Ultimate Before and After Skin Care Tips for Swimmers

Swimming is a very enjoyable activity that all love to do. Those who do not know how to swim, envy swimmers. It is easy to learn and all can experience the thrill of it. During summer times you don’t want to come out of the water. The splashing and diving in water is loved by kids and grownups alike. It makes your body cool and also is a good exercise to keep your body fit and in good shape. Although swimming has all positive effects on your body, it can be difficult on your skin. The chlorine and other chemicals that are used in cleaning water in swimming pools can affect your skin. Swimming under the sun is also harmful for the body. The hair may also get dry and damaged due to constant contact with water.

Swimmers Skin Care Tips

The chemicals used in the pool water makes your skin dry and even darken the skin tone. It is also responsible for drying up the natural oils produced by the body and cause irritation to your eyes. Spending a long time in pool water can make your eyes red. Fungal and bacterial infections are other problems faced by the swimmers.

Swimming is has lots of health benefits and is a wonderful hobby to have. So, it is not a good idea to stop swimming because it may damage your skin. By taking good care of your skin you can prevent any harm done to your skin through swimming.

Tips to Take Care of Your Skin Before and After Swimming:

Apply Moisturizer:

Appling Moisturizer to Skin

When you swim for a long time in water, your skin may turn dry. So, take care to apply a good quality moisturizer on your skin before and after you swim. Before going for the swim you can apply a sun screen that is waterproof, to prevent the skin from getting tanned.  If you are swimming for a long time in the sun, apply the sun screen lotion every half an hour to prevent sun burn and tanning of the skin. After swimming, apply the moisturizer on damp skin. This will prevent dryness of the skin. Chlorine neutralizing body lotion is good for those who have sensitive skin. This prevents dryness, itchiness and rashes on sensitive skin. Using an aqueous cream on the skin after you take a swim keeps your skin soft, hydrated and in good condition. Apply it as soon as possible and make sure that it is well absorbed in the skin.

Body hydration is important:

Hydration for skin care

Keeping the body hydrated when you swim is very essential. So, make sure that you keep yourself hydrated enough before you go for the swim. Drink lots water before you go for swimming. This ensures that your skin stay moisturized. Water also helps in flushing out all the toxins and contaminants that may enter the body from the pool water.

Ensure swimming pool is clean:

Before you go for swimming, make sure that the swimming pool is clean and is made clean regularly. If they are not cleaned at regular intervals, avoid swimming in such pools as they may have contaminated water that may cause harm to your skin and body. This way you can avoid various infections and diseases that may attack you. Also make sure that the water do not contain any harmful chemicals in it.

Eye gear for Eye Protection:

Eye gear while swimming

Eye gear is to protect your eyes. Wearing this prevents various chemicals in the pool water from entering the eyes. It also prevents eye diseases and damages that may happen to your eyes as you swim in the water.

Ear plugs for Preventing Water:

Using ear plugs protect your ears from all harms. It prevents water from getting in to your ears and helps in avoiding any fungal infections that may take place due to the presence of harmful chemicals in the water.

Shower before and after swimming:

Shower before and after swimming

Swimmers are advised to take a shower with warm water and a mild soap before and after they swim. Taking a shower before you go for swimming will keep your skin and hair well hydrated. This will prevent the skin and the hair from soaking up the chemicals in the pool. Taking shower after you swim will remove all the chlorine that have deposited on your skin and hair, and prevent any damage that may be caused by chlorine and other chemicals that may be present in the pool water. Taking a shower prevents dryness of the skin as well. Wash your hair with a shampoo containing EDTA, which can remove all the chemical residues on your skin. Rinse your hair with vinegar after you shampoo, which will maintain the texture of the hair.

Shower cap protects hair:

shower cap for hair

Shower cap is used to cover your hair and preventing it from getting wet as you swim. This protects your hair from the harmful actions of chlorine in the water and prevent the hair from getting dried and damaged.

Swimming is a popular sport and is full of fun. It provides you a well toned body and helps in losing excess weight. So enjoy your swimming and get all the benefits of swimming. Just take are that you take proper are of your skin. If you are negligent about your skin, you will get a dry skin that may age fast. It also makes you easily infected by fungi, bacteria, virus and other micro-organisms.  So take good care of your skin. In the market you get water proof sun screens that are ideal for different age groups and different types of skin. Using this can prevent tan, darkening of the skin and also infections. So, if you are a regular swimmer, look after your skin well.

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