Top Benefits or Uses of Soursop Leaves for Skin, Hair and Health

With every passing day, people are waking up to the various advantages of going natural. They have realized that the plethora of options that are available in the market are made with synthetic or artificial products that may cause more harm than good to your skin and cause permanent damage . Hence, it is very important to understand exactly what are you applying on your skin. People are opting for various wonder fruits and natural products to benefit their skin. One such wonder fruit is Soursop.

Soursop or Graviola is actually a fruit that can be found in abundance in the South American forests, Caribbean region, Africa, and South eastern part of Asia.  This is usually a broad green tree whose every single part is known to have some medicinal values. The fruit is quite interesting. It is known for its strong aroma and its sour sweet taste. In fact, many people have actually commented that the fruit tastes like a mixture of pineapple and strawberry. The fruit is loaded with goodness and known for its anti oxidant and anti cancer properties apart from being a boon for human skin, hair and health.

Soursop Leaves benefits uses

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As we have already stated every part of the soursop tree is beneficial to humans. The leaves are probably most widely used. They are known to contain certain rare components like squamosin, asimisin and bulatacin that aid the human body to attack cancer cells and destroy them all together. These leaves have often been researched upon and used to treat a wide array of ailments. Bring loaded with Vitamin A and B, calcium, protein, fat and fructose it is an amazing health product.

Benefits of Soursop for your Skin:

Soursop is known to be antiseptic and medicinal properties that are known to be beneficial for the skin and the hair. The antiseptic properties in them help bring instant relief from various boils and rashes on the skin. If you are suffering from mouth ulcer then you can put a soursop leaf pulp and get instant relief. The medicinal properties of the soursop leaf make it an extremely beneficial ingredient for your health. Some of the deadliest diseases are treated using it. The leaves offer some skin benefits as well.

Soursop Pack:

You can get maximum benefit from soursop by making a pack with rose water. Apply it all over your skin and soon you will find that the propensity of having blackheads boils and rashes on skin have reduced considerably. It is also known to benefit in case you are suffering from eczema and is known to cure the ailment also.

Benefits of Soursop for your Hair:

This wonder leaf is known to be beneficial for humans in more than one way. Last but not the least it is known to be great for hair. It helps to get rid of lice, dandruff or boils on the scalp. Moreover washing hair with soursop concoction is known to help prevent hair from graying, split ends and dandruff.

Benefits of Soursop for your Health:

Back pain:

We all suffer from back pain in some form or the other. More than often, we ignore it until the pain becomes absolutely unbearable and we are unable to stand it anymore. The pain might be caused by irregular activities, lifestyle issues or excessive exercising Most of us would usually pop in an over the counter medicine to keep the pain at bay. However excessive pill popping is not a good option for most people. Hence, they start looking for natural options and switch to having soursop leaves that have ayurvedic benefits and help fight back pain.


This is another major ailment that troubles almost everyone. The worse fact about being diabetic is that the ailments invites other diseases and makes matter worse for the patient. It is seen that consuming soursop leaves on a daily basis helps to keep the sugar level at bay.

Helps to Fight Infection:

Soursop is known to be enriched with nutrients. The leaves are known to pump up the immunity system and also protect the body from any kind of infection. Drink soursop concoction regularly for a month and see your immunity system grow. Many people who are suffering from ailments and are in the process of recovering are advised to have soursop as it helps them to recover stronger and faster.

Rheumatic ailments:

Though these are mainly seen in aged people, many youngsters are also known to suffer from this. Soursop leaves are the best and most natural way to take care of arthritis pain. For this you need to make a pulp of the soursop leaves and apply it on the affected.

Treating Cancer:

Research has proven that soursop leaves are known to have certain anti cancer properties that can be used to treat cancer in a far more effective manner than chemotherapy. While chemotherapy is known to have several side effects and also an expensive treatment , the soursop leaves are known to be more effective, cheaper and also the more lasting than chemicals. Also, scientists have shown the fact that these leaves are as much as 10,000 times stronger than the others. They are known to be effective to fight prostate, lung and breast cancer.

Uric Acid:

With age and thanks to our food habits, we often start suffering from gout. This is mainly due to increase in Uric Acid and helps in treatment of gout also. The best way to combat it is to eat 6 to 10 leaves of soursop which are aged but green. Simmer it in water and have the concoction twice a day for added benefits.

We have only listed a few benefits of soursop that one can benefit from. Over all, we can conclude by saying that drinking soursop concoction and application of soursop paste will indeed benefit you in more than one way that you can fathom. Try them and see the difference for yourself.

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