

Helps with weight loss:

Lime juice is also good for losing weight. This is because of the citric acid present in it. This helps in burning fat in the body. All you have to do is to drink one glass of water with fresh lime juice and honey on an empty stomach in the morning. Within a few weeks you will start getting the results.

Lowers cholesterol and blood pressure:

Lime juice contains hesperidin, which is a primary flavonoid good for lowering the levels of cholesterol in the body. It is also effective for lowering blood pressure.

Maintains the health of heart and prevents rickets:

Lime juice with water is great for your health. It contains magnesium, which is essential for the health of your heart. The calcium present in lime is good for preventing rickets.

Sharper memory:

By drinking lime juice with water, you can fight forgetfulness and improve your memory power. This is because of the presence 9f potassium and calcium in lime.

Stimulates the liver:

Having a glass of warm lime juice with water is good for purifying your liver. It also prevents excess flow of bile.

Treating digestive problems:

If you suffer from any digestive issues, drink fresh lime juice with water. This is a natural home remedy for any discomforts of stomach. Lime juice is good for proper digestion and to avoid constipation.

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