How to Use Tea Tree Oil to Remove Skin Tags & Moles

Are you worried about the mole you have got on your face? Often we keep wondering about the mole we have got and think that we are one of the unlucky people to have it. First thing you have to do is to stop thinking that moles are a curse. They are natural and you are not among the unlucky lot because you have a mole. There are ways to get rid of moles. Tea tree oil is an effective remedy for getting rid of moles. So, start using tea tree oil instead of lamenting over your mole. If there is anything in nature that can help you remove moles from skin, it is tea tree oil.

Tea Tree Oil for Skin

It is found that about 40 moles are developed all over the body of an average woman throughout her life. But now you can easily get rid of moles with the help of modern technology and medicine. But they can be expensive.

You don’t have to always spend a fortune to get rid of moles. Instead of taking medicines and opting for high tech removal of moles, you can opt for tea tree oil. It is very effective and safe. Moreover, it has no side effects. So, try it out and see how effective it is.

What is Tea Tree Oil? What is it Used for ?

The oil that is extracted from a plant named Melaleuca alternifolia is called tea tree oil. People also call it melaleuca oil. People have been using this oil for hundreds of years and it is well known for its health benefits. You can treat cold, cough, throat problems and skin issues with tea tree oil. Tea tree oil is often an ingredient in antiseptic products and it is perfect for getting rid on various skin problems.

Tea tree oil is best for removing moles that are flat in shape and have shallow roots. If the moles are malignant and deeply rooted in the skin, it may not get removed as effectively.

Mole Removal using Tea Tree Oil:

By following a certain technique, you will be able to remove moles with tea tree oil. Here is a step by step instruction on it.

  • Cleanse the area of the skin where the mole is present. You can use a gentle cleanser or a mild soap and plain water for cleansing your skin.
  • Now take a clean towel and pat dry your skin.
  • Take a cotton swab and dip it gently in the tea tree oil.
  • Now you have to place this cotton swab on your mole for some time.
  • Continue doing this for at least three times daily until the moles are completely removed from your skin. The mole can become dry and fall off, or it may shrink and disappear gradually.
  • When you use this, if you experience any irritation on your skin, you should immediately stop using it.

Using tea tree oil this way will gradually make the mole fade and disappear. It might fall off after sometime and heal completely. The skin underneath the mole may be a little sensitive. So, once the mole is removed, you have to apply a sunscreen every time you go out in the sun. This helps in preventing your skin from getting damaged by the UV rays of the sun. Make sure that you do this for the next six weeks. It is also important that you carry an umbrella with you during the day time. When your skin is sensitive, it is very important that you protect your skin from the sun.

Tea Tree Oil Uses?

A few points given below will convince you why you should use tea tree oil instead of following other methods for the removal of moles.

  • Compared to other methods, tea tree oil is cost effective. Laser treatment and surgery can be really costly. You can easily get a bottle of tea tree oil from your nearest grocery shop or order one online.
  • It is also very easy to apply. The process of applying tea tree oil and removal of moles is not at all complicated.
  • When you use tea tree oil, you are hardly at any risk of suffering from any infection. So, you need not worry about such issues when you use tea tree oil.
  • When you use tea tree oil you will never scar yourself.

Negative Effects of Tea Tree Oil:

Along with its advantages, tea tree oil also has some disadvantages, especially for mole removal. So it is wise that you know about that also.

  1. Tea oil may not work well for everyone. This is because people have different skin types.
  2. You need to use continuously for some days before you start getting the results. It may take at least a couple of weeks before you can find any visible changes. In some cases you may have to wait for months before you get positive results.
  3. Tea tree oil has a strong smell. So, people with sensitive nose may find it a problem.
  4. Some people may develop a hidden allergy. So, the best thing to do is to test it on a small patch of the skin that is easily covered, before you start using it for removing moles.

Even if you do not have a mole on your skin, you can still make tea tree oil a part of your skin care regimen. It has lots of skin benefits and can work wonders for your skin.

Now that you have seen how to get rid of moles using tea tree oil, get one bottle of tea tree oil today itself and see how it helps you in removing moles and giving you a perfect and beautiful skin.

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3 Responses

  1. Harvey Lee says:

    Tea Tree Oil is a natural method for removing skin tags and mole from the surface of your skin. It has antibacterial, anti fungal, antiseptic and antiviral properties. Due to these properties this can be used to treat various skin disorders.

  2. harvey says:

    Nice article! Tea Tree oil has a lot of uses. It’s one of the most versatile essential oils. Tea Tree oil is brilliant for many skin problems and infections. It is wonderful treatment for skin tags and moles. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Donna Trondson says:

    tea tree oil should never be swallowed or used internally.

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