Vitiligo Diet Plan – Interesting Myths and Facts about it

Vitiligo is a skin problem caused by pigmentation disorder. Here melanocytes, the cells that produce pigments in the skin, are destroyed and the areas where they are lost become white. As a result, white patches appear on your face hands and other parts of the body. They may also appear inside your mouth, nose and the retina of your eyes. The hairs that grow on these affected areas also turn white. Some people have this condition only on certain areas of the skin whit]le others have white patches throughout their body. This condition often causes emotional stress and discomforts and they find it hard to mix freely with other people. Such people avoid social contact and tend to become introverts. It instils a kind of complex in them which can affect their emotional health.

Vitiligo Diet Plan facts

According to skin specialists, a healthy diet that enhances your immune system is the right diet for those suffering from vitiligo, as a strong immune system can prevent the spread of de-pigmentation and reduce the appearance of white patches.

Some facts about Vitiligo:

  • If you are suffering from vitiligo, you have to take a diet that is helps you overcome this condition. This helps in preventing further spread of these white patches on your body and also allows you to get all the necessary nutrients. a healthy immune system prevents de-pigmentation.
  • Vitiligo is considered to be an autoimmune disease, where the immune system turns against the body’s own tissues and kills the pigment producing cells, making the affected areas white in color. So you have to take a diet that is rich in beta carotenes, phytochemicals and anti-oxidants. This aids in enhancing your immune system and provides you a healthy skin. It may even lead to re-pigmentation of the skin, making the white patches disappear.
  • If you are suffering from vitiligo, you must avoid taking blueberries and pears, as these fruits are rich in hydroquinone’s. They are well known for their de-pigmentation abilities. So taking those increases the rate of de-pigmentation in your body makes things worse.
  • Some people having this skin condition even have problems with consuming citrus fruits. Turmeric, which is used in most of the food preparations, is also not good for some people with vitiligo. So, if your find them causing you any problem, try to avoid them.
  • Red meat and dairy products are also avoided by many people suffering from vitiligo, although there is no proven evidence to support it. But if you feel that you have an allergy towards them, you may avoid it, as use of it may lead to the appearance of more patches and worsen your skin condition.

How to Overcome Nutritional Deficiencies in Your Body:

Nutrition deficiency is found to be the major cause of all kinds of disorders, infections, and diseases in the body. Same is the case with Vitiligo. According to research, the body of people suffering from viltiligo often lacks certain nutrients like Vitamin B12, zinc, copper etc. So, if you are suffering from this skin problem, check the levels of vitamins in your body and if the level is low, take vitamin supplements after consulting the doctor or have food rich in Vitamins. Soy milk, dairy products, meat and shellfish are natural sources of Vitamin B12. If the body is lacking in zinc or folate, have green leafy vegetables, peas, fruits, legumes, dried beans and nuts in your diet.

The Vitiligo Diet Plan:

There is no diet such as vitiligo diet prescribed by doctors and dietitians. But, you could try out a few changes in your diet to include food that are healthy and beneficial to your skin.  Make sure to have a complete meal that includes all mineral, vitamins, and nutrients essential for good health. You may try this diet, which may help you by providing you a nutritious diet, which include all the essential nutrients in the right proportion.

  • Try to have vegetarian diet that includes lots of vegetables and fruits, as well as legumes and whole grains. These provide you all the nutrients and keep your body healthy.
  • If you love to have animal food, go for wild fish and organic eggs. It is best to have them raw. You may also slightly cook them if you wish.
  • If you are a vegetarian, your body may lack Vitamin B12 and DHA. So have supplements to correct the deficiency. This may prevent further spreading of the white patches. you can take food rich in Vitamin B12 and DHA.
  • People suffering from vitiligo are often depressed and uncomfortable as they are aware that others are seeing their condition. So it is important that they manage their stress level and try to have a healthy mind. One can join yoga classes or talk to other people suffering from similar conditions. There are vitiligo support groups which one can join. This helps them in managing emotional stress, and leading a normal life, by boosting their confidence level.
  • Let your body get enough sunlight. Sunlight ensures that your body gets Vitamin D that is necessary for a healthy body. It also aids in re-pigmentation of the cells. When exposed to sun, melanocytes produce the skin darkening pigment called melanin, which darkens the skin and protect it from getting burned by the rays of the sun.

Although vitiligo cannot be cured completely, you can stay healthy by taking vitiligo diet and prevent further de-pigmentation of the body cells. You must also accept your condition and learn to cope up with it. This will help you to lead a stress free life. Meditation and yoga are found to be effective in managing stress, controlling tensions, and keeping your mind and body calm. Natural supplements like gingko biloba also help in slowing down the de-pigmentation process. You can consult a doctor and take the supplement as directed by the doctor.

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