Best Treatment or Cure for Hair Loss that Works

It is a dream for everyone to have thick black lustrous hair. But for many among us, this just remains as a dream itself. Hair loss is a problem faced by everyone around the world. It used to be restricted to a few before. But as the food and living habits have changed, people of all ages are now susceptible to this problem. We will see some ways of how to treat hair fall problem permanently. If you are finding excessive hair loss with you, you have to take some necessary steps so that you can prevent hair loss in future.

Hair Loss Treatment Cure

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There are natural methods to treat hair fall. But they do not provide you with a permanent solution to the hair fall problem. It doesn’t mean that your dream for thick black lustrous hair cannot be achieved. For your help there is our advanced technology solution that will help you stop hair loss permanently. Let us see the top five advanced technology solutions that you can opt for to prevent permanent hair fall.

Permanent Cures for your Future Hair Loss Problems:

Hair restoration procedure:

Hair restoration procedure is one of the most effective and painless method to treat hair loss. This process helps in re growth of hair on the scalp. The best thing about this process is that it is done without causing any linear scarring on the head. At first, the hair follicles that are left on the scalp are removed after giving a local Anastasia which makes the area numb. This is a step which causes no pain. This process is done at the back of the head only. This is because the hair follicles in this region exist for a lifetime.

After this painless removal process, hair follicles are placed on the scalp using specialised packaging equipments. A hair transplantation pen is used for this process. After this process it takes around three months for the hair to re grow, and in around eight months after this treatment, your hair will become thick and voluminous. This hair restoration procedure is found to give permanent solution to the hair fall problem.

Micro grafting:

Micro grafting is a hair grafting process which is also commonly known as hair transplantation. It is a complex surgical method compared to all the other methods mentioned above, and has to be done under the supervision of a well experienced surgeon. It is supposed to be a painful process and hence is done with the help of local anaesthesia. Also sedation is given to the person undergoing treatment after the process is completed so that person feels comfortable and will help in easing the pain. In this method, about one to two hairs per graft are transplanted suing surgical method.

Permanent hair loss control through medication:

Another simple and easy way to cure hair fall is through medication. Permanent hair growth can be achieved by following the medical prescription by an expert professional. You will have to follow the dose for the duration that the professional will recommend according to the sensitivity of the case. The most commonly prescribed medicines for hair fall treatment are Rogaine and propecia. These are medicines which are approved by FDA and are found to be helpful in treating all kinds of baldness.

Medicines can be in form of either pills that you can intake, or as lotions that you can apply on the scalp. Rogaine is one such tropical medicine in the form of a lotion that needs to be applied on the scalp to treat hair fall. On the other hand propecia is in the form of a pill that you will have to consume as prescribed to get visible results.

Slit grafting:

Slit grafting is a method that is suggested for people with extreme cases of hair loss or for those who have fewer amounts of active hair follicles on the scalp. This is also another permanent surgical solution to the hair fall problem. In this method also the hair follicles are transplanted onto the scalp. Though similar to the micro grafting, here the number of number of hair per graft is around 30 to 40 compared to 2 to 3 in the case of micro grafting. This method is also expensive like the micro grafting technique, and is a painful procedure. Local anaesthesia is given to the person under treatment in this process also.

Scalp reduction process:

Scalp reduction is another famous treatment procedure to cure hair loss. This is a surgical method of hair fall treatment. This is a procedure that is to be conducted by specialised professional surgeons, and also is expensive compared to other hair fall treatment methods. This surgical method removes the bald scalp and also stretches the scalp around the bald area that has hair towards the bald scalp. Though expensive and highly sophisticated solution, it is found to give permanent solution to the hair fall problem. Though this procedure causes some side effects for a few people, generally it is worth a try as the results are good.

These are the most common and highly effective methods for permanent treatment of hair loss. But effectiveness of each of these methods varies for different people. This is because each hair type is unique and so you need to identify what suits your kind of hair. Hence do consult a hair specialist before deciding on what kind of treatment you will have to take to treat hair fall permanently. Your hair needs care to grow healthy and strong. Stay away from chemicals and too much styling to let your hair grow naturally. Never take risk with your hair, and make sure to treat it with lots of love and care.

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