8 Yoga Mudras to Overcome any Ailments: Best List

Yoga has got numerous benefits on the human body. It is an age old practice, which consists of several asanas and mudras to benefit the body from inside. It improves your mental, spiritual, and physical well-being. Mudras are certain gestures that are adopted while performing the asanas and meditations. It directs energy flow in the body and stimulates the different parts of your brain.

yoga mudras for ailments

There are several hand yoga mudras that have different benefits. Read on for a few of them and their uses.

Gyan Mudra:

This is the Mudra of Knowledge.

Touch your index finger and the thumb, and leave the other fingers free. This mudra is used while meditating. The best time to perform this is right in the morning, when your mind is free and clear. Anybody can practice this mudra. It is really beneficial.


  • Your memory power and concentration is increased.
  • Brain is made sharper.
  • Insomnia can be cured by practicing this mudra.
  • Stress, anger, anxiety, depression, and all other psychological and mental disorders can be cured if practiced regularly.

Vayu Mudra:

Fold your index finger to see the phalanx bones. Press the second bone on your index finger with the thumb. Extend the other fingers as much as you can. There is no specific posture to perform this mudra, and you can do it any time. This can be done on an empty stomach or full stomach, there is no such compulsion while performing.


  • Stop performing the mudra once you get the benefits, as it may cause your system to get imbalanced after a certain time.


  • The air element is balanced in your body to reduce chest pain and rheumatic pain by releasing excess wind from the stomach.

Agni Mudra, or Mudra of Fire:

Keep your ring finger folded to press the second phalanx with your thumb. The other fingers must be straight. Perform this mudra only in the sitting posture and with an empty stomach early in the morning. It must be maintained for at least 15 minutes.


  • The mudra must be avoided if you have indigestion or acidity.


  • Obesity is controlled and metabolism is boosted by dissolving extra fats in the body.
  • Digestion is done faster.
  • Body strength is improved.
  • Tension and stress are reduced.
  • High cholesterol levels are controlled.

Prithvi Mudra, or Mudra of Earth:

Touch the tips of the ring finger and thumb and press them together. The other fingers must be extended. The best time to perform the mudra is early in the morning, though any time of the day is suitable. Your palms must be kept on your knees as you sit in a padmasana to perform this mudra. It cures all your stress and exhaustion.


  • Blood circulation in your body is improved.
  • Your ability to tolerate and patience are increased.
  • While meditating, you will be able to concentrate better.
  • Weak and lean bones are made strong. Weight is increased for people who have the problem of low weight.
  • Dullness of mind, weakness, and exhaustion are cured.
  • Your complexion is improved, and your skin starts glowing.

Varun Mudra, or Mudra of Water:

This mudra makes your skin healthy and beautiful. Your skin gets a positive energy, and all sorts of problems are cured. It is very good for your overall health, too. Touch the tips of the thumb and little finger lightly. Keep the other fingers straight. The mudra can be performed at any time of the day. Though sitting cross legged is the ideal position, you can perform this in any other position too.


  • Pressing the tip of your little finger near the nail will lead to dehydration. So, avoid pressing too hard at that point.


  • The water content in the body is balanced.
  • The body is kept moisturized always, and fluid circulation is activated.
  • Dryness, infections, and skin diseases are all cured. Pimples are also prevented from appearing.
  • Your face gets a natural glow and luster.
  • Muscle pains are relieved.

Shunya Mudra, or Mudra of Emptiness:

Use our thumb to press the first phalanx of the middle finger.


  • Stop this mudra after you are cured of the problems.


  • Ear pains are cured within 10 minutes if you perform this mudra with full concentration.
  • Mentally challenged and deaf people benefit from this mudra. People with inborn defects, though, do not benefit from this.

Surya Mudra, or Mudra of the Sun:

Use your thumb to press your ring finger.


  • Bad cholesterol is reduced in the body.
  • This mudra helps you in losing weight.
  • Anxiety is reduced.
  • Digestion is improved considerably.

Prana Mudra, or the Mudra of Life:

This mudra is very useful for activating the energy in your body. Perform this mudra along with padmasana. Bend the little finger and the ring finger. Use the tip of your thumb to touch the tips of the bent fingers. The mudra, along with padmasana, can be performed at any time of the day. There is no specific time for performing it.


  • Your immune system is made stronger by performing this mudra.
  • Your eye power is increased, and all kinds of eye diseases are cured.
  • Tiredness and fatigue are reduced.

All these yoga mudras are sure to help you out in multiple ways. Perform them on a regular basis, and in the correct manner to get all the benefits. Yoga is the best form of exercise that rejuvenates your mind and body. Perform yoga and unravel the secrets to living healthy.

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    however eating an apple keeps away from a doctor. Doing kapalbhati yoga 5 minutes for internal organs and anulom vilom pranayam agnisar mudra apan vayu mudra and mruth sanjeevani mudra for heart and gastric problems.

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