How to Lose Weight Safe, Naturally and Healthily: Best Tips

Losing weight is not an easy task. You need to have a lot of will power and the urge to follow the rules properly and achieve what you want. It is possible to lose 1 kg weight per week by following a disciplined life style and having a basic knowledge of the process of weight gain and weight loss.

Healthy Natural Safe Weight Loss

Healthy Natural and Safe Tips on Weight Loss:

Be Active:

Try to be more active every day like opting for stairs instead of lifts, parking your car little far from the office and then walking to your office and so on. The more you are active, the more is the weight lost. But have enough food so that you can stay more active.

Clicking Photos:

Enjoy the food that you eat. Enjoy its appearance, its smell, texture and then its taste. Also take progress photos to see if you are making any progress.

Drink Water:

When you feel hungry in between meals, try having a glass of water. Very often this will satisfy your hunger. If not, you may take any snack.

Do say NO:

Have the strength to say no to some food that is offered to you and you would have loved to eat. Do not give in to the emotional blackmailing and have it if you have decided not to have it.

Eat Less:

Many people eat more because of boredom. So, always keep yourself occupied and avoid eating too much of food.

Eat Healthy:

First of all, get ready for the process of losing weight and get rid of all foods that tempt you and are not nutritious. Make a list of the food you like and plan a diet based on it. Eat healthy and nutritious food but cut down ice creams, French fries and other junk foods that are not very healthy.

Exercise Well:

Just like a machine that requires oiling, you need exercise to keep you fit and in good condition. Do any activity that you enjoy instead of something that you do not like and can never stick on to.

Entertainment Activities:

Recently any entertainment means lots of food and fun. Try to avoid such entertainments that focus only on food. Instead you can opt for drives, picnics, walks etc., where food is only a part of the activity instead of being the main focus.

Enough Sleep Matters:

If you are having a healthy diet and do exercise properly but do not have proper sleep, you will not get the results that you are looking for. Your body needs proper sleep and if you have to skip workout for a day in every week to get good sleep, you can do so.

Focus for Better Results:

When you change your lifestyle, it takes about four weeks to show any results. So do not get disheartened if you do not see any results in the beginning. Just focus on the changes that you experience like sudden increase in the energy level, change to good mood and so on. The results will also come eventually.

Follow 1/4 Rule:

If your dinner plate is divided in to four, it must contain 2/4th vegetables, 1/4th carbohydrates and 1/4th lean proteins. If you feel hungry, have fruits and snacks like popcorns, cashew nuts, berries, almonds as well as carrots and cucumbers.

Good Support:

When you are on a healthy lifestyle, try to be with people who think like you and support you in what you are doing.

Keep Realistic Targets:

Your goals should be realistic and you cannot expect magic. If you are overweight, you cannot look like a super model in 3 months. However, you can look much more fit and change considerably in 3 months.

Love Ice-cream? Have it!

If you feel like having an ice cream or any fried food once in a while, have them in moderate amounts but not too much of it. Do not torture yourself by not having it and then craving for it.

Make Notes:

Keep a stationary book and a notepad with you and jot down everything that you eat on the notepad. Do not miss a single bite even. On the other stationary book write down your goals like what you would like to wear, where you would like to go and whom you will meet and give a surprise after losing weight. This will motivate you to lose weight naturally.

Music Helps:

When you are on a workout, listen to your favorite music. This way you will be able to exercise and will not even realize how the time has passed away.

Not from Container:

When you eat healthy snacks, never eat straight from the container. This way you will not be able to make out how much you are eating and you may continue eating till the container is empty.

Over Eating:

If you over eat one meal, no need to worry about it and then starve the next day. Continue as if it had never taken place, but never make it a daily practice.

Rest well:

Do not push yourself too hard in order to lose weight. Do exercise that is within your capacity. Once in a week take rest for a day to repair your body and to gain energy for another one week workout.

Reward yourself:

Sticking to a healthy eating habit and avoiding many foods that you loved in the past is not that easy. So after a week of sticking to the healthy eating habits and workouts, reward yourself in little ways. You can buy a book you love to read, a makeup product or any other such things.

Suggestions from Others not good always:

Do not listen to other’s opinions and give in to their emotions. It is your body and you will decide what to eat and what not to.

Stay Happy:

One important thing to do is to focus on how much you have succeeded and not how much is left. So if you lost 6 kg and have to lose 10 more kilos, be happy that you have succeeded in losing 6 kg.

Don’t fall back:

After you have achieved your goal, take care not to go back to your lazy old habits. Always try to be active in some way and maintain the new weight you have achieved.

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